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Someday is not a day of the week. -- Janet Dailey
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Tomorrow comes after the dark -- Tupac Shakur
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Whatever happens tomorrow, we've had today. -- David Nicholls
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Tomorrow never comes but let us always hope that tomorrow comes tomorrow. -- Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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Tomorrow is a memory best forgotten. -- Harley King
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Tomorrow never comes. Do today what you will. -- Keri L. Sparks
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Tomorrow will be better.' It was already tomorrow. -- Barry England
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Your tomorrow depends entirely on what you do today. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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tomorrow's gone-we'll have tonight! -- Dorothy Parker
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Today will die tomorrow. -- Algernon Charles Swinburne
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Tomorrow exists even though I may not exist in it. -- Jamaica Kincaid
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Today is the tomorrow I was worried about yesterday. -- Anthony Hopkins
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Tomorrow will be too late, it's now or never ... -- Elvis Presley
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No one knows how many tomorrows they have. That's what makes it all so precious. -- Leylah Attar
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Tomorrow. He watched the flames and smiled. Tomorrow I'll see. All things come tomorrow. -- Gary Paulsen
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Is it later yet? -- Jennifer E. Smith
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Why tomorrow when there is today? -- Connor Franta
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The meaning of today will not be clear until tomorrow. -- Mason Cooley
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Every tomorrow has two handles. You can take hold of the handle of anxiety or the handle of enthusiasm. Upon your choice so will be the day. -- Brian Tracy
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Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. -- Kirby Puckett
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When tomorrow comes, think tomorrow's thoughts. -- Idries Shah
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I had today so what does tomorrow matter! -- Stephen Richards
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Choose between yesterday and tomorrow. -- Paul Newman
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Tomorrow is promissed to no one. We can not waste today. -- Kirsten Beyer
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someday is not a day of a week -- Anonymous
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Today exists between yesterday and tomorrow. -- Catherine Gilbert Murdock
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Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming -- David Bowie
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Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may be for us and it may not. -- Della Reese
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There is no tomorrow. There is only a planet turning on its axis, and a creature given to optimistic fancies. -- Robert Breault
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Have we been guilty of declaring, 'I've been thinking about making some course corrections in my life. I plan to take the first step - tomorrow'? With such thinking, tomorrow is forever. Such tomorrows rarely come unless we do something about them today. -- Thomas S. Monson
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Tomorrow isn't promised to any of us. -- Kirby Puckett
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It's all now you see: tomorrow began yesterday and yesterday won't be over until tomorrow. -- William Faulkner
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Our little force will march on tomorrow or the day after. -- Peter Stuyvesant
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You can put things off until tomorrow but tomorrow may never come. -- Gloria Estefan
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Pessimism drops the curtain on tomorrow. -- Robert H. Schuller
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Wait for tomorrow
To think tomorrow's thoughts. -- Sri Chinmoy
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Who knows whether the gods will add tomorrow to the present hour? -- Horace
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I'll worry about tomorrow tomorrow. -- Soseki Natsume
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Tomorrow is Monday so it must be the weekend -- Cat Patrick
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There is a budding tomorrow in midnight. -- John Keats
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Tomorrow can be a wonderful age. -- Walt Disney
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Never put off till tomorrow the fun you can have today. -- Aldous Huxley
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If you are going to do something, do it now. Tomorrow is too late. -- Pete Goss
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This being the final say, tomorrow is thought about.
The what of tomorrow, the who? The maybe, the if.
