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FIRST DIP, THIRD NIP We went out on the lake and, after his first dip in the water, I noticed the mole on his chest had reacted to the cold. Triple nipple is a deal breaker. - Jillian -- Robert K. Elder
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What a precious triple donkey I had made of myself! -- Robert W. Chambers
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I have three-putted in 40 countries. -- Fred Corcoran
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But when I did it (the triple-double), I didn't even know it until someone told me. -- Oscar Robertson
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That boy may have been born on third base but he sure as shit ain't scored a triple. -- Sarah Hall
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What has three eyes,
three nipples and two assholes? -- Kurt Vonnegut
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There are certain things in which we so rarely meet with our double that it seems a miracle when that chance befalls. -- Charlotte Bronte
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I definitely have two Olympics in me; I don't know about three Olympics. -- Gracie Gold
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3 3 3. Only half evil. -- Cheyenne Mccray
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Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action -- Ian Fleming
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Can I count this is as a second or nat... as 2 but as 3 life!? -- Deyth Banger
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Once lucky, twice confident, and thrice dead. -- Terry Goodkind
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You've got to S-M-I-L-E
To be H-A-Double-P-Y -- Shirley Temple Black
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In case nobody told you three, nobody -- Ralph Cotton
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Does bad luck come in 3's...or is it multiples of 3? -- Tara Ford
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There's nobody else that can double me - except for a doll. -- Verne Troyer
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Ask for two, and they give you the third free. -- John D. Macdonald
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Four! I call out. Why am I calling a number? Oh yes. Because that's his name. - Tris. -- Veronica Roth
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A well-aimed spear is worth three. -- Tad Williams
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A love triangle is a threesome delayed. -- Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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I'm a trisexual. I'll try anything once. -- Kim Cattrall
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What do you call a rifle with three barrels?
A trifle. -- Joseph Rosenbloom
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It can just one & once! -- Vishaal
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On the same day, two murders. -- Jean Zimmerman
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I always wanted to make a three-record set. 'Sign o' the Times' was originally supposed to be a triple album, but it ended up as a double. -- Prince
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Double crap on a cracker the size of my butt -- Jennifer L. Armentrout
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I'm drinking doubles now that you're running around single again. -- Willie Nelson
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One dupe is as impossible as one twin. -- John Sterling
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Coincidence doesn't happen a third time. -- Osamu Tezuka
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Six, one half dozen or the other ... -- David Dweck
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To adequately remember something, we'll need to input it three times, in a specific interval. -- George Hutton
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I once ate McDonald's three times in one day. -- Christina Ricci
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Born on third base and think they hit a triple, -- Jennifer Weiner
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In writing and speaking, three is more satisfying than any other number. -- Carmine Gallo
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Never in all my wildest dreams did I take you for a foursome. With triplets, no less! -- M. Leighton
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Nearly everything in life goes in threes and fours. -- Ninette De Valois
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A lot of guys like to fantasize about having sex with 2 girls at the same time ... I like to fantasize about having sex with the same girl twice, thank you. -- Mark Hoppus
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Two for vengeance. One for love. -- John Gwynne
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I couldn't find a decent threesome guidebook at the library, so I started scouring the Internet, reading biographies, and asking lots of people lots of questions. As it turns out, America is full of trisexuals eager to tell their stories. -- Victoria Vantoch
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One. Two. Three. Blink. -- Jessica Brody
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tsxutc972778 -- Shriya
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I wouldn't mind seeing someone erase my record of hitting into four triple plays. -- Brooks Robinson
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Even though two and two might look like four, it could be three or five. -- Kevin Keegan
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This little thing" making a triangle between the three-"ain't gonna fly -- Wendy Higgins
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It now seems very likely that many of the 64 triplets, possibly most of them, may code one amino acid or another, and that in general several distinct triplets may code one amino acid. -- Francis Crick
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A trifle can be enough when luck is on your side. -- Margi Preus
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Then a gun goes off. Once, twice. Three times. -- Veronica Roth
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Once for Adam.
Once for Warner. -- Tahereh Mafi
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By the power of the Tri-Force, I command you to
-- Prashna Bari
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killed you three times already. -- James Dashner
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Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble! -- William Shakespeare
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Apparently two, but one in soul, you and I ... -- Rumi
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Three is the number of those who do holy work;
Two is the number of those who do lover's work;
One is the number of those who do perfect evil
Or perfect good. -- Clive Barker
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A three-pint problem -- Melvyn Small
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All four once more together. -- Alexandre Dumas
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I said it three times actually. -- Edward Heath
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There is an old legend that somewhere in the world every man has his double. -- Graham Greene
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On three. Ready?"
