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Things lak dat got uh whole lot tuh do wid convenience, but it ain't got nothin' tuh do wid love.
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The most important things in life aren't things.
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What's the one thing - not two things, not three, not four, but the one big thing - in the box?
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Some things I just got to keep for myself.
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The nothing nothings.
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Items that have become part of me, foliage that has grown to conceal the bare stem of my real personality, what I was like before I ever saw these books, or any book at all, come to that.
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things - Feeling Safe, Being Right, Feeling Good, and Looking Good. If any of these conditions are challenged, we become fearful.
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books. They are friends to the lonely, companions to the deserted, joy to the joyless, hope to the hopeless, good cheer to the disheartened, a helper to the helpless. They bring light into darkness, and sunshine into shadow.
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There were these things to do.
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Nothing, nothing,
the whole long day, nothing.
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Peace, Love, Hope
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The things I do for love.
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I'll start with the small things
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Books. Cats. Life is Good.
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I like my things
hurried and haunted. Night tea

Sacred geometry, secret geometry
petal-flame whisper: I am here, and you aren't.
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The world is full of objects, more or less interesting; I do not wish to add any more.
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The things that matter most are not things.
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The things you think about when you're a hair's breath away from getting yourself killed.
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Feelings, and feelings, and feelings. Let me try thinking instead.
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Things denied, things untold, things hidden and disguised.
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Time, that most abstract of humanity's homes.
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Your soul, your spirit and your body.
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Useless and precious objects. Taking up space. Taking up time.
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Things you believe are baggage in your life.
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Things you did. Things you never did. Things you dreamed. After a long time they run together.
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Travel, trouble, music, art, a kiss, a frock, a rhyme
I never said they feed my heart, but still they pass my time.
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things in this life can be separated into two categories: Things that are valuable and things that matter.
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Objects are the markers of our humanity. Everything we hold onto has meaning for us. Those things are souvenirs that can transport us to that exact moment in time and make us feel that emotion all over again.
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My brushes, my cameras, and my willingness to use them.
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The things that time wants to keep, it buries.
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Things We Couldn't Say,
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Stuff and nonsense. Nonsense and stuff and much of a muchness and nonsense all over again. We are all mad here, don't you know?
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you live and the things you achieve and
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Health, south wind, books, old trees, a boat, a friend.
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A book, a poem, a play - they start as fantasms but they end up as things, like a box of crackers or an automobile tire.
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What is a 'thing'? All is movement, a flowing. How stupid it is to speak of the 'mind'. There is a body; there is a mind: they are mixed up together. Shakespeare with a hole in his sock will not write the sonnet of a Shakespeare with socks intact.
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In essential things, unity. In nonessential things, freedom. In all things, love.
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Life and a lover
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Things, things, they outlive us and go to scenes that we know nothing of.
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Mementos of this world, in which the things worth being were so easily exchanged for the things worth having.
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Thing that don't matter when you've lived the same day
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There are things that can be forgotten. And things that cannot - that sit on dusty shelves like stuffed birds with baleful, sideways staring eyes.
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Anything and everything, the two almost the same
everything says, have it all; anything, one to claim.
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Your success, your life, your happiness. Don't let mean people bring that down.
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So many things
nay every real thing
is good if only it will be humble and ordinate.
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I'll start with small things.
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The greatest things in life are not things.
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I'm not a things person. I'm not one to keep much. I do have a small collection of picks from favorite musicians I got to play with, a collection of mementos. I'm kind of the opposite of a hoarder, as I try to get rid of everything.
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People is all everything is, all it has ever been, all it can ever be.
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The greatness of every human being.
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You know what I love... everything.
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The day, water, sun, moon, night - I do not have to purchase these things with money.
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Everything that's important - you can take with you.
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When I took these things from the house:
some tapes, some books, my winter clothes,
I did not know that these would become the
things I own.
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Love, Trust & Pixie Dust !
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The best thing in life aren't things.
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Every thing in your hand if you bi lave
on God
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People first, then money, then things.
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The best things in life aren't things.
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These are our precious things. Simple things. A currency of sentiments.
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Possession, belonging, repetition.
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An item must have a soul, it must function properly, be nice to hold and a pleasure to look at
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Impersonal things that dominate our time and imagination offer extravagant promises of control and knowledge. But they also squeeze all sense of mystery and wonder and reverence out of our lives.
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Love. Safety. Disappointment. Loss. Pain. Abandonment.
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Everything want to be loved.
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Talking is not enough; words don't clarify anything. I'll have to hit upon something, but what?
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The most precious thing I have,
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The beauty and meaningfulness of an ordinary life.
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Nothing always anything.
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Human relations, I mess them up, and they let me down.
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What is part of you, you cannot get rid of, even if you were to throw it away.
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Time...a maniac scattering dust.
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Love, and everything else will come to you.
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Time is your most valuable possession.
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How many things are there which I do not want.
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Some things you didn't give away, no matter how much you owed.
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strength and honor
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I'll alight upon words because I think they suggest any number of things.
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Time ... brings us everything we have and are, then comes with a back-loader and starts taking it all away.
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My heart, my secret diary, my companion. The well and the sacred place of my unborn wishes and desires.
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Happiness, it's a small thing - just a very little thing.
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Food to eat and games to play.
Tell me why, tell me why.
Serve it out and eat it up.
Have a try, have a try.
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Stupid things, in the end. Nonsensical. But stupid, nonsensical things were sometimes the most important.
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Time, the human dimension, which makes us everything we are.
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Words. Time. Opportunity. These are things we can never get back. Not even in death.
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Make things that carry with them the residue of where they have been.
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objects that couldn't be
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The words. Why did they have to exist? Without them, there wouldn't be any of this.
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Things which are gone in the morning: sleep, darkness, grief, the moon. Women. Dreams.
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Jewelry, I'm telling you. It's a thing. And love. And maybe danger.
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The best things in life are not things, but they are our beautiful loving thoughts.
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Our lives!!! We have just all of a sudden discovered that here we are with something called life seemingly precious, but not deeply appreciated.
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This thing, what is it in itself, in its own constitution? What is its substance and material?
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Nothing: a landscape, a glass of wine, a little loveless love, and the vague sadness caused by our understanding nothing and having lost the little we're given.
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Somethings you don't know you want until they're gone. Other things you think want, but don't understand you already have them.
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The more "things" I have, the more time I spend thinking about them, moving them around, fixing them, looking for them, or upgrading them.
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Books. People have no idea how beautiful books are. How they taste on your fingers. How bright everything is when you light it with words.