Should it never come, none, no one but those left would know, know it so. -- Rosca Marx
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All your tomorrows start here. -- Neil Gaiman
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Someday", you said you'd do it yesterday; Yesterday, you said you'll do it today. Today, if you push it to tomorrow, it's likely tomorrow, you'll shift it to "Someday"! Do it now! -- Israelmore Ayivor
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Make it happen today! -- Stephen Richards
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Tomorrow changes the face of reality. -- Philip Jose Farmer
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Tomorrow is busy worrying about itself; don't get tangled up in its worry-webs. Trust Me one day at a time. -- Sarah Young
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Tomorrow will be a new day. -- Miguel De Cervantes
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Tomorrow never really comes, so todays performance is what really counts. -- Bill Sharman
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I am tomorrow, or some future day, what I establish today. I am today what I established yesterday or some previous day. -- James Joyce
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If you don't know what tomorrow holds, you need to know who holds tomorrow! -- Jesse Jackson
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Tomorrow is always a better day. -- Pradeepa Pandiyan
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Don't waste tomorrow on yesterday. -- Orrin Woodward
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Tomorrow is but a metaphor to a door that may never open. -- Colette Parrino
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Tomorrows only exist in the minds of dreamers and losers. -- Robert Kiyosaki
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And what will I be able to do tomorrow that I cannot yet do today? -- Elizabeth Gilbert
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Try to sleep. Tomorrow's coming, whether we worry about it or not. -- Veronica Rossi
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Tomorrow or the next life - which comes first, we never know. -- Sogyal Rinpoche
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Monday morning, as Wally -- John Grisham
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The whole thing is quite hopeless, so it's no good worrying about tomorrow. It probably won't come. -- J.r.r. Tolkien
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Today. This bright new day that awaits us -- David Nicholls
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Tomorrow is for losers and dreamers -- Robert Kiyosaki
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If not now then when? Oh I can always do it tomorrow. Unfortunately there is no lifetime of tomorrows. -- Joe Sacco
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Light tomorrow with today. -- Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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Don't put off till tomorrow anyone you could be doing today. -- Emma Chase
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Never wait for tomorrow, what if tomorrow never comes? -- Elvis Presley
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Within today, tomorrow is already walking. -- Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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I've heard of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. But I've never heard of Someday. -- Reverend Ike
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Stop putting off today madam; you'll find that all those forgotten tomorrows have piled up into a bunch of old yesterdays. -- Georg
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There doesn't seem to be any tomorrow. Every time I wake up, no matter in what position, it's always been today. -- Bob Dylan
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Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It's perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we've learned something from yesterday. -- John Wayne
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Tomorrow, I will like you even more. -- Suu Morishita
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Tomorrow is a thief of pleasure. -- Rex Harrison
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What happens tomorrow is going to happen tomorrow. -- Kathleen Hanna
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Anytime we say tomorrow, we reduce our number of times to say tomorrow! Mind your time! -- Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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Tomorrow: An illusion of time that really doesn't exist -- Ojo Michael E.
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Tomorrow is not an option, and yesterday was too late. -- Douglas Harvey
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Never worry about tomorrow, Charlie Brown. Tomorrow will soon be today, and before you know it, today will be yesterday! I always worry about the day after tomorrow! -- Charles M. Schulz
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Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives. -- Terry Pratchett
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Tomorrow is only found in the calendar of fools. -- Og Mandino
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Today is plenty; right now is enough. Tomorrow will come in good time. Until it does, live the depth of now. -- Ralph Marston
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I ought to get some shut-eye. All this thinking isn't doing me any good. Something good might happen tomorrow, anyway. Today's over now. I can't do anything about that. Tomorrow's what's important now. What will I do tomorrow? -- Ao Jyumonji
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Tomorrow, may I have your yesterday? -- Benjamin H. Bratton
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I'm not worried about tomorrow, because God is there already, waiting for me. -- Paulo Coelho
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We do not know when he is coming. He is coming tomorrow. -- Eugene Ormandy
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Never put off for tomorrow what is meant for today ... tomorrow may never come. -- C.j. Candel
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I, I am the day after tomorrow. -- Ayn Rand
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Worry about today, and tomorrow when it becomes today. -- Nicholas Miller
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I'm avoiding tomorrow, by spending more time in today. -- Ellie Elisabeth
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Tomorrow will use you the way you use today. -- Crimethinc.
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Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today; and I'll always remember it -- David Nicholls
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Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow. -- Mark Twain
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Today is today and tomorrow may come late this year. -- Natalie Savage Carlson
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Tomorrow is another opportunity to improve yourself -- Scott A. Reighard
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Thursday! It can't be! It's too gruesome! -- Holly Golightly
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Tomorrow is the day when idlers work, and fools reform. -- Edward Young
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The future is a concept, it doesn't exist. There is no such thing as tomorrow. There never will be, because time is always now. That's one of the things we discover when we stop talking to ourselves and stop thinking. We find there is only present, only an eternal now. -- Alan Watts
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Tomorrow is promised to no one so live your life fully everyday. -- Therese Crutcher-Marin