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She can throw a whirling dervish out of whirl. -- Rodgers And Hammerstein
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Going up the walls doing somersaults, that trick took a couple of days. -- Donald O'connor
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Zigzag... don't bunch up. Weave like a drunk on New Year's... Got it? -- Max Allan Collins
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It removes the limitations of his body, extinguishes his consciousness, and pours the divine spirit into him. The whirl dance is the purest form of dance devotion. -- Curt Sachs
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He slithers his arms about -- Lena Black
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The way a dancer can bring the crowd to its feet with a drawn-out, well-executed pirouette is the excitement I wanted to capture with this design. -- Vera Wang
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I'm not a big dancer! -- Kristin Cavallari
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O, how glorious would it be to set my heel upon the Pole and turn myself 360 degrees in a second! -- Joseph Banks
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I've always been excited by the strangeness of ballet, but I can't bear it when people just come forward and do a turn in the air for no reason. -- Matthew Bourne
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I twirl through the driveway with angelic grace
Till I slip on the sidewalk and fall on my face -- Owl City
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Right now I'm working on the back handspring. -- Ashley Scott
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I dance like the wind. -- Edward Albee
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At what whirling moment had she halted and turned, unbeknownst to herself, the other way? -- Colum Mccann
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The world cannot be governed without juggling. -- John Selden
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The short, fat fingers moved like dancing sausages across the strings; -- Jonathan Stroud
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Those edges and turns teach control and discipline, just like finger exercises on the piano. -- Barbara Ann Scott
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It's like I'm on a roller-coaster ride, but I'm not allowed to get off. I'm strapped to the seat, and within eyesight the unfinished twirl of the track swirls into the air. -- Danielle Esplin
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I was loosened, a top whirling around and around, and I didn't know who I danced with or what they looked like, only that I had become the music and the fire and the night, and there was nothing that could slow me down. -- Sarah J. Maas
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Ride the air In whirlwind. -- John Milton
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Action is at bottom a swinging and flailing of the arms to regain one's balance and keep afloat. -- Eric Hoffer
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Hush little owl,
You're with Twi.
I got the moves to get you by.
Big bad crows.
St. Aggie's scamps
Ain't got nothin to show the champ.
I'll pop a spiral
With a twist,
Do a three-sixty
And scatter mist
-- Kathryn Lasky
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Galloping here
Galloping there
Rollicking, frolicking, everywhere!

(Tala's favorite part...) -- Lynley Dodd
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Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery -- Martha Graham
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Let me see you do the 'rag time dance' ...
Turn left and do the 'Cake walk prance' ...
Turn the other way and do the 'Slow drag' ...
Now take your lady to the world's fair ( ... )
And do the 'rag time dance.' -- Scott Joplin
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That's the authentic punk dance. It's like a child dizzy on lemonade. -- Noel Fielding
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I can't really describe a trick as much as I just feel it. -- Shaun White
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I know that spinning sets me in a trance; it soothes me and charges my batteries at the same time. When times are tough I sit down to spin during the news-broadcasts, with therapeutic results. -- Elizabeth Zimmermann
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I danced along a colored wind/ Dangled from a rope of sand -- Tom Waits
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VIOLENT HOOLA-HOOPING!!!!!! -- Dave Carley
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Dancing is like riding a bike. -- Jamie Bell
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My Mommy likes to wiggle And it really makes me giggle. The music keeps her moving And she's smiling as she's grooving.
She goes...Wiggle, wiggle to the left; wiggle to the right, Wiggle, wiggle, jiggle, jiggle - Dancing through the night... -- Kathleen Gauer
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He danced like a grasshopper on fire, -- Louisa May Alcott
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Running like a bunny with his tail on fire. -- Red Barber
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You wiggle to the left, you wiggle to the right, you do the Ooby Dooby with all your might. -- Roy Orbison
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Bouncy trouncy flouncy pouncy fun fun fun fun fun. The most wonderful thing about tiggers is I'm the only one! -- A.a. Milne
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You think you have mastered it, but just as you get well underway in following, it turns a back-somersault and there you are. It slaps you in the face, knocks you down, and tramples upon you. It is like a bad dream. -- Charlotte Perkins Gilman
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Parkour," I panted. "Bitch. -- Jim Butcher
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The dance of the soul! -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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The members of the circle ... [were] performing a peculiar caper based on Mrs. Shawcross's fancy of what a Saxon dance might have seemed like. ("Did Saxons dance?" Pamela asked. "You never think of them dancing.") -- Kate Atkinson
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Those elegant delights of jig and vaulting. -- Elijah Fenton
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I'm a fantastic dancer! -- Roger Milla
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I can move around the floor, but I don't know if I'd call that dancing! -- Kyle Maclachlan
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throwing the football. But instead -- Steve Yarosh
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keep your hand moving -- Natalie Goldberg
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Crawling about the floor like half-dead November flies is one thing, and dancing reels another. -- Ethel Smyth
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A dance to the music of time. -- Anthony Powell
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I'm a total rink rat. I can do the toe loop, the lutz, a flip, and the Scholz. That's one I invented. It's like me - you jump, you rotate in the wrong direction, and you land on the wrong foot. -- Tom Scholz
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The world is a marvelous system of wiggles. -- Alan Watts
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Please note that, at no point in the performance, does my hand leave the end of my arm ... -- Harlan Tarbell
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Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears all the rappers, they're doing my dances and they're making billions doing my dances. When they do that little thing they do with their hands that's The Fly and The Pony. -- Chubby Checker
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If I could explain, I wouldn't need to dance! -- Isadora Duncan
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One of the things that we must do as teachers is twirl around and around, and find out what works with the situation that we're in. Our models might not work. And that twirling, changing, is part of the empowerment. -- Bell Hooks
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I'd rather dance in a corner than dance in a circle. -- Harry Shum Jr.
