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The United Nations emerged as a temple of official good intentions, a place where governments might - without abating their transgressions - go to church; a place made remote - by agreed untruth and procedural complexity, and by tedium itself - from the risk of intense public involvement.
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The U.N. can be very frustrating and at times impotent, but it can also be a valuable forum for discussion and resolution of world problems. We should not walk away from it just because it's failed to live up to its promise.
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Redound to the university's professed goal of excellence
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The United Nations is designed to make possible lasting freedom and independence for all its members.
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The United Nations is our one great hope for a peaceful and free world.
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The United Nations represents not a final stage in the development of world order, but only a primitive stage. Therefore its primary task is to create the conditions which will make possible a more highly developed organization.
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UNESCO is the conscience of the United Nations.
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The univers is statistically more likely to be ironic than not,
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The United Nations was founded 70 years ago, at the end of World War II. Since that time, Japan has steadfastly walked the path of peace and rebuilt a nation. And, since the mid-1950s onward, we have actively worked to share our experience of development with other nations, especially in Asia.
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The U.N. is one of many competitors in a marketplace of global problem solving.
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ORU is a daring new concept in higher education. It was planned to be from the beginning, one that would be able and willing to innovate change in all three basic aspects of your being - the intellectual, the physical and the spiritual.
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I congratulate NUS for launching a new degree, a bachelor of environmental studies. This is a most timely initiative. One of the biggest challenges facing Asia is to reconcile Asia's rapid economic development with care for the environment.
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The United Nations is the greatest fraud in history. Its purpose is to destroy the United States.
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I never went to university. I'm self-educated. I didn't go because I was too impatient, too arrogant.
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The name 'United Nations' was Franklin D. Roosevelt's idea. He rushed to tell Winston Churchill, who was towelling himself stark naked in his bathroom.
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The university has become a place that prepares you for the fights in the world.
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I never went to a university, and I am proud to say so because I don't think I have done too badly.
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I don't like the name, U2, actually.

-- Bono

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U is gone. I suppose you're aware. The 1st aeiouy to go. Up until now the other graphemes were not aeiouys. When the aeiouys start to go, Ella, writing to you turns exponentially more grueling. I will not throw in the towel, though. I trust that you won't either. I truly relish our partnership.
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The UN's unique legitimacy flows from a universal perception that it pursues a larger purpose than the interests of one country or a small group of countries.
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I actually went to university.
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Davos is my university.
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There's no such thing as the United Nations. If the U.N. secretary building in New York lost 10 stories, it wouldn't make a bit of difference.
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Dublin university contains the cream of Ireland: Rich and thick.
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No institution will be better than the institutor.
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A university is a city of ideas, and we're grateful you became citizens of our city.
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Adversity or opportunity is university.
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The university most worthy of rational admiration is that one in which your lonely thinker can feel himself lonely, most positively furthered, and most richly fed
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Ulick Norman Owen - Una Nancy Owen - each time, that is to say, U. N. Owen. Or by a slight stretch of fancy, UNKNOWN!
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I want to extend condolences to the families of those who died in the service of the United Nations.
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My own ideals for the university are those of a genuine democracy and serious scholarship. These two, indeed, seem to go together.
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The University conceives of itself as dedicated to the power of the intellect. Its commitment is to the way of reason.
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The university is the archive of the Western mind, it's the keeper of the Western culture, ... the guardian of our heritage, the teacher of our teachers, ... the dwelling place of the free mind.
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Nothing so good as a university education, nor worse than a university without its education.
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In hoc signo vinces
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Vera incessu patuit dea.
(The goddess indubitable was revealed in her step.)
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At first, Uniqlo was a casual chain on the back streets of Hiroshima. Then ... we became a national brand in Japan. So, the next step is to become a global brand.
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For nearly five decades the World Federalists have worked to promote a strengthened UN and more effective institutions of global governance. I offer my personal endorsement. Now a great opportunity has opened for the realization of the dreams of the UN's founders.
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Energy and curiosity are the lifeblood of universities; the desire to find out, to uncover, to dig deeper, to puzzle out obscurities, is the spirit of the university, and it is a channelling of that unresting curiosity that holds mankind together.
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The United Nations is useless ... and also harmful. It is a land that flowers demagoguery with a bunch of newborn countries, devoid of any tradition.
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Urfa chillies are a Turkish variety that are mild on heat but big on aroma. They're sweet, smoky, a lovely dark red, and go with just about anything.
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B1U12B. Be One You Want To Be
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The United Nations cannot do anything, and never could; it is not an animate entity or agent. It is a place, a stage, a forum and a shrine ... a place to which powerful people can repair when they are fearful about the course on which their own rhetoric seems to be propelling them.
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I applied for the University of Life. Didn't get the grades.
