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Turkey has in interest in finding agreement on more permissive visa requirements, it wants to be recognized as a safe country of origin and it wants to finally return to constructive EU accession negotiations. We Europeans decide all of those things together. -- Martin Schulz
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Regardless of our ambitions to become part of the E.U., we have to keep in mind that Turkey is also a very strong voice that can represent the needs of our region in wider terms in global platforms. -- Igor Luksic
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Most people don't realize turkeys are friendly, they're social, they're loyal, they have emotions. -- Shannon Elizabeth
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That is one of the reasons why we advocate for good relations between the two countries. Turkey understands the needs of the region. -- Igor Luksic
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Another Country, -- Katharine Swartz
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In Turkey the religious minorities have more rights than they do in Europe. -- Recep Tayyip Erdogan
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In Turkey, the media wait for you outside. You go down to them, in tunnel, and sometimes, people are yelling and throwing things. They throw coins. I get hit in the head. Bleeding. There is blood. -- Mehmet Okur
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In Turkey, you're not allowed to be left alone in the hospital. The nurse teaches the family how to do things, and somebody is always there with the patient. -- Mehmet Oz
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I don't like this vision that Turkey is successful because it is as successful as the western powers in economic terms. But I do think they are trying to find a new space in the multi-polar world, and this is what I am advocating. I don't think that Muslims have an alternative model. -- Tariq Ramadan
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It is a fake, but a good fake. Turkey is the land of the masterful fake. But it is far far from that hateful little eighth-floor apartment huddling between the roar of the expressway and the blare of the mosque. -- Ian Mcdonald
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The easiest way to get into northern Iraq is through Turkey. -- Husnu Ozyegin
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Foreign journalists writing about Turkey like to focus on the most fundamental divide in Turkish society: the rift between religious conservatives and secularists. -- Mustafa Akyol
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Let me tell you something. Do you know why those Turkish girls cover their faces? You think it's because of religion? No. It's because otherwise no one can stand to look at them! -- Jeffrey Eugenides
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Istanbul is a vast place. There are very conservative neighbourhoods, there are places that are upper class, Westernised, consuming Western culture. -- Orhan Pamuk
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Watch out, brother. Turkish women end up going crazy. -- Naguib Mahfouz
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The discourse of the West and the attitudes of its leaders are important because they influence public debate in Turkey. -- Safak Pavey
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In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were exterminated. -- Joe Wurzelbacher
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I wish Europe would let Russia annihilate Turkey a little
not much, but enough to make it difficult to find the place again without a divining-rod or a diving-bell. -- Mark Twain
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You cannot transpose the U.S. system on Turkey, and the Turkish system on France etc. You have to understand the people and their culture. That's leadership. -- Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa
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Give Me a Turkish Army. I will Conquer world. -- Napoleon Bonaparte
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President Erdogan is aiming Turkey at a Sharia nation. That's where he wants to go. He is a Sharia law, full-fledged, one percent Islamist. -- Rush Limbaugh
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Turkey is doing an enormous amount in the refugee question, but it can't continue to pay for everything by itself. That is why we have to talk to Turkey about money. -- Martin Schulz
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Turkey, Japan do great work because they can keep under control their little personal selfishness, egoism, jealousy, etc. when they get down to work. -- Sri Aurobindo
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When I did the cover of 'Cosmo International,' Turkey picked it up and I got a lot of backlash for it. -- Khloe Kardashian
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The Turkish Government began and ruthlessly carried out the infamous massacre and deportation of Armenians in Asia Minor. The clearance of the race from Asia Minor was about as complete as such an act, on a scale so great, could well be. -- Winston Churchill
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People look at me as sort of a diplomat for Turkey, which by nature, I'm not; I don't want to be. It's again about that playfulness. Being Turkey's voice or representative is not playful, it's not childlike; it makes me self-conscious, kills the child in me. -- Orhan Pamuk
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[I]t seems that the Cannibals of Europe are going to eat one another again. A war between Russia and Turkey is like the battle of the kite and snake; whichever destroys the other, leaves a destroyer the less for the world. -- Thomas Jefferson
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I appreciate cooperation with Turkey on many issues. We are grateful for the support we receive for E.U. and NATO integration for Montenegro. -- Igor Luksic
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In a normal democracy, you protect the individual from the excessive power of the state. In Turkey, power elites try to protect the state - as if this state were fragile and needed protection - when in fact, it's too powerful already. -- Elif Safak
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I'm one of these people that if I have a nice holiday - like I have had in Turkey repeatedly - I go back a lot. -- Freema Agyeman
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Various Turkish people invaded southwest Asia during the Middle Ages and carved an empire for themselves from lands occupied by the indigenous Semitic and Indo-European inhabitants. -- John Shimkus
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Those truffled turkeys, of which the reputation and the price are still increasing, appear like beneficient stars, and make the eyes sparkle of all sorts of gourmands of every category, whilst their faces beam with delight and they themselves dance with pleasure. -- Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
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The whole Turkish empire is nothing else but a crust cast by Heaven's great Housekeeper to His dogs. -- Martin Luther
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Turkey has never been colonized, so it remained as an independent nation after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. -- Mustafa Akyol
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Do you know what the Turkish say about coffee? It should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love. -- Holly Black
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The struggle within Turkey that continues to this day is the legacy of Kemal Ataturk's radical reformation, -- Eric Bogosian
