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Objects are better than text at conveying narrative -- Neil Macgregor
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Once the words of a book appear onscreen, they are no longer simply themselves; they have become a part of something else. They now occupy the same space, not only as every other digital text, but as every other medium, too. -- Tom Chatfield
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There is a fine line between reading a message from the text and reading one into the text. -- John Corvino
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Writing isn't letters on paper. It's communication. It's memory. -- Isaac Marion
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That's not writing, that's typing. -- Truman Capote
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Writing is the painting of the voice. -- Voltaire
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Words are life set down on paper. -- Paulo Coelho
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Writing surrounds us: it's not something we do just in school or on the job but something that is as familiar and everyday as a pair of worn sneakers or the air we breathe. -- Andrea A. Lunsford
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Words inscribe a text in the same way that a walk inscribes space. -- Geoff Nicholson
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Writers are alphabet artists. The blank page becomes their canvas as they paint pictures with words. -- Barbara Case Speers
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Writing has the power of permanence. -- Bryant Mcgill
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I can't text. My fingers are too big. -- Denis Leary
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The written word is everything. -- John Drinkwater
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A text message has no soul, no matter how many commas you shift. -- Vikki Wakefield
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If I could communicate only by words on a page, how much more satisfactory I would be! -- Lynn Barber
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Written words still have the amazing power to bring out the best and worst of human nature -- Nadine Gordimer
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Writing is thinking on paper -- William Zinsser
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The aim of every typographic work - the delivery of a message in the shortest, most efficient manner. -- Jan Tschichold
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Words are thought descriptors. They project thoughts from anonymity. They transfer thoughts into messages. Messages move the world. -- William E. Jefferson
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What are letters?"
"Kinda like mediaglyphics except they're all black, and they're tiny, they don't move, they're old and boring and really hard to read. But you can use 'em to make short words for long words. -- Neal Stephenson
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Remember, a word is an invention, a symbol for an idea. Written text began as an artistic representation of a thought or event. -- Edward J. Fraughton
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Is there anything in the world better than words on the page? Magic signs, the voices of the dead, building blocks to make wonderful worlds better than this one, comforters, companions in loneliness. Keepers of secrets, speakers of the truth ... all those glorious words. -- Cornelia Funke
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We are all the authors of our own fates; but we have gotten so lost in the technicalities of forming letters and stringing words together that we've forgotten what it really means to write. -- Cristen Rodgers
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Writing is easy: just stare at the screen of your computer until a tear drops on your keyboard. -- Paulo Coelho
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Type should be beautiful - Screw readable! -- Ed Benguiat
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Concering the power of the written word -- Julie Hearn
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Texting is fingered speech. Now we can write the way we talk. -- John Mcwhorter
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Words make the intangible aspects of human experience communicable, and a single sentence can shatter our world view and assist us in the formulation of a new one. -- Chris Matakas
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Language is present in a piece of writing like the sea in a single drop. -- Kato Lomb
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We're finding [texting] 11 times more powerful than email [for communicating with kids]. -- Nancy Lublin
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When you write, magic happens. Doors open. People smile and the world is a better place -- Alan Dapre
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Translating is writing. -- Marguerite Yourcenar
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The reason that I keep writing is that all my most powerful messages about the fates of wild places that I care about need to have words as well as images. -- Galen Rowell
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What Writing Is: Telepathy, of course. -- Stephen King
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A typewriter is a means of transcribing thought, not expressing it. -- Marshall Mcluhan
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The better people communicate, the greater will be the need for better typography-expressive typography. -- Herb Lubalin
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Pictures have a lot more power than text. Text is just a bunch of little symbols. You have to actually read it and imagine it, and even that can be censored. With pictures, it's a lot more immediate. -- Robert Crumb
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Writing is a marvelous adventure and very labor-intensive: those words run away and try to escape. They are very difficult to capture. -- Eduardo Galeano
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Thoughts to words, words to paper.
A gift we give ourselves, both now and later. -- Nancy Fraser
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Formatting is no substitute for writing. -- Leslie Lamport
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Twitter actually may be improving its users' writing, as it forces them to wring meaning from fewer letters - it -- Christian Rudder
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The power of letters is immeasurable. Use them with care". -- Kyoka Izumi
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Texting is addicting. Once you get emotionally involved with constant outside stimulation assaulting your brain, it is hard to stop looking at your machine every two minutes. Without rapid fire words appearing on a screen, you feel bored, not part of the action. -- Bill O'reilly
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If you subscribe to Sherry Turkle's argument that the prevalence of text-based communications is leading to a decline in face-to-face conversations and the skills to conduct them, the shift makes total sense. -- Aziz Ansari
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Generating text yourself requires more cognitive effort than does reading, and effort increases memorability, -- Clive Thompson
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What is writing? Writing is telepathy. -- Stephen King
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Writing can be a source of strength
-Wang Liang -- Xinran
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See what is invisible and you will see what to write -- Ronald Everett Capps
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Readers usually ignore the typographic interface, gliding comfortably along literacy's habitual groove. Sometimes, however, the interface should be allowed to fail. By making itself evident, typography can illuminate the construction and identity of a page, screen, place, or product. -- Ellen Lupton
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Writing cannot express all words, words cannot encompass all ideas. -- Confucius
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You can only write by putting words on a paper one at a time. -- Sandra Brown
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Words have not just the astonishing capacity to banish boredom and create wonders. They also enable contact with the lives of others and with story worlds, arousing endless curiosity about ourselves and the places we inhabit. -- Maria Tatar
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That isn't writing at all, it's typing. -- Truman Capote
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There is beauty in the written word.'
