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A nervous silence loosens tongues -- Jacqueline Carey
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My love, I fear the silence of your hands. -- Mahmoud Darwish
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To him who is afraid, everything rustles. -- Sophocles
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The devil will tremble when you pray. -- Billy Graham
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The tension is making him practically vibrate. -- Bethany Griffin
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Sink every impulse like a bolt. Secure
The bastion of sensation. Do not waver
Into language. Do not waver in it. -- Seamus Heaney
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tremble. "Anyway, he starts following -- Richard Price
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We tremble at the feelings we experience as our sense of wholeness is reorganized by what we see. -- Emmet Gowin
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To the person who is afraid, everything rustles. -- Sophocles
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What have we in common with the rosebud, which trembles because a drop of dew is lying upon it? -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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Thou tremblest before anticipated ills, and still bemoanest what thou never losest. -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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She trembles when she thinks of everything her quilrs must know about her -- Amanda Lee
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As he slipped the lock into place again he realized his hand was trembling. He held up his shaky fingers where he could see them better and wondered at the equally weak flutter in his chest.

Hope was a dangerous, disquieting thing, but he thought perhaps he liked it. -- Nora Sakavic
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Tremble not before the free man, but before the slave who has chains to break. -- Margaret Fuller
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Perhaps on some quiet night the tremor of far-off drums, sinking, swelling, a tremor vast, faint; a sound weird, appealing, suggestive and wild - and perhaps with as profound a meaning as the sound of bells in a Christian country. -- Joseph Conrad
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Fear hurries on my tongue through want of courage. -- Aeschylus
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We wait, and we rise; we move, and the earth trembles. -- Max Gladstone
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I never feel I'm standing on solid ground, and I do write with a certain kind of trembling fear. -- Paul Auster
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Do it trembling if you must, but do it! -- Emmet Fox
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Hee stands not surely, that never slips. -- George Herbert
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Shaking's one of the oldest practices known to man. Standing round a fire and connecting with the Earth and moving energy through the body because it's where a lot of our stuff can get trapped. -- Jerome Flynn
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I used to tremble from nerves so badly that the only way I could hold my head steady was to lower my chin practically to my chest and look up at Bogie. That was the beginning of The Look. -- Lauren Bacall
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Nothing is so certain as that which is certain after doubts. Shaking settles and roots. -- Richard Sibbes
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A shiver I've never felt. -- David Levithan
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Stow your twitchy palm! -- E.l. James
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When you look at the stars, you should tremble - only dullards have become callous to this frisson ... -- John Geddes
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His whole body shakes with the strain as he tries to lift something he knows he can't lift, something everybody knows he can't lift.
But, for just a second, when we hear the cement grind at our feet, we think, by golly, he might do it. -- Ken Kesey
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Little animal that I am, sucking my flanks in and out with fear, I stand here, palpitating, trembling. But I will not be afraid. I will bring the whip down on my flanks. I am not a whimpering little animal making for the shadow. -- Virginia Woolf
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Speak your mind, even though your voice shakes. -- Maggie Kuhn
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To tremble before anticipated evils is to bemoan what thou hast never lost. -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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All trembling, I reached the Falls of Niagara, and oh, what a scene! My blood shudders still, although I am not a coward, at the grandeur of the Creator's power; and I gazed motionless on this new display of the irresistible force of one of His elements. -- John James Audubon
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Therefore tremble, O man, at any power thou hast, except thou usest it for God. Art thou strong in body; who hath thy strength? God, or thy lusts? -- William Gurnall
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I strike the ground with the soles of my feet and life rises up my legs, spreads up my skeleton, takes possession of me, drives away distress and sweetens my memory. The world trembles. -- Isabel Allende
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The hands of the guilty don't necessarily tremble; only in stories does a dropped glass betray agitation. Tension is more often shown in the studied action. -- Graham Greene
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Hungry wailing standeth not aloof. -- Aeschylus
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When you're gripped by anxiety, worry, insomnia, or panic, make yourself shiver, quiver, tremble, and shudder. It seems silly, but it really works. -- Jude Bijou
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On this thin, scarcely real and yet so perceptible sensation the whole world hung as on a faintly trembling axis, and this in turn rested on the two people in the room. -- Robert Musil
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house feels like it's shaking, too, the -- Paula Hawkins
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On the verge of a decision we all tremble: hope pauses with fluttering wings. -- George Eliot
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He raised his bony fingers as if to touch me and I steeled myself not to flinch as his hand, still smoldering, neared my face.