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I have had my share of twiddling my thumbs while sitting idle at home -- Ranvir Shorey
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There was a toy gyroscope, wound with string, ready to whirr and balance itself. -- Kurt Vonnegut
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Learn tricks from others, Become a trickster -- Matt Thomas
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Oh, God! That boy moves in a very exceptional way. That's the greatest dancer of the century. -- Fred Astaire
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Now, juggling can be a lot of fun; play with skill and play with space, play with rhythm. -- Michael Moschen
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I am partial to a cartwheel or two. It's the way to go; I'll be doing them in my 50s, hopefully. -- Donna Air
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Twist my Body like the Exorcist ... -- Foxy Brown
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We are all amateur dancers; the professional dancer is the Earth, the Sun, and all the planets! They have been dancing nonstop for billions of years! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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I do some eccentric dancing. -- Roy Blount Jr.
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As unnatural as dancing is, you have to find a natural way to do the unnatural. -- Gelsey Kirkland
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The only option for a creative person was constant motion - a lifetime of busy whirligigging in a generally forward direction, until you couldn't do it any longer. -- Meg Wolitzer
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I'm a singer who moves like a dancer. -- Bobby Darin
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Twerking has to end. Not for the ones that look good doing it, but for all the ones that you feel, 'You don't have enough to twerk back there. Your twerkin' look like jerkin.' -- Ice Cube
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There is no yajna (sacrifice) greater than spinning calculated to bring peace to the troubled spirit, to soothe the distracted student's mind, to spiritualize his life. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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I was just watching "So You Think You Can Dance," flipping channels, and I was like man, I could never do that. -- Lucas Till
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Capture a shadow, dance with the wind, stand in a rainbow, begin at the end. -- Mary Anne Radmacher
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Swirling like water against rugged rocks, time goes around and around -- Denis Theriault
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If fretting was an Olympic sport, I'd own the gold medal -- Lori Hatcher
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Running my hands really fast up and down the fretboard ... I mean, anybody can do that. It's the Guitar Olympics, and I can't think of anything more pointless. -- The Edge
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I do like moving my legs a lot, like maybe moon walk-y things. I don't have like one move, because I try as much as I can. But I just love imitating impossible things that dancers do. -- Lucas Till
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satisfyingly dizzying -- Bill Bryson
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The subtle dance of the body joins us to the world. -- George Leonard
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Sometimes I feel like tap-dancing, screeching, unscrewing light bulbs, pulling curtains, combing hair, doing knee bends, handstands and turning somersaults out there. -- Ilie Nastase
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The dancer's trembling heart must bring everything into harmony, from the tips of her shoes to the flutter of her eyelashes, from the ruffles of her dress to the incessant play of her fingers. -- Federico Garcia Lorca
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Flow into your dancing, circulate the steps into your body, as you would run your fingers through the hair of the one you Love. -- Nelly Mazloum
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Streaking through a large crowd has always been a secret fantasy of mine. -- Rashida Jones
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Dancing: The Highest Intelligence in the Freest Body. -- Isadora Duncan
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Dancing takes a certain lightness, a spring in the step, an elasticity in the calves; a kind of joie de vivre, or alternatively a leavening element of self-proclaiming stupidity in one's make-up. -- Ronald Frame
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The mob, when they are gazing at a dancer on the slack rope, naturally writhe and twist and balance their own bodies, as they see him do. -- Adam Smith
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Don't needlessly draw attention to yourself. If you're twerking on the beach, a circling pteracuda could mistake you for a wounded animal. -- Andrew Shaffer
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I love doing stunts. -- Tyler Posey
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I'm a really good juggler. -- Lucy Hale
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You have to be a little crazy to be a dancer. -- Elizabeth Berkley
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I have a bit of a frustrated dancer in me. -- Naomi Watts
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In ramp skating, there's this guy Alex Perelson who's really coming into his own and doing some amazing new stuff we haven't seen before. Just different types of spin. -- Tony Hawk
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Is he dancing or having a seizure? -- Jerry Lawler
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Bending from side to side helps you avoid obstacles in racing. -- Kirejan Javier
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Tail wagging like a windscreen wiper in a downpour. -- Louisa Bennet
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The sheer strength of the storm lifted my body further and I began twisting with it like a ballerina in an out of control pirouette. -- Elle Klass
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Less flapping, more flying! -- Silvia Hartmann
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Dance and fall.
Like a puppet. All those years of dancing. -- Samantha Shannon
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She was back on her skates, twirling expertly about the slippery surface of her life. -- Anonymous
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Springing into the air, I spun and delivered a nasty I-hope-someone-sees-this spin kick. -- Jennifer L. Armentrout
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When people run in circles it's a very very ... mad world. -- Tears For Fears
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I'm weirdly flexible, so when I dance, I dance like a 17-year-old girl. -- Michael Angarano
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Like the burlesque comedian, I am abnormally fond of that precision which creates movement. -- E. E. Cummings
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When I left the U.S. for the first time, I spent my first year abroad in Japan. That culture shock and abundance of new stimuli combined with a lack of guidance forced me to develop my own approaches to learning and juggling. -- Timothy Ferriss