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Thousands, millions of people are born every day, but never again will the world see your like !
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Counting one thousand gifts means counting the hard things - otherwise I've miscounted.
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Untold millions are still untold.
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What is a thousand years? Time is short for one who thinks, endless for one who yearns.
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One man or woman called of God is worth a hundred who have elected to work for God.
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The many become one and are increased by one.
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There are thousands willing to do great things for one willing to do a small thing.
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Three thousand bodies swing forward, three thousand pairs of boots snap together, three thousand backs jerk as if yanked straight by a puppeteer's hand. In the ensuing silence, you could hear a tear drop.
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With '10,000,' our aim was to make a film that was entertaining and a roller-coaster ride; it is what it is. It's an adventure film.
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103 and the even more basic 2 and 515. So, 1030. A thousand and thirty. A mistake. Maybe. Or, maybe not a mistake. Reacher took fifty dollars from the machine and dug in his pocket for change and went in
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When you play this game twenty years, go to bat ten-thousand times, and get three-thousand hits, do you know what that means? You've gone zero for seven-thousand.
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We lost one child and we gained ten thousand children.
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Number is different from quantity.
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I never knew the word 'billion' when I was a kid.
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Hundreds can talk for one who can think, but thousands can think for one who can see.
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You are not one you are a Thousand. Just Light your Lantern.
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A hundred more you can read, a thousand more that I can read.
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... where there's one there's ten.'
That's crazy math.
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A journey of a thousand miles starts with just ten digits.
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If this man had not twelve thousand a year, he would be a very stupid fellow.
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Every gift you give, will multiply a hundred-fold.
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A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking about real money.
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Well take care of the counting.
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I killed one man to save 100,000,
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I do not have 3,000 pairs of shoes, I have 1,060.
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To know ten thousand things, know one well
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You live a thousand lives when you read a thousand books.
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But my apology was a thousand apologies.
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Our Bollywood stars who talk of being part of 100 crore films, I think I belong to the 1,000 crore club.
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On Wall Street he and a few others - how many? three hundred, four hundred, five hundred? had become precisely that ... Masters of the Universe.
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0 Lord, Thy will, not mine, be done.
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I was only kidding about the hundred," she says.
oh," I say, "what will it cost me?"
she lights her cigarette with
my lighter and looks at me
through the flame:
her eyes tell me.
look," I say, "I don't think I
can ever pay that price again.
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We are many. Our number is greater than the stars. We are more than infinity.
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You can't keep counting forever
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Serve many fruitlessly, If one repay, Th' ingratitude of thousands 'twill outweigh.
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To me one man is worth ten thousand if he is first-rate.
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I saw few die of hunger; of eating, a hundred thousand.
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There are some hundred billion (1011) galaxies, each with, on the average, a hundred billion stars.
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I do not need a thousand souls, I only need one, which is my master's.
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A thousand laughing suns are in your eyes. A thousand crying stars in mine.
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Praise Allah, for by praise His blessings multiply.
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Consider God's love for you. Now double it. Now multiply that by 900 trillion. You're still not even close.
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You shall have thousands of gold pieces; - thousands of thousands - millions - mountains of gold: where will you keep them?
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Ain't nothing but 10 grand. What's 10 grand to me?
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Twelve thousand seven hundred and fifty-four dollars and three cents in coins, from six centuries.
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God may not allow you to touch thousands but He may allow you to touch one who will touch thousands.
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It is better to say one Our Father fervently and devoutly than a thousand with no devotion and full of distraction.
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And you are made of a hundred trillion cells. We are, each of us, a multitude.
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One little light can light 10,000
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There are a thousand no's for every yes.
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I say, asshole!" she snapped. To this, Tack strangely responded, "Fifty thousand." Naomi's body went still and, incidentally, so did mine. "For each," Tack finished. What?
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(comparatively) to so few!3 It used
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I was a young-un when I got my first million. Then I realized if I got one, I could get two. If I could get two, I could get ten. If I could get ten, I could get a hundred.