He rattled and spoke his last words. Worth ... the ... fall. -- Gwen Hayes
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Dost thou
Not feel them slip,
How cold! how cold! the moon's
Thin wavering finger-tips, along
Thy throat? -- Adelaide Crapsey
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Miss Steele, I do believe you're making my palm twitch. -- E.l. James
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To him who is in fear everything rustles. -- Sophocles
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When you're fearful, you stumble. -- Jenna Jameson
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At first, He shook us very tenderly but now His shaking has become violent, because He has not succeeded in awakening us ... God is going to shake everything in sight so that He is revealed as the only unshakable power! -- David Wilkerson
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For some days, people thought that India was shaking. But there are always tremors when a great tree falls. -- Rajiv Gandhi
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Friends? Ha! Who was she kidding? Friends didn't tremble just because -- Milly Taiden
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Lady, if you laugh and you don't make a noise, you're a shaker, and it's freaking me out. -- Christopher Titus
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In your trembling touch of love, I lost my past, present, and future. -- Debasish Mridha
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Suddenly, a high-pitched sound blasted into the room. The floor began shaking beneath her feet. She paused for a moment, wondering if she was causing this. -- Anne-Rae Vasquez
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You are mentally trembling in the midst of the unknown, -- Andrew Rosenheim
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She was the trembler of knees, the spiller of teacups. -- Khaled Hosseini
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The dancer's trembling heart must bring everything into harmony, from the tips of her shoes to the flutter of her eyelashes, from the ruffles of her dress to the incessant play of her fingers. -- Federico Garcia Lorca
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Don't shake ... unless you're ready to get shook! -- K.michelle
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You would think such a day would tremble to begin ... -- Thomas Harris
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Speak your mind even if your voice shakes. -- Maggie Kuhn
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We tremble on the cusp of half-remembered prophecies, of wonders and terrors that no man now living could hope to comprehend -- George R R Martin
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When you put your feet on the floor every morning, Hell should shake! -- Joyce Meyer
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Oh, I'm bowed, but unbroken. -- Julie Anne Long
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Thaddeus Aid is on shakey ground. -- George Orwell
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You lethargic, waiting upon me,
waiting for the fire and I
attendant upon you, shaken by your beauty
Shaken by your beauty
Shaken. -- William Carlos Williams
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a word is found so right it trembles
at the slightest explanation. -- Rita Dove
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There is a vibrational effect in every action, just as there is vibration that rings from every letter in every word. -- Suzy Kassem
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There will be sway. -- Lori Lansens
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My hands twitch as they tremble and every nerve and muscle in my body is frozen - numb. -- J. Kahele
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I am standing on the threshold of another trembling world. May God have mercy on my soul. -- Bobby Sands
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When a big tree falls, the ground shakes -- Rajiv Gandhi
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There is a crack in my soul, and I can hear it trembling, quivering, stirring deep inside me. -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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The more I reflect on the graces I have received, the more they astonish me and make me tremble. -- Rose Philippine Duchesne
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And the dancing has begun now, And the Dancings whirl round gaily In the waltz's giddy mazes, And the ground beneath them trembles. -- Heinrich Heine
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In a gentle way, you can shake the world. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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How can I stand before you in silent symbols with open palms? -- Cameron Conaway
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She tried, and failed, to stop herself from shaking. -- Stephen Lloyd Jones
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No fear; I like a good grip; I like to feel something in this slippery world that can hold, man. -- Herman Melville
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As long as I do not give in to tension,
I hold on to tension.
P.C.M. Hermans
Worldpoet 546
August 18, 2016 -- Petra Hermans
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We move in spasms. -- Tom Piccirilli
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Let my notes, like the most sensitive seismograph, record the curve of even the most insignificant vibrations of my brain: for it is precisely such vibrations that are sometimes the forewarning of... -- Yevgeny Zamyatin
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Eros seizes and shakes my very soul like the wind on the mountain
shaking ancient oaks. -- Sappho
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O that my tongue were in the thunder's mouth! Then with passion would I shake the world, And rouse from sleep that fell anatomy Which cannot hear a lady's feeble voice, Which scorns a modern invocation. -- William Shakespeare
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In my country, when we think about the future, we shake. -- Victor Robert Lee
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Oh! the suspense, the fearful, acute suspense, of standing idly by while the life of one we dearly love, is trembling in the balance! -- Charles Dickens
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Pull a thread in my story and feel the tremor half a world and two millenia away. -- Daniel Taylor
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Something terrible happened and people began to shake. It was the reminder that frightened them; the reminder of just how close to the edge we are in life, always, at every moment. -- Alexander Mccall Smith
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Everything in life is vibration. -- Albert Einstein
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When I glanced at the chair, it started to shake. I'd like to think it was scared of me, but I rarely invoked that response in living things, let alone inanimate objects. -- Kelley Armstrong
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Love is quivering happiness. -- Kahlil Gibran
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She had spoken it; but she trembled when it was done, conscious that her words were listened to, and daring not even to try to observe their effect. -- Jane Austen
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One's whole being vibrates like strings brushed by an invisible wind. -- Peter Russell
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No woman has made me quiver before, but she does. -- Kyra Davis
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You know that thing about Death Be Not Proud? Well, Fear Be Not Proud either. And Fear Be Not Elegant. What Fear be is stumbling, bumbling flight, crashing through brush, slip-sliding on pine needles, sloshing through puddles that are always deeper than you expect. -- Josh Lanyon
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Ay, to the proof, as mountains are for winds, that shakes not, though they blow perpetually. -- William Shakespeare
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She thought of Aziza's stutter, and of what Aziza had said earlier about fractures and powerful collisions deep down and how sometimes all we see on the surface is a slight tremor. -- Khaled Hosseini
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Would that thy love, beloved, had less trust in me, that it might be more anxious! -- Heloise D'argenteuil
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For she doth make my veins and pulses tremble. -- Dante Alighieri
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I have never once feared the devil, but I tremble every time I enter the pulpit. -- John Knox
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Back in my rummy days, I would tremble and shake for hours upon arising. It was the only exercise I got. -- W.c. Fields
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I flinched when his hands lifted, although it was more of a reaction to everything that had been happening to me, not necessarily because he was Death. He stilled. "You're sad," he said. "Let me help you."
"There isn't anything you can do."
"I can comfort you. -- H.d. Smith
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Don't stand in the hallway trembling; join the dance. -- Marty Rubin
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Courage is fear on its knees. -- Beverly Lewis
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He gave a sudden shake as if he couldn't stand to feel his life still holding on to him. -- Sarah Porter