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I'm sweating, and not just from the heat. I'm sweating because the most beautiful woman I've ever seen is approaching -- Monica Murphy
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A pint of sweat, saves a gallon of blood. -- George S. Patton
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I sweat real sweat and I shake real shakes. -- Elizabeth Taylor
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Here's a thought for sweat shop owners: Air Conditioning. Problem solved. -- Mitch Hedberg
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Art is 110 percent sweat. -- Robert Riskin
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I try to break a sweat every day. It doesn't always happen that way, but that's the goal. -- Rebecca Romijn
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I'm like a mosquito, I love humidity. I don't sweat. -- Shakira
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By now the only part of me not sweating were my eyeballs... An X-ray of my skull would have shown a hamster running furiously in an exercise wheel... -- Viet Thanh Nguyen
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When I do yoga, it gets all sweaty, and the best thing for dried up hair isn't shampoo, it's sweat. -- Wayne Coyne
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Since this our first show, I think they'll see us sweat a lot. -- Keith Emerson
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Sweat cleaned you as effectively as water. But this was the race which had invented the proverb that cleanliness was next to godliness - cleanliness, not purity. -- Graham Greene
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Never let them see you sweat. -- Cathy Hapka
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A healthy sweat comes from being passionate and throwing yourself into your workout. And again, it's achieving that intensity. I always like to say 'It's not how long, it's how strong'. -- Jackie Warner
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Basis of society: anonymous sweat. -- Emile M. Cioran
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I could feel parts of my body that had never sweated before break out in nervous droplets. -- Sarah Jamila Stevenson
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Her sweat is a rank reminder, the only one, that she exists, that she is separate from the things that surround her. -- Don Delillo
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Don't sweat for small stuff -- Steve Jobs
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My rule is to break one sweat a day. -- Matthew Mcconaughey
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His powers of sweating were extraordinary. -- George Orwell
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I believe in the old and sound rule that an ounce of sweat will save a gallon of blood. -- George S. Patton
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It always surprised me that on the right guy a layer of sweat was sexy as hell, and on the wrong guy it was disgusting. -- Marshall Thornton
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The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat. -- Richard Marcinko
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Success is dependent on the glands - the sweat glands. -- Zig Ziglar
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Sweat seems to bleed / like pride from their bones. -- Cameron Conaway
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I'm not out there sweating for three hours every day just to find out what it feels like to sweat. -- Michael Jordan
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A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood -- George S. Patton Jr.
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apparently pleasure caused the hob's sweat glands to go into a frenzy. -- Anonymous
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I don't go around fire expectin' not to sweat -- Lil' Wayne
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When you dance, you don't sweat. You glow. -- Didi
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Tears do not replace sweat, at least it never did in me ... When I just cry, I'm in the same situation. -- Chico Xavier
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Go for the burn! Sweat! -- Jane Fonda
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Sweat cleanses from the inside. It comes from places a shower will never reach. -- George A. Sheehan
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Do not stand downwind from a sweaty person ... -- Ivana Hruba
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But sweat is the kindest creature of the three - far better than philosophy, as a cure for ill thoughts. -- C.s. Lewis
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Without sweat, no seed can be sowed. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Sweat, sweat, sweat! Work and sweat, cry and sweat, pray and sweat! -- Zora Neale Hurston
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One must always steer clear of men who sweat when it isn't warm. -- Jennifer Donnelly
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Success is dependent upon the glands - sweat glands. -- Zig Ziglar
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beads of sweat had collected between her breasts and her legs felt slick with moisture. -- Kimberly G. Giarratano
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I try and sweat every day even though I can't always get to the gym. I do a lot of running, which is a great way to see a city, and I try to bike to work. -- Blake Mycoskie
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Rock-star sweat is like pixie dust - it makes magical things happen. -- Rachael Allen
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My sweat smells like peanut-butter. -- Wendy Mass
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Luck is a dividend of sweat. -- Ray Kroc
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The sea is the sweat of the earth. -- Empedocles
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A champion is someone who sweats to exhaustion, even when no one else is watching -- Bas Rutten
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Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? -- Andrew Ryan
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Nothing comes easily. My work smells of sweat. -- Eric Hoffer
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It's easier to bleed than sweat, Mr. Motes. -- Flannery O'connor
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The sweats teach you that you can't carry grudges, you can't carry hatred in your heart. It'll make you sick, so you have to learn to forgive, -- Chris Hedges
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Fear is sweat, but terror is addictive. -- Jackie Morse Kessler
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Sports are 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration. -- Johnny Miller
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I'm sweating like a whore in church out there. Thank the heavens I'm sexy enough to pull it off. -- Drew Hayes
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Actually, I didn't start sweating until I had children. -- Dave Grohl
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I don't wake up drenched in sweat because I haven't been on stage in years. -- John Malkovich
