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Ay, ay, the best terms will grow obsolete: damns have had their day. -- Richard Brinsley Sheridan
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You get to define the terms of your life. -- Cheryl Strayed
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I don't need words. It's all in the phrasing. -- Louis Armstrong
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I have deliberated carefully about which of the terms that are unfamiliar to many of my readers I wanted to take time to introduce and explain, and which terms I would not introduce, despite the fact that I find them useful in my other work, in teaching, or in other activist contexts. -- Dean Spade
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Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word, or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent. -- George Orwell
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Jargon marks the place where thinking has been. It becomes a kind of macro, to use a computer term: a way of storing a complicated sequence of thinking operations under a unique name. -- Marjorie Garber
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Words of the jargon sound as if they said something higher than what they mean. -- Theodor Adorno
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Incomprehensible jargon is the hallmark of a profession. -- Kingman Brewster Jr.
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Words are the gateway to reality, the means by which we engage with the objective truth beyond ourselves. -- Joseph Pearce
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There are many words and definitions I have never lost. But some I am only just beginning to truly understand. -- Mary E. Pearson
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I used to sit in class and listen to the terms come floating down the room like paper airplanes. -- John Mcphee
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In order to understand what happened, we'll use words in the way that they exist: as drawers of distinction between ideas. -- John Hadac
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I done forgot all abt words
aint got no definitions -- Ntozake Shange
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Net - the biggest word in the language of business. -- Herbert Newton Casson
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Janie: Did you ever sell drugs?
Cabel: Yes. Pot. Ninth and tenth grade. I was, uh ... rather troubled back then.
Janie: Why did you stop?
Cabel: Got busted, and Captain made me a better deal. Janie: So you've been a narc since then? Cabel: I cringe at your terminology. -- Lisa Mcmann
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Slang, too, is the wholesome fermentation or eructation of those processes eternally active in language, by which froth and specks are thrown up, mostly to pass away; though occasionally to settle and permanently chrystallize. -- Walt Whitman
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Trying to keep up with current slang sucks. -- Keith Waterhouse
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A heap of epithets is poor praise: the praise lies in the facts, and in the way of telling them. -- Jean De La Bruyere
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Vocabulary spills I'm ill. -- Nas
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Slang is the speech of him who robs the literary garbage carts on their way to the dumps. -- Ambrose Bierce
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Life is keywords, #life, #truth, #true... -- Deyth Banger
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A good dictionary can only help. -- Mary Norris
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County library? Reference desk, please. Hello? Yes, I need a word definition. Well, that's the problem. I don't know how to spell it and I'm not allowed to say it. Could you just rattle off all the swear words you know and I'll stop you when ... Hello? -- Bill Watterson
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Words, the acid-bath of words. -- Lawrence Durrell
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Words words words. Words Words words. Words words Words. -- Ali Smith
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Never argue with a pedant over nomenclature. It wastes your time and annoys the pedant. -- Lois Mcmaster Bujold
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Those terms haunt me, -- in the way of all aspersions that contain a germ of truth. I have been unable to banish them. They sit on my shoulders and mutter in my ears during all my moments of doubt. -- Alyson Foster
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What are you?" "To define is to limit. -- Oscar Wilde
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Use the right word, not its second cousin. -- Mark Twain
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Words are the tools we use to express our reality. -- Steve Maraboli
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Those who wish to deal with me, must do so on my terms or not at all. I do not make terms with incompetence. -- Ayn Rand
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Epithet, n.
I think the worst you ever called me was a "cunt rag."
"You mean I'm a tampon?" I asked. "I'm a tampon for not letting you drive?"
I laughed. You didn't. At least, not until you sobered up. -- David Levithan
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A word must become a friend or you will not understand it. Perhaps you do well to be cool and detached when you are seeking information, but I remind you of the wife who complained, 'When I ask John if he loves me, he thinks I am asking for information'. -- Edward Coke
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Life is our dictionary -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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I am not learning definitions as established in even the latest dictionaries. I am not a dictionary-maker. I am a person a dictionary-maker has to contend with. I am a living evidence in the development of language. -- William Stafford
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Words are instruments, they are tools that, in their different ways, are as effective as any sharp edge or violate chemical. They are, like coins, items of great value, but they represent a currency that, well spent, returns ever greater riches. -- Tim Radford
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Words are plastic these days. Small loans made to desperate people at exorbitant interest rates are called payday advances. A cheesy hotel paired with a seedy casino is called a resort. Any assemblage of frenetic images, bad music, and incoherent plot is called a major motion picture. -- Dean Koontz
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Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined. -- Toni Morrison
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Set realistic terms for its implementation -- Sunday Adelaja
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In 1986, The Economist assembled a list of English terms that had become more or less universal. They were: airport, passport, hotel, telephone, bar, soda, cigarette, sport, golf, tennis, stop, O.K., weekend, jeans, know-how, sex appeal, and no problem. -- Bill Bryson
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Never let yourself be goaded into taking seriously problems about words and their meanings. What must be taken seriously are questions of fact, and assertions about facts: theories and hypotheses; the problems they solve; and the problems they raise. -- Karl R. Popper
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Words Are The Ones Used To Degrade And Demean Another Human Being -- Karlyle Tomms
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Don't ask what it means, but rather how it is used. -- Ludwig Wittgenstein
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I believe if you want to convey a complex philosophy, it's advisable to keep it simple: day-to-day lingo. -- Amish Tripathi
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A definition is death. A definition is the answer to which you must look up the question in the back of your book. -- Peter Hammill
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People seem to get caught up in jargon like they get caught up in ashrams and power structures and they never become free. They become masters of jargon and power structures. -- Frederick Lenz