-Kevin -- T.j. Klune
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words are but pictures of our thoughts -- John Dryden
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Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted. -- Jules Renard
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Language is a tool for communicating and not a barrier to writing -- Bernard Kelvin Clive
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Writing is the new reading -- Emlyn Hall
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You string some letters together, and you make a word. You string some words together, and you make a sentence, then a paragraph, then a chapter. Words have power. -- Chloe Neill
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Typographic style is founded not on any one technology of typesetting or printing, but on the primitive yet subtle craft of writing. -- Robert Bringhurst
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The power of a text is not time-bound. The words go on doing their work. -- Jeanette Winterson
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Written by a sponge dipped in warm milk and sprinkled with sugar. -- John Ciardi
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Texting has reduced the number of waste words, but it has also exposed a black hole of ignorance about traditional - what a cranky guy would call correct - grammar. -- Richard Corliss
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Texting is very loose in its structure. No one thinks about capital letters or punctuation when one texts, but then again, do you think about those things when you talk? -- John Mcwhorter
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Writing makes you more human. -- John Updike
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Write Makes Might! -- Kevin James Breaux
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Writing is an outward expression of instinctive insight that must be summoned from the vastly deep of our mysterious selves. Therefore, it cannot be taught; indeed, it cannot even be summoned; it can only be permitted. -- William Hughes Mearns
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Words empower us, move us beyond our suffering, and set us free. -- Terry Tempest Williams
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The distortion of a text resembles a murder: the difficulty is not in perpetrating the deed, but in getting rid of its traces. -- Sigmund Freud
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I wanted to write. -- Christopher Hitchens
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Writing is a tool of transformation and can shine the light on the inside, dispelling darkness, taking us through external layers, bringing us closer to our souls. -- Hillary Carlip
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Although many texters enjoy breaking linguistic rules, they also know they need to be understood. -- David Crystal
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The letters make words and words make us. -- David Almond
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Writing is simply one thought after another dying upon the one before. -- Mel Brooks
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Conversation is the legs on which thought walks; and writing, the wings by which it flies. -- Marguerite Gardiner, Countess Of Blessington
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Write like no one is reading. -- Crystal Woods
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I write to say what I cannot speak -- Ben Mitchell
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There is beauty in the written word, -- T.j. Klune
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I don't know how to type so I handwrite everything. -- Billy Bob Thornton
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Writing is like painting a painting. Layer over layer over layer. -- Kevin James Breaux
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The only thing more powerful than words
- is the Author who chooses them. -- K.a. Gunn
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Writing is the silence of the soul struggling to be heard -- Gbickle
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Texts are always in flux. -- Robert Darnton
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Here's a secret: fictive text doesn't necessarily flow easily. Most of the time it's more like cutting a highway through a mountain. You just have to keep working with your pick, chipping away at the rock, making slow progress. -- Piers Anthony
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What mattered was writing it: the act of words. -- Rose Tremain
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Twitter was a mere prototype in 2006; now, many of us have become adept at saying all we have to say in 140 characters. -- David Horsey
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Writing is the dancing of words, sometimes it is beautiful and meaningful, sometimes it is not. -- Debasish Mridha
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Writing is the soul having its say. -- Beem Weeks
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Words build a bridge between the imaginations of writer and reader, creating something unique between them. -- Jane Lindskold
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Some people study a text very deeply. The people are my text. I study their words and what their words sound like, over and over again. -- Anna Deavere Smith
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Why are some things easier to write than say? -- Ally Condie
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Though there is one part of writing that is solid and you do it no harm by talking about it, the other is fragile, and if you talk about it, the structure cracks and you have nothing. -- Ernest Hemingway,
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Writing means making things large. -- Christa Wolf
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Text without context is pretext. -- Walter Martin
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Text me back: a love story. -- Melissa Broder
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Human writing reflects that of the universe; it is its translation, but also its metaphor: it says something totally different, and it says the same thing. -- Octavio Paz
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It's true that interacting through text means no eyelines, no facial expressions, no tone of voice. That can be an advantage, helping us to consider content rather than eloquence, import rather than source. -- Nick Harkaway
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For four days straights, I sit at my typewriter in my bedroom. Twenty of my typed pages, full of slashes and red-circled edits, become thirty-one in thick Strathmore white. -- Kathryn Stockett
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Words on the page are never prisoners of the page -- Sonya Hartnett
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You are just in the middle of a struggle with words which are really very stubborn things, with a blank page, with the damn thing that you use to write with, a pen or a typewriter, and you forget all about the reader when you are doing that. -- Guillermo Cabrera Infante