Closing my eyes I take a deep breath as he squeezes my hand in time to his counting.
I open my eyes on the third
and final squeeze.
And then we jump -- Erin L. Schneider
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I have the power to multiply
Like all women, I am more than one -- Neil Mach
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It is quite a three-pipe problem. -- Arthur Conan Doyle
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Praise Allah, for by praise His blessings multiply. -- Umar
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I'm not trying to be the triple threat guy. I'm still working on this one threat; acting. -- John Krasinski
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It would appear that the number of nonsense triplets is rather low, since we only occasionally come across them. However this conclusion is less secure than our other deductions about the general nature of the genetic code. -- Francis Crick
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Expert: a man who makes three correct guesses consecutively. -- Laurence J. Peter
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3. Here's a gift, I love you. -- Seth Godin
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I hear it said of somebody that he is leading a double life. I think to myself: Just two? -- Leon Wieseltier
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If you see Two in One - I only see One in Two -- Rumi
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We had a threesome
You, me and my depression
Depression fucks hard -- Benedict Smith
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I love double cheeseburgers. -- Alyssa Sutherland
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In God's dimension, so to speak, you find a being who is three Persons while remaining one Being, just as a cube is six squares while remaining one cube. -- C.s. Lewis
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Make three wishes and they shall all come true. Make three hundred and I will honour every one -- Jeanette Winterson
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Why don't you pair'em up in threes? -- Yogi Berra
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Kaylee, you're adding two and two and coming up with seven. -- Rachel Vincent
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We've got to learn how to stay out of triple plays. -- Casey Stengel
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The most important thing to remember is that a duplex's properties are stretchable but they aren't infinite. One minute the opening will be right there in front of you, and the next minute you won't even know where it went. -- Kathryn Davis
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Three's all you need to change the world. Look at the Bolsheviks, or the Jimi Hendrix Experience. -- Garth Risk Hallberg
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So many have the same premise: once upon a time, there were three. Three of something: three pigs, three bears, three brothers, three soldiers, three billy goats. Three princesses. -- E. Lockhart
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Threesomes call us to confront jealousy, insecurity, fear of rejection, and a host of of other dark seeds inside ourselves. Three-ways can be huge growth experiences that encourage us to drop our insecurities and discover how wholly lovable we really are. -- Victoria Vantoch
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Is it two? Three? Leave a good tip, Imma blow all my money and don't give two shits. -- Nicki Minaj
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Superman told me ... that we needed to make a double ... type of record ... and so I answered: 'Okay, Superman. We will make ... a double type of record but it won't be a double album because ... Batman ... didn't want a double album' -- Daron Malakian
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I am in here. Three -- David Foster Wallace
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Number Of Servings: 2 Total -- Jean Lilith Flowers
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The Trinity: One in Three, Three in One".

~R. Alan Woods [1999] -- R. Alan Woods
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fkfkva986793 -- Shriya
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Maybe one is enough -- Swati Avasthi
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three-legged stool -- John Henry Clarke
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It's just six of one and half-a-dozen of the other. -- Frederick Marryat
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Third time is the charm -- Fall Out Boy
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Three thousand pounds -- Charlie Gallagher
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One, two, ... five!"
"Three, my lord. -- Graham Chapman
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Make three correct guesses consecutively and you will establish a reputation as an expert. -- Laurence J. Peter
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Well damn, I guess I've had a few threesomes and foursomes too. However, I don't really think that having Ben and Jerry ice cream and umm...BOB, your battery operated boyfriend, constitute as a real threesome or foursome. -- Dee Dinh
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Three years after my birth, my mother swells again. When Lanka is born and brought home, Shiva and I gaze over the edge of the bassinet at this strange, alien creature and claim her as our own. We are a threesome from then on. Joined at the hip. A pyramid. A triangle. -- Nayomi Munaweera
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Oh, and welcome to the Three. -- Erin Hunter
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The next hour was three hours long -- Raymond Chandler
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I've lived three lifetimes in my short time. -- Fran Drescher
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It takes two to be serious -- E. E. Cummings
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That's bad luck: three on a midget. From At The Circus -- Groucho Marx
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three men can keep a secret, but only if two of them are dead. -- Joanne Fluke
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One and everything's a mess, and one of my -- Danielle Steel