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All the words you need are to be found in the dictionary. All you have to do is put them in the right order. -- Emma Darcy
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Now begins a torrent of words and a trickling of sense. -- Theocritus
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There's no word worth your life. -- Dalton Trumbo
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The glossary of politics is so full of euphemistic words and phrases - as in the nature of things it must be - that one would suppose politicians must sometimes strain their wits to coin them. -- Albert J. Nock
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We all had to search for more words to describe things. -- Tim Gunn
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Another words, a -- Barry Ford
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Law Number IX: Acronyms and abbreviations should be used to the maximum extent possible to make trivial ideas profound ... Q.E.D. -- Norman Ralph Augustine
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Are right and wrong convertible terms, dependant upon popular opinion? -- William Lloyd Garrison
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No writer in the world agonizes over words the way a scientist does. Terminology is everything: -- Hope Jahren
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In trying to be concise I become obscure. -- Horace
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I express not the word for the word but the sense for the sense. -- David Bellos
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You're like a dictionary, you add meaning to my life -- Shannon Dermott
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A word is not simply a word. -- Cynthia Hand
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We developed already, before the first servicing mission, this has been further developed on the second servicing mission and we refined it this time, all the terminology. -- Claude Nicollier
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Words, words, words. -- William Shakespeare
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What should we gain by a definition, as it can only lead us to other undefined terms? -- Ludwig Wittgenstein
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An inaccurate use of words produces such a strange confusion in all reasoning, that in the heat of debate, the combatants, unable to distinguish their friends from their foes, fall promiscuously on both. -- Maria Edgeworth
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There is no denying that the technicalization of terms and problems is a serious form of information control. -- Neil Postman
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Sometimes what seems to be a difference in opinions is in fact just a difference in definitions. -- Scott Adams
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Often a quite assified remark becomes sanctified by use and petrified by custom; it is then a permanency, its term of activity a geologic period. -- Mark Twain
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Words are only words -- Jude Morgan
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Slang is the writer's palette of colors. -- Chuck Palahniuk
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To define an expression is, paradoxically speaking, to explain how to get along without it. To define is to eliminate. -- Willard Van Orman Quine
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Slang is a foul pool at which every dunce fills his bucket, and then sets up as a fountain. -- Ambrose Bierce
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Facts: Words treated as statement of actuality by those who agree with them. -- Cheris Kramarae
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They are four words I want you to keep in mind when critic's math gets loud. He wrote, We will miss you. -- Jon Acuff
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Words have meanings.When we call something a theory in science, it means something. Reggie, when you say that you 'can't help yourself' if a girl is wasted, that means something,too.You're saying that our natural state as men is 'rapist'. -- Aaron Hartzler
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Never should an unfamiliar word be passed over without elucidation, for, with a little conscientious research, we may each day add to our conquests in the realm of philology and become more and more ready for graceful independent expression. -- H.p. Lovecraft
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To define a thing is to substitute the definition for the thing itself. -- Georges Braque
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The injury of words.
Yes, the brutality of words. -- Markus Zusak
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Hear the meaning within the word. -- William Shakespeare
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Thank God I am not an intellectual! What a garbage of knowledge, what an unnecessary glossary of terms they have, those intellectuals! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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The careful untangling of a legal issue. Like math, but with words. -- Liane Moriarty
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I ask you, why is it so hard to stay away from the euphemisms? They creep in, always, and attempt to make the difficult things more pleasing. -- Kate Dicamillo
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Definitions, her grandmother once said, had to be like a fat man's belt - big enough to cover the subject but elastic enough to allow for change.
The Sunborn -- Gregory Benford
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So many words to use. Oh do not say that words have a use. -- Gertrude Stein
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Slang surely, as it is called, comes of, and breathes of the personal -- John Henry Newman
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Finally, slowly, drippingly, degrade the term Choice down to its most meager means: The red car not the black one. The 9:25 showing, not the 7:15. Ritz not Wheat Thins. -- Geoffrey Wood
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There is life or death in words. -- Iimani David
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A definition is the enclosing a wilderness of idea within a wall of words. -- Samuel Butler
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Bedlam: an institution with a history so fearsome it gave its name to a synonym for chaos and pandemonium. -- Jon Ronson
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Words define you. -- Alok Jagawat
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Definitions ... are never really needed, and rarely of any use -- Karl Popper
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Description here. -- Minecrafty Boy
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An ounce of convention is worth a pound of explanation. -- Ethel Mumford
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It was a good word: progress. A safe word that you snuggled up against when you were nervous. The kind of word you took home to meet your parents. -- Jason Mott
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You cannot begin to deal with terms, propositions, and arguments - the elements of thought - until you can penetrate beneath the surface of language. -- Mortimer J. Adler
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The world is full of incomprehensible words -- Haruki Murakami
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NEVER allow the enemy to define your terms. If you want to win a war of propaganda, you must be able to manipulate language to expose the truth. -- Jenifer Mohammed
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You invented the words, and you gave me a dictionary and you said, 'These are what the words mean.' Well, this is what they mean to you, but to someone else, they have got a different dictionary. -- Charles Manson
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The battle for the world is the battle for definitions. -- Thomas Szasz
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Before you use a fancy word, make room for it. -- Joseph Joubert
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In labouring to be brief, I become obscure. -- Horace
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Pornography is the theory, and rape is the practice. -- Robin Morgan