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I never sweat about work. I just assume work's coming. -- David Koechner
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Thinkin' of a master plan
Cause ain't nothin' but sweat inside my hand. -- Rakim
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Tears are the sweat of champions. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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It takes a while for the heat to work in this piece of shit, but when it kicks in, you'll sweat like a fat whore at confession. -- Robyn Peterman
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I didn't start sweating until I had children. That was one of the first things I realized when my daughter Violet was born - I started getting wicked BO. You know there's a difference between basketball BO and stress BO? This was definitely stress BO. Like, new dad BO. -- Dave Grohl
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A true champion is one who sweats from exhaustion when no one is watching. -- Bas Rutten
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Not that I don't think you're totally hot when you're dripping with sweat. -- Amy Plum
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Hair is an issue for most women, and after washing, blow-drying, flat-ironing, curling, braiding, twisting and spending the time and money on it, who wants to mess it up by sweating and having to do it all over again? -- Nicole Ari Parker
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Happy people learn that happiness, like sweat, is a by-product of activity. -- Frank Pittman
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I've gotten used to the point where I'm so used to being sweaty! I like to wear less makeup and be tougher! -- Maggie Q
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The lack of sweat to get a win is probably a record for me. -- Curtis Joseph
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No one has ever drowned in sweat. -- Lou Holtz
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The great thing about baseball players, from the point of view of personal hygiene, is how seldom they break a sweat. -- Michael Lewis
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We wear the global sweat of women and girls on our bodies" - Angela Davis, lecture at UC Davis, Sponsored by the Women's Resources and Research Center -- Angela Davis
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Penetration of our mind is our goal, but in the beginning to set things in motion, there is no substitute for sweat. -- B.k.s. Iyengar
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But first, I wanted to make her sweat a little. Then I wanted to make her sweat a lot -- Melanie Harlow
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I turn back to the Archers, who don't look like the same species as us. Do they even sweat, these people? -- Denis Markell
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A day without a little sweat is a day with little living. -- Kerry Nenn
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I hate going to the gym, so sweating outdoors sure beats sitting on a stationary bike staring at my navel. -- Tom Selleck
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The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in war! -- Self
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Audrey: I was wet.
Michael: Sweat.
Audrey: I don't sweat.
Michael: Well, ladylike perspiration, then. -- L.j.smith
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Perspiration is the best form of differentiation, especially in the creative world. -- Scott Belsky
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On some summer days in New York City, the air hangs thickly visible, like the combined exhalations of eight million souls. Steam rising from vents underground makes you wonder if there isn't one giant sweat gland lodged beneath the city. -- Diane Ackerman
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When you do a job like this you have to like having cold sweat on your back. -- John Pomfret
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The more thou sweateth in training, the less thou bleedeth in combat. -- Richard Marcinko
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I know the answer to improving Jess's condition doesn't lay in tears the answer is in sweat. -- Johna Passaro
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I am filled with humidity. -- Gib Lewis
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revealing a splotchy red forehead, shiny with sweat. -- Lauren Oliver
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Sweat more during peace: bleed less during war -- Sun Tzu
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I understand that when Gary Oldman was in that suit [Batman], sweat would just drip off of him where they had to have holes in the gloves or something. -- Morgan Freeman
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Is it my sweat that's no longer sweet? -- Rod Stewart
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The more women walk around in sweat pants, the harder it is to tell who's out jogging and who's running away from a mugger. -- Dana Gould
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Is it hot in here? I'm sweating like a Christian in science class. -- Aaron B. Powell
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I was born a sweater, I shall just go on sweating until I die; I refuse to begin perspiring at my time of life." "You -- Gene Stratton-Porter
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I feel my sinews slackened with the fright, and a cold sweat trills down all over my limbs, as if I were dissolving into water. -- John Dryden
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What nature requires is obtainable, and within easy reach. It is for the superfluous we sweat. -- Lucius Annaeus Seneca
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No one ever drowned in sweat. -- U.s. Marine Corps
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Prayer in its highest form is agonizing soul sweat. -- Leonard Ravenhill
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I was sweating like Christy Moore at a Feis Ceol, so badly, in fact, I looked like I was sporting a finger moustache as I attempted to rescue suicidal perspiration drops from my upper lip. Classy. -- Annmarie O'connor
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A sweet life is a sweaty life. -- Toni Sorenson
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[Marco] Rubio, I've never seen a young guy sweat that much. I've never seen - he's drinking water, water, water, I never saw anything like this with him and the water. -- Donald Trump
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Each morning needs to start with a good sweat. I'm either working out at home or on set, depending on my call time. -- Shemar Moore
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The vision of a champion is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when nobody else is looking. -- Mia Hamm
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I was sweating like a whore in chruch on a sunday. -- J. Lynn
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I still sweat. My guts are still grinding out there. Sometimes I have enough cotton in my mouth to knit a sweater. -- Lee Trevino
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But humans, with our millions of sweat glands, are the best air-cooled engine that evolution has ever put on the market. -- Christopher Mcdougall