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Thomas loved words, particularly if he didn't understand them. -- Guus Kuijer
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He thinks, I remembered you, Thomas More, but you didn't remember me. You never even saw me coming. -- Hilary Mantel
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KILL ME!" And then Newt's eyes cleared, as if he'd gained one last trembling gasp of sanity, and his voice softened. "Please, Tommy. Please."
With his heart falling into a black abyss, Thomas pulled the trigger. -- James Dashner
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Which of these Thomases saw the blow coming? There are moments when a memory moves right through you. -- Hilary Mantel
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Thomas," Fat told me, "is smarter than I am, and he knows more than I do. Of the two of us Thomas is the master personality." He considered that good; woe unto someone who has an evil or stupid other personality in his head! -- Philip K. Dick
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The story of Doubting Thomas is told, not so that we shall admire Thomas, but so that we can admire the other apostles in comparison. Thomas demanded evidence ... The other apostles, whose faith was so strong that they did not need evidence, are held to us as worthy of imitation. -- Richard Dawkins
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Thomas's mistake, like most of the behavior he leaked into the world, had been avoidable: to join another human being in a situation that virtually demanded unscripted, spontaneous conversation, and thus to risk total moral and emotional dissolution. Death by conversation, and all that. -- Ben Marcus
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Sir Thomas was indeed the life of the party, who at his suggestion now seated themselves round the fire. -- Jane Austen
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Minho looked at Thomas. I nominate this shank to replace me as Keeper of the Runners. -- James Dashner
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Thomas was my true name but everyone knew me as Mick, except my mother, who knew me as definitely Michael. -- Thomas Keneally
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St. Thomas is really a great man quite apart from his saintliness. -- Carl Jung
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Insistent opening bark of the UPI's Helen Thomas: -- Rick Perlstein
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Thomas was baffled by this girl - first the connection he'd felt to her from the very beginning, then the mind-speaking, now this. "Everything about you is weird. You know that, right?"
"Judging by your little hiding spot, I'd say you're not so normal yourself. Like living in the woods, do ya? -- James Dashner
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She wished the man outside really were Thomas, so she and Billups could again have the same enemy and the same fear.O -- Ayana Mathis
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Thomas Ross appears to have been something of a rarity: a socially conscious young man. -- Stephen King
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Working with Danny Thomas was truly an adventure every week. Danny didn't always say the words as they appeared in the script. I learned more by osmosis than by sitting down together. He was a force to be reckoned with: an explorer of television. -- Angela Cartwright
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Thomas still didn't understand why she was being so touchy with him. -- James Dashner
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Thomas felt his spirits lift, but immediately squashed them back down. Getting his hopes up was something he'd sworn never to do again. Not until all this was over. -- James Dashner
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You know, you hear people talk about soul mates? That one person that you see, and that's it for you? Well, TOMS is the business equivalent of a soul mate for me. -- Blake Mycoskie
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Studies course, so they can take me for the beginning of the next term." "What about Thomas?" "There's a nursery on campus. We -- Jojo Moyes
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The boy's bravery solidified something in Thomas's heart. He loved the kid. He loved him as if they had the same mum. -- James Dashner
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Thomas looked around and tried not to let his duty turn him bitter. These were good men, and he would not leave them behind. He had chosen this, an unselfish life. -- Jessica Fortunato
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Thomas! What are you doing!" and I gestured, "I thought this was Nothing," covering myself with one of my daybooks ,and she said, "It's Something! -- Jonathan Safran Foer
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At least she (Thomas' mom) knows what she wants is dead. What I want just refuses to be with me. Maybe I should compare notes with her on what's worse, for I swear to God sometimes I think if you were dead this would hurt less. -- Joey W. Hill
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I half hoped Mr. Pearson would waLk out holding Thomas by the scruff of his neck, still wearing his boxers or pajama pants or whatever the hell a guy like him slept in. But seconds later, when Mr. Pearson emerged, he was red with rage and completely alone.
Thomas was gone. -- Kate Brian
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Oh my God, dude! You were beginning to freak me out. Don't do that to me! What do you really need to talk to me about?" His laughter faded when Thomas didn't crack a smile. "Tommy, knock it off. -- Jamie Mcguire
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Pastor Kerney Thomas to these hoes.. miwacles. -- Drake
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The Gospel of Thomas claims to be the secret sayings of Jesus. There are 114 of them, so it says many things, but the central message is that Jesus is the one who reveals the divine light that brought the universe into being, and that you and I also reveal that light. -- Elaine Pagels
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I now see Norman Thomas as indeed a liberal, but as a real, old-fashioned, unreconstructed liberal who believes in freedom and justice for everybody. -- Norman Thomas
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Please, Tommy, Please. -- James Dashner
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When Thomas wakes up in the lift, the only thing he can remember is his first name. -- Anonymous
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Thomas hated the people who'd taken this poor, innocent kid form his family. He hated them with a passion he didn't know a human could feel. He wanted them dead, tortured, even. He wanted Chuck to be happy. But happiness had been ripped form their lives. Love had been ripped from their lives. -- James Dashner
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I don't like Thomas Edison. I'm a fan of Nicolai Tesla. -- David Lynch
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Thomas stood there, sorting through his options. The irony wasn't lost on him. He'd escaped WICKED only to be held at gunpoint by an average everyday city worker. -- James Dashner
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You're not going to say hi to Thomas?" I whispered.