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Love iz a big fat turkey and every day iz thanksgiving -- Charles Bukowski
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Moving to Turkey was the turning point in my life. -- Tarkan
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In my opinion turkey is the most over-rated critter for eating purposes in kingdom come but the most striking example we have of the power of propaganda. -- Damon Runyon
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Oh by the way, man, don't ever mix turkey and Nyquil together ... it's nasty and it doesn't fuckin' work anyway. -- Jenn Cooksey
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Cooking turkey every year doesn't have to be monotonous - I want people to always mix it up using different spices and preparations. -- Marcus Samuelsson
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Turkey has worked alongside its allies from the beginning. -- Ahmet Davutoglu
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Devout Anatolian masses rising from poverty have transformed Turkey politically and economically. -- Pankaj Mishra
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I see two opposite tendencies in Turkish society: people feel demoralized, they lose the interest in politics and retreat to their private lives; or they become very angry and even more politicized, and radicalized. Both trends are troublesome. -- Elif Safak
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Turkeys are perfect for feeding larger gatherings. -- Pippa Middleton
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There is an attempt to tarnish Turkey by using press freedom when it is in fact measures taken against terrorism, i dispute this. Nowhere in Europe or in other countries is there a media that is as free as the press in Turkey. -- Recep Tayyip Erdogan
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Words are heavy in Turkey, and every writer, every poet and every journalist knows that, because of a word, because of a sentence, because of a tweet or even a retweet, you can be sued, you can be demonized by the media and you can even land in prison. -- Elif Safak
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Turkey's a NATO member. If Turkey gets attacked, we have to help defend Turkey. -- Wesley Clark
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The dramatic rise of Turkey in the councils of world power was one of the main geopolitical developments of 2010. -- Stephen Kinzer
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Northern Iraq has become, economically, a natural extension of Turkey. -- Ali Babacan
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Turkey has a very young, dynamic, curious population. In Europe, Facebook and Twitter are mostly about sharing daily experiences while for Turkish people, social networks are political platforms. -- Elif Safak
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The most important thing with turkey is to let it rest - most people don't let it rest long enough. It will get juicier the longer you let it rest. -- Wylie Dufresne
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The only thing I could think of was turkey neck and turkey gizzards and I felt very depressed. -- Sylvia Plath
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If one has problems with immigrant communities in Europe, that should not be used against Turkey. -- Martti Ahtisaari
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Turkey is not a part of Europe and will never be part of Europe ... The universal values which are in force in Europe, and which are fundamental values of Christianity, will lose vigor with the entry of a large Islamic country such as Turkey. -- Herman Van Rompuy
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There are two unknowns in the World. The Poles and the Turks! -- Albert Sorel
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There's been quite a clear upswing in nationalist sentiments. Everyone is talking about it, in Turkey as well. -- Orhan Pamuk
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It is very important that the world know that there have been 500 years of peaceful coexistence in Turkey between the Jews and Moslems. -- Ahmet Ertegun
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The most important problem that Turkey has is education. -- Husnu Ozyegin
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Turkey is fine, but if I don't have the sides, forget about it. And cornbread stuffing is at the center of my plate. I will have about six sides and then a little bit of turkey and gravy. -- Carla Hall
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We join Armenians around the world as we remember the terrible massacres suffered in 1915-1923 at the hands of the rulers of the Ottoman Empire. The United States responded to this crime against humanity by leading diplomatic and private relief efforts. -- George H. W. Bush
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We are convinced that Turkey would be a useful member of the European Union. -- Martti Ahtisaari
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THANKSGIVING DAY. Let us all give humble, hearty, and sincere thanks now, but the turkeys. In the island of Fiji they do not use turkeys; they use plumbers. It does not become you and me to sneer at Fiji. -- Mark Twain
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Istanbul is certainly in the process of transforming itself into an attractive cultural, tourist and financial center. But there are also millions of sad stories in this giant sea of immigration, poverty, misery and contradictions. So much anger, frustration and fury. -- Orhan Pamuk
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That's the word, Turkey," said I - "that's it." "Oh, prefer? oh yes - queer word. I never use it myself. But, sir, as I was saying, if he would but prefer - " "Turkey," interrupted I, "you will please withdraw." "Oh certainly, sir, if you prefer that I should. -- Herman Melville
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I still don't have a turkey, Mason. It slid across the floor of the Piggly Wiggly and knocked over a tower of canned sweet potatoes. -- Denise Grover Swank
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Don't they put aunts in Turkey in sacks and drop them in the Bosphorus?' 'Odalisques, sir, I understand. Not aunts. -- P.g. Wodehouse
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Turkey must find its place if, of course, it can heal its internal sores, and none is more malignant than the perennial Kurdish issue. -- Noam Chomsky
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I am proud to be a Turk, and to write in Turkish about Turkey - and to have been translated into about 40 languages. But I don't want to politicize things by dramatizing them. -- Orhan Pamuk
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Turkeys know their names, come when you call, and are totally affectionate. They're better than teenagers. -- Elayne Boosler
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Whether you go to Turkey or Mexico, China or Australia, find time to involve yourself with the people you're dealing with. -- Brigitte Nielsen
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I suppose if I went to Turkey - I mean, I can't imagine going that far away, but if I did go to Turkey, yes, I would probably try to know 'please' and 'sorry' and 'thank you', and 'a beer please', and all the useful words. -- Robert Webb
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Istanbul, a universal beauty where poet and archeologist, diplomat and merchant, princess and sailor, northerner and westerner screams with same admiration. The whole world thinks that this city is the most beautiful place on earth. -- Edmondo De Amicis
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You know how to make turkey? How would you have learnt that?" From what I knew, most dhampirs stayed nearly year-round at their schools from an early age. Not a lot of culinary time.
