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The thing I came for:
[ ... ]
the thing itself and not the myth
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We have seen that there are two misconceptions involved in the myth that memory is a thing. One is that memory is a thing (a tangible structure rather than an abstract process) and the other is that memory is a thing (one memory rather than many memories).
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The greatest things in life are not things.
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First, you must know what the thing is, and then after learn the use of the same.
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Little things that run the world
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You are your best thing
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Measured my 'thing'. It was eleven centimetres.
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Like" and "like" and "like"
but what is the thing that lies beneath the semblance of the thing?
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The thing is to understand myself: the thing is to find a truth which is true for me, to find the idea for which I can live and die. That is what I now recognize as the most important thing.
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That thing has a name?
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I'd rather be a thing than an angel
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Little things are big.
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It wasn't nothing. It was something.
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Oh, 'The Thing' is one of my favorite movies of all time. That changed my life because I was like, 'I've got to do this.' Something that scared me that much? It was the first R-rated movie I ever saw, and I was like, 'Dude, I'm changed.'
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We live not only in a world of thoughts, but also in a world of things.
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The things that matter most in life ... Aren't things.
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I am a thing of beauty.
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Life is the thing
the song of life
The eager plow, the thirsty knife!
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The thing itself is one; the images are many. What leads to a perceptive understanding of the thing is not the focus on one image, but the viewing of many images together.
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Things are just that - things. They don't make us who we are. They make us look better on the outside, even when we're hollow on the inside. They're an illusion - the shiny objects that distract us from the really important things.
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The most important things in life aren't things.
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The best things in life aren't things.
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Of a little thing a little displeaseth.
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The world is not a 'thing' (eternal element). It is a wrong belief (vikalp) of the Soul.
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It is never the thing but the version of the thing.
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Thing, body, matter, are nothing apart from the combinations of the elements, - the colours, sounds, and so forth - nothing apart from their so-called attributes.
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Everything is something, but something is nothing.

-- Eyedea

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I couldn't make up anything as weird as what is.
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I think 'The Thing' is so good because it's not just a scary movie. It's also social commentary, which works on multiple levels, which is something I really respond to.
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What a strange thing man is; and what a stranger thing woman.
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We forget that things can only be things when there is something which is not a thing, the space.
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All things in the fulness of time
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One thing? One thing I like? Okay.
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I'm not a thing. I'm not an it. I'm a person. I am a her. - Stephanie (the reflection)
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The most precious thing I have,
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thing and it could be sold for a heap of silver and sometimes
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A different and much deeper sort of beauty altogether. The thing and yet not the thing.
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It was a small thing, but it was a thing, and things have a way of either dying or growing, and it wasn't dying.
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What is part of you, you cannot get rid of, even if you were to throw it away.
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That was something. As opposed to nothing.
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TRULY, "thoughts are things," and powerful things at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a BURNING DESIRE for their translation into riches, or other material objects. A
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All things are one.
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One more thing, one more time.
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Something in the world forces us to think. This something is an object not of recognition but of a fundamental encounter.
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It is what
it is. But
what is it?
What it is
Some soft
whose terms
are touch
Time to give, time
to give it up.
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Between the wish and the thing the world lies waiting.
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Life. In all it's mundane majesty.
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To be a "thing" that thinks and moves and wants ... that's MIRACULOUS.
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Thoughts Are Things.
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Stuff and nonsense. Nonsense and stuff and much of a muchness and nonsense all over again. We are all mad here, don't you know?
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It's a curious, wanting thing.
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It's no big thing, but you make big things out of little things sometimes.
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Work, the what's-its-name of the thingummy and the thing-um-a-bob of the what d'you-call-it.
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People is all everything is, all it has ever been, all it can ever be.
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Things, things, they outlive us and go to scenes that we know nothing of.
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It's a God thing
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[A God-thing is] when something happens in your life, and you look at it and can't explain how or why it happened, but you know there's a reason for it. You know that God is doing something in your life, and it changes you. There's no other way to explain it except to see it as a God thing.
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When you are some-'one', why would you wish to be some-'thing'?
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E was the only one in the world who understood the secret living thing that dwelt in he pit of my stomach ... the thing that reared its head from time to time to sear my insides with fear.
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moment, thought, what the hell?
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The nothing nothings.
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It was a great thing to be a human being. It was something tremendous. Suddenly I'm conscious of a million sensations buzzing in me like bees in a hive. Gentlemen, it was a great thing.
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You're not a thing in the dark," Kelly said under his breath.
"No." Nick clutched his fingers tighter. "But I can be."
Kelly stared at him for a long time, nodding, blue-gray eyes turning to quartz granite. "Then we'll be things in the dark together.
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I'm cool with nothing cause even nothing is something
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A picture has been said to be something between a thing and a thought.
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The thing we long for, that we are For one transcendent moment.
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If it's not one thing, it's your mother.
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Things. They came up. That what things do. They come up. I can't be expected to keep track of them all
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Exactly what they
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That thing is Freedom: the gift whereby ye most resemble your Maker and are yourselves part of eternal reality.
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The thing [vastu, eternal element] itself is just one. But a 'like' and 'dislike' occurs due to illusion, because everyone's viewpoint is different.
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Look in the mirror. What is that thing reflected capable of?
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Things are in their essence what we choose to make them. A thing is, according to the mode in which one looks at it.
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Here's how I define "stuff": anything you have allowed into your psychological or physical world that doesn't belong where it is, but for which you haven't yet determined what, exactly, it means to you, with the desired outcome and the next action step.
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Something mysterious ... but
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A thought no less than a thing, an idea equally with an empire, is resolved into a complex of infinitely extensive relations between infinitesimally small parts.
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Well, I am something, Ma, you hissed, I am not nothing, I am somebody and I know what I want from life and I know what to do to get it. I will provide for myself.
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It's a small thing, a life.
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A thing is incredible, if ever, only after it is told
returned to the world it came out of.
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Things are symbols of themselves.
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I perceived that the 'thing' and the 'idea' were taken to be equivalents of feeling, and understood the lie of the world of will and idea. Is the milk bottle the symbol of milk?
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Small things may be important to us; to be a sometime anything is sometimes something.
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The best things in life are not things, but they are our beautiful loving thoughts.
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Though this universe I own,
I possess not a thing,
for I cannot know the unknown
if to the known I cling.
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a creature of impulse.
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This thing was what existed before life, before the first stars, before the big bang. It was the emptiness before the universe, and the emptiness that would follow.
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I' is nothing it just a thought..........!
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You should also try to figure out which people are thing people and which ones are people people.
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What's twelve inches long and hangs in front on ass, Mankind's tie.
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There are so many ways to go wrong. All we've got are metaphors, and they're never exactly right. You can never just Say. The. Thing.
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The great mass of humankind possesses an unmistakable unit-identity. It can be one thing. It can act as a single organism.
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it's nothing because it's everything.

-- Danny

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The greatness of every human being.
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So in the world of Enlightenment, things are just things, except they're not things. We're in nirvana. There is no debating team.
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Something that just came out of me. It was a bit of mischief.
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If it's not one thing, it's your mother-in-law.
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There are no little things. Little things are the hinges of the universe.
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Before familiarity can turn into awareness the familiar must be stripped of its inconspicuousness; we must give up assuming that the object in question needs no explanation. However frequently recurrent, modest, vulgar it may be it will now be be labeled as something unusual.
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Life--you have to live it as it comes.
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There's something aboard that thing, a dark and powerful figure. And it awaits the coming of something--something terrible.