He didn't look at me when he spoke, watching his family hug and laugh. "I got one night with you. I'm not going to waste a second of it. -- Jamie Mcguire
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Cole Thomas.'
The name, like an incantation, was on her lips. -- Danika Stone
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Despite that, for a fleeting moment I have the urge to ask if Dean Thomas is still in Gryffindor, or if he's gone over to Hufflepuff, where I'd always believed he belonged. But my father wouldn't get the joke, and in this case, Dean isn't a first name. -- Mimi Cross
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Thomas didn't have to think. He reached out and took the cup, poured the liquid in his mouth, swallowed all of it at once. It burned like fire, searing his throat and chest as it went down; he broke into a lurching, wracking cough. -- James Dashner
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Teresa didn't hesitate. She wrapped her arms around Thomas's neck, pulling him in. He didn't have enough will to resist. They kissed, but nothing stirred inside Thomas. He felt nothing. -- James Dashner
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At his desk, pen in hand, none was more articulate than Thomas. As soon as he found himself shut into the car with Sarah Ham, terror seized his tongue. -- Flannery O'connor
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Thomas came last, buckling on his gun belt, which was currently hung with his ridiculously huge Desert Eagle, just in case we were attacked by a rabid Cape buffalo. -- Jim Butcher
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Don't give up, Chuck. We're gonna solve this thing, get out of here. I'm a Runner now - I promise on my life I'll get you back to that room of yours. Make your mom quit crying. And Thomas meant it. He felt it burn in his heart. -- James Dashner
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Her name is Emmilina. She is quite eccentric and was Thomas's best friend. -- Jessica Fortunato
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As for Thomas, the longer he lived, the less he cared for the world. -- Elizabeth Bowen
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my dear Sir Thomas!" interrupted Mrs. Norris, -- Jane Austen
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History of the United States in the Administrations of Thomas Jefferson, -- Stephen E. Ambrose
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psychologist Timothy -- Malcolm Gladwell
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With TOMS, I found a way to create sustainable giving and consistently help those who are in need. -- Blake Mycoskie
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Thomas had never seen anything like her in his life, and he knew, with a beautiful sort of sadness, that he never would again. -- Chris Nicolaisen
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Thomas sniffed. "Don't let's start with all that." "I am not starting anything! You yourself started this business!" "Enough, Kam. I am warning you." "You don't warn me when I'm warning you! -- Mira Jacob
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A woman wants to be adored but she doesn't want reverence. Thomas -- Liane Moriarty
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Thomas seems to be implying a threefold, originally Neoplatonic, model that he would have known through the writings of Pseudo-Dionysius, comprising (1) God in God-self; (2) the exitus, or procession of creatures from God; and finally (3) the reditus, or the return of creatures to God. -- Bernard Mcginn
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Asked Thomas; it's just him and me and has been for a very long time. We tell each other we are -- Lisa Gardner
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It took seven hours to get Thomas Kilgannon -- Craig Robertson
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Looks like a maze," Thomas whispered, -- James Dashner
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Love always,
Tom -- Melina Marchetta
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We're doing the right thing, Thomas. See you on the other side. -- James Dashner
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The Castus had become a myth to most, a shadow, but Thomas knew that every rumor was rooted in truth. -- Jessica Fortunato
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It was all for the best. I am an elf, and he is a human. Thomas is a Knight, and I am a Princess. His Knighthood meant nothing in this world. Though it did make me wonder what it meant in his. In his world, did Knights and Princesses fall in love? I doubted it. -- Rae Z. Ryans
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- Tommy Tomlinson When -- Chris Tomlinson
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His friend Chuck, stabbed in the chest, bleeding, dying as Thomas held him. -- James Dashner
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Thomas, says there are no real dragons. Only they are in your head, he says."
"Thomas is right, my love, so do not be afraid of the dark."