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To a mathematician the eleventh means only a single unit: to the bushman who cannot count further than his ten fingers it is an incalculable myriad.
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I mean, what's eleven million people now days?
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The way the Beloved can fit in my heart, two thousand lives could fit in this body of mine. One kernel could contain a thousand bushels, and a hundred worlds pass through the eye of the needle.
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I have made love to ten thousand women.
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10165Twelve people lievd under the Misbegot Bridge and in a life of luxury, although luxury is not hard to achieve when you define it as something to eat at least once a day and especially when you have such a broad definition of something to eat.
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Every reader can live One Thousand and One Lives; every fiction author can have One Thousand and One Masks, and their talent can have One Thousand and One Facets.
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One is always greater than hundred because without one there is no hundred
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You realize how many times you have to wet your thumb when you're counting out a million?"
"You're shitting me. They must have a machine or something."
"Right. A machine that wets their thumbs.
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What? You seek something? You wish to multiply yourself tenfold, a hundredfold? You seek followers? Seek zeros!
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you are my joy. You are worth tens of thousands.
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Ten thousand times the web could be destroyed, and ten thousand times the spider would rebuild it. There was neither annoyance nor despair, nor any delight, just as it had been for a billion years.
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The journey with a 1000 miles begins with one step.
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An hour of your life is worth more than a thousand people to me.
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I don't know if there was even a hundred million dollars in the whole country!
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Quantity brings recognition and accolades
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Now me," said Mr. Vandemar.
"What number am I thinking of?"
"I beg your pardon?"
"What number am I thinking of?" repeated Mr. Vandemar. "It's between one and a lot," he added, helpfully.
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Initially we performed in halls with capacities of 1,000.
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Let one thousand flowers bloom.
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Only one fellow in ten thousand understands the currency question, and we meet him every day.
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If we had helped a hundred children it would have all been worthwhile.
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A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.
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What are eight million dollars compared to the love of eight million Cubans?
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It's like eight thousand birds, Charles! Charles! Isn't it like eight thousand birds?
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Millions do not always add up to what a man needs out of life.
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One is too small a number to achieve greatness.
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One hundred artists introduce us to one hundred worlds.
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Zero is the number people often feel, more so than one.
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I believe it's true that one person can make a difference. But how much more difference 100 people make, or rather 99.
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If a thing loves, it is infinite.
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Only another twenty thousand or so days of this to go.
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One mind is enough for a thousand hands.
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The first thousand are the hardest.
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After a certain point is reached the numbers cease to matter, and all that remains is the faceless mass of a crowd.
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A thousand moments that I had just taken for granted- mostly because I had assumed that there would be a thousand more.
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We have built tens of thousands of schools, clinics and rural roads.
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But it says here,' said Ridcully, 'that you are a finest swordsman,' 'I was outnumbered.' 'How many of them were there?' 'Three million.
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Zero is only one less then one but what a difference.
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More than 200,000 kids have had their lives transformed by ARK. I use that word properly.
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You will experience 100 transformative moments every year.
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If everybody who was in the Forbes 400 said they were going to create 10,000 jobs, by my mathematics, that would be 4 million jobs.
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A thousand plastic flowers don't make a desert bloom. A thousand empty faces don't fill an empty room.
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People say, "Do you know how much a million dollars is?" I don't have a clue. How many Big Macs will it buy me?
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If you are a musician,
sing to one as if you were singing to a million.
If you are a dancer,
dance to one as if you were dancing to a million.
If you are a performer,
perform to one as if you were performing to a million.
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I have a billion dollars
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A thousand thoughts ran through my mind. Well, at least six or seven, anyway, because a thousand thoughts are a lot. Try counting your own thoughts and see how long it takes you to get to a thousand.
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A billion saved is a billion earned.
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Every particle of the world is a mirror. In each atom blazes forth the light of a thousand suns. Open the heart of a raindrop and you will find a hundred oceans. In a grain of sand lies the seed of a thousand beings.