"Hey," he said, straight-faced. "All knowledge is worth having."
Jill laughed. "He wouldn't tell me either. -- Richelle Mead
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Without Ataturk's vision, without his ambition and energy, without his astonishing boldness in sweeping away traditions accumulated over centuries, today's Turkey would not exist, and the world would be much poorer. -- Stephen Kinzer
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I found there a country with thirty-two religions and only one sauce. -- Charles Maurice De Talleyrand
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I hate turkeys. If you stand in the meat section at the grocery store long enough, you start to get mad at turkeys. There's turkey ham, turkey bologna, turkey pastrami. Some one needs to tell the turkey, 'man, just be yourself.' -- Mitch Hedberg
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That country whose people are autumn people, thinking only autumn thoughts. -- Ray Bradbury
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For decades, Turkey was widely viewed as a reliable NATO ally: prickly at times, but safely in America's corner. -- Stephen Kinzer
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A journey of four hundred and thirty miles can be made in any part of the United States, but in Turkey it takes as many days. -- Ellsworth Huntington
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At this time to refuse or neglect to give coffee to their wives was a legitimate cause for divorce among the Turks." William H. Ukers (1873-1945). -- Stewart Lee Allen
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Ataturk sent several Turkish staff officers to Afghanistan, helped them build their own army. -- Bulent Ecevit
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The Turks ... the Saudis, the Emiratis, etc. What were they doing? -- Joe Biden
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Today Syria, tomorrow your country. -- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
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When Joan D' Arc was asked by her judges why as a Christian she did not love the British, she answered that she did love them, but she loved British in their country. In the same way, we do not hate the Turks, we love them, but in their country. -- Jean-Marie Le Pen
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Okay Libya ... got all this stuff twirling around in my head -- Herman Cain
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The key to Turkey's success has been its ability to reinvent itself as times change. -- Stephen Kinzer
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Name a country, and I have probably been there. -- Peter Uihlein
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Turkey in general became too involved with what is happening in Egypt and in Syria. Some politicians with neo-Ottoman dreams developed this idea of being a major player in the Middle East, which hasn't gone as expected. -- Elif Safak
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A youth with wings are the assurance of our nation's future. We must start to work right away and make progress so that; if one day Westerners leave their footprints on the moon, we shall place a Turkish one among those. -- Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
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I want to make a memorial for our turkey. Never has a bird been so tortured to provide such a lousy dinner. -- Laurie Halse Anderson
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On Thanksgiving, you realize you're living in a modern world. Millions of turkeys baste themselves in millions of ovens that clean themselves. -- George Carlin
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The Erdogan government's first major step outside of the U.S. alliance was during the Bush Administration, when it wouldn't let Washington use Turkey as a launching ground for U.S. troops entering Iraq in 2003. -- Elliott Abrams
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Dan watched in awe. "I didn't know you talk Turkey." "I speak Turkish. -- Peter Lerangis
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It's probably worth noting that although I'm ethnically Greek, my grandfather was actually born in Turkey and came through Greece on his way to the United States. -- James G. Stavridis
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Though many people said there is no joint border between Turkey and Montenegro, it feels like we are next to each other. We are in the same neighborhood. -- Igor Luksic
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I jus luvs me some lily white turkey

~R. Alan Woods [2012] -- R. Alan Woods
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India's blood and India's gold was sought and unfortunately given - given to break Turkey and buy the fetters of the Rowlatt legislation. -- Muhammad Ali Jinnah
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Algeria is what allowed me to accept myself. -- Pierre Bourdieu
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TURKEYS HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR millions of years. They can fly at fast as fifty-five miles per hour and run flat out at twenty. -- Deb Baker