"But they are in my head sometimes, so I guess they are real. -- Karen Harper
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Thomas hesitated at first, but he knew he had to tell them everything. And there was no better time than the present. He sucked in a deep breath and started talking. -- James Dashner
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Stuart Davises he -- Amor Towles
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Thomas knew he had to be careful. It was strange that she only agreed with him about WICKED now that she'd gotten her memories back. -- James Dashner
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Brenda found his hand, squeezed it. Once again, Thomas felt a ridiculous surge of guilt, like he was cheating on Teresa. He couldn't help that this girl was so touchy-feely. -- James Dashner
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Does that girl work here?' Robbie asked, gesturing at the screen behind which Mary had disappeared. 'All her life,' Sir Giles said. 'You remember Mary, Thomas?' 'I tried to drown her when we were both children,' Thomas said. -- Bernard Cornwell
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Thomas shivered. He would know that voice anywhere. It was Janson. -- James Dashner
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The boy I used to know as Thomas Merker has been erased
replaced with a personality programmed by television and commercials to act a certain way. -- Brian James
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Thomas had never heard such arrogance from her. She was either a really good actress or had started going crazy. Gained a split personality or two. -- James Dashner
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In politics and in his personal life, Thomas Jefferson was a complicated man, but in one thing he was consistent: the wanted the best of everything, for himself and for his country. -- Thomas J. Craughwell
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I'm Louis the Tommo Tomlinson! -- Louis Tomlinson
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Land!" shouted Thomas. "Is there food?" asked Tubby Ted. -- Dave Barry
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Maybe you'll forgive me someday. Thomas almost hated her for sounding so reasonable. -- James Dashner
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Some people say Dylan Thomas mischievous, he's a child, and other people say he's quite demonic. I don't think we should dictate about him, if that's your view of him, that's wonderful, but it's great to know that other people think differently. -- Keira Knightley
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I should rip your eyes out," Newt said, spraying Thomas with spit. "Teach you a lesson in stupidity.
Why'd you come over here? You expected a bloody hug? Huh? A nice sit-down to talk about the good
times in the Glade? -- James Dashner
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Thomas Teal, a luminous translator of Jansson's twin talent for surface and depth, simplicity and reverberation in language, and someone who knows exactly how to convey her gift for sensing the meaning embedded in the most mundane act or turn of phrase. -- Ali Smith
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I love working with children and this young boy, Thomas Sangster, is quite a remarkable young actor. He raises your game, you know. He certainly raised mine. -- Liam Neeson
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[Thomas said] "I have my cell phone on me. Try to call before things start exploding."
"Maybe this time it'll be different. Maybe I'll work everything out through reason, diplomacy, dialogue, and mutual cooperation."
Thomas eyed me.
I tried to look wounded. "It could happen. -- Jim Butcher
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Thomas did not believe the resurrection [John 20:25], and, as they say, would not believe without having ocular and manual demonstration himself. So neither will I, and the reason is equally as good for me, and for every other person, as for Thomas. -- Thomas Paine
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You're welcome. I was just trying to help.' Thomas felt like kicking him in the face. -- James Dashner
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And then Thomas was being dragged to his feet, yanked away from her. He didn't have the energy or will to fight it. She was gone. -- James Dashner
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Tim -- Sean Waller
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Now nobody will begin to understand Thomas philosophy, or indeed Catholic philosophy, who does not realize that the primary and fundamental part of it is entirely the praise of Life, the praise of Being, the praise of God as the creator of the world. -- G.k. Chesterton
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Do ya, now?

Jaxson Ryan -- T.l. Alexander
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Thomas slammed his fist on the table, sending eating utensils flying. "Shameful! It is downright shameful that so-called men of God would use religion to manipulate people."
--from Prairie Grace when Thomas learns how the Indian agents and others are stealing from Native Americans -- Marilyn Bay Wentz
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Whew,' he said, 'I'm glad that's over, Thomas. I've been feeling awfully bad about it.' It was only too evident that he no longer did. -- Graham Greene
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Ray Leonard was more of a favorite than Thomas Hearns that night. -- Thomas Hearns
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I hate you, Tommy! -- James Dashner
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My real name was Thomas Jones Woodward, so I dropped the Woodward. -- Tom Jones
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I've got a theory," Thomas says, "that there are some things in life we never feel ready for, that it's only by doing them that we become ready. -- Annabel Smith
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Hayes. Peter Hayes. -- Veronica Roth
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My father died last year," Thomas said. "I still look for him in crowds. -- Jodi Picoult
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Die slowly, Tom. -- S.j. Kincaid
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They're making me call myself Charles."

Thomas shook his head. "Well, that's lame. We're going to call you Chuck. -- James Dashner
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Legacy Damian Green -- Damian Green
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I didn't think it would be possible, but it appears Isiah Thomas is a worse general manager than coach ... -- Mark Boyle
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[On Thomas Seymour's death:] This day died a man of much wit and very little judgment. -- Elizabeth I
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You've seen what I can do," Thomas replied, trying to sound as dangerous as he felt. "You've watched me in the Maze and the Scorch." He almost wanted to laugh at the irony. They had made him into a killer ... to save people? -- James Dashner
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Sir Thomas saw repeated, and for ever repeated reason to rejoice in what he had done for them all, and acknowledge the advantages of early hardship and discipline, and the consciousness of being born to struggle and endure. -- Jane Austen