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The UN to some extent diffuses U.S. power. Therefore it's less direct an agency of the United States than the U.S. Army is. But still, it can't escape the distribution of power in the world.
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Hic scientia finit: Knowledge Stops Here.
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Alea iacta est. The die has been cast.
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Tota est scientia
Knowledge is all
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yee naaldlooshii." "The
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I want to support the United Nations who can share our voice and make us heard. What they do makes the world a better place; if each of us can just give a word to their cause, it will only get better.
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McMaster University, Courtesy of Kevin Mitchell,
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Lauricia or Aurelia?
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Puma is a brand deeply rooted in sporting lifestyle.
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A truly great university is a nucleus of artistic expression. It fosters creative, critical thought, and serves as a platform for civil discourse.
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University: ... a place where rich men send their sons who have no aptitude for business.
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I found university a little dispiriting. I thought I would enter the great halls of Plato, but instead I entered the halls of an intellectual sausage factory. I wanted to do something not on the main course, and chose the environment.
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Women's strength, women's industry, women's wisdom are humankind's greatest untapped resource. The challenge then for U.N. Women is to show our diverse constituencies how this resource can be effectively tapped in ways that benefit us all.
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We are men and women from many lands, representing a rich variety of cultures. And we have been brought together to work in a great common cause: the survival and progress of mankind. The concept of unity in diversity ... underlies our various pursuits at the United Nations.
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Interdisciplinary Studies University of California, Santa Barbara, Santa
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I'd like to see the University of Western Australia and the other four or five universities in Western Australia really excel through having some of the greatest minds in the world attracted to it.
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I need some Ummagumma.
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Stepford University
one of the leading research university on the PLANET with over THREE MILLION likes on Facebook. That's more than Harvard, and SIX times as many as Stanford.
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Emblem: the carapace of the great crowned snail is painted with all the flags of the United Nations.
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I'm a member of the US committee o the United Nations.
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The United Nations is an indispensable but deeply flawed organization. It is valuable to the United States, and the United States is invaluable to it. We need to reform it.
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We support about 5,000 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with software, training, and technical support. We provide our software at virtually no cost to them, and they're lighting up the world with what they do.
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I went to the University of Toronto for a year, and I'm always trying to get across what university is really like.
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The United Nations has become a largely irrelevant, if not positively destructive institution, and the just-released U.N. report on the atrocities in Darfur, Sudan, proves the point.
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Universities are in a position where they can think very creatively.
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Universities are some of the few places left where a struggle for the commons, for public life, if not democracy itself, can be made visible through the medium of collective voices and social movements energized by the need for a politics and way of life counter to authoritarian capitalism.
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What is the engine that drives economic growth in an ideopolis? The university.
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Beneath the surface of states and nations, ideas and language, lies the fate of individual human beings in need. Answering their needs will be the mission of the United Nations in the century to come.
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Ego non baptiso te in nomine ... but make out the rest yourself.
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Universities are the custodians not only of the many cultures of man, but of the rational process itself.
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Charity plays an important role in upholding the values and advancing the work of the United Nations.
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The virtue and the strength of UWC is that it provides small, but powerful cells of innovation, catalysts for change, breaking barriers of habit and opening broader vistas of experience for both pupils and educationalists.
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The University brings out all abilities, including incapability.
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I've been quite involved in a lot of U.N. operations over the years. I was a U.N. observer at the East Timor referendum in 2000. I've been very involved in that for a long time.
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The task of a university is the creation of the future, so far as rational thought and civilized modes of appreciation can affect the issue.
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Uhura, whose name is based on the Swahili word "uhuru" which means freedom, was proof changes in Earth society would be achieved in Gene's hopeful vision of the future.
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The time has come to recognize the United Nations for the anti-American, anti-freedom organization that it has become. The time has come for us to cut off all financial help, withdraw as a member, and ask the United Nations to find headquarters location outside the United States that is
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To misstate, or even merely understate, the relation of the universities to beauty is one kind of error that can be made. A university is among the precious things that can be destroyed.
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The universities deceive when they say they have no agenda other than to open minds.
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In Africa there is a concept known as 'ubuntu' - the profound sense that we are human only through the humanity of others; that if we are to accomplish anything in this world it will in equal measure be due to the work and achievement of others.
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Apart from the emergency aid we provide to alleviate the sufferings of victims of natural disasters, calamities and crises, we worked for transforming U.A.E.'s charity activities into an institutional activity with an aim of making them more effective and sustainable.
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Life is my university, and I hope to graduate from it with some distinction.
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Unity is the intentional inclination to corporately control our destination. In other words, achieving the dream takes a team!
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Audentes fortuna iuvat. Fortune favors the bold.
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The real University ... has no specific location. It owns no property, pays no salaries, and receives no material dues ... The real University is a state of mind. It is that great heritage of rational thought that has been brought down to us through the centuries.
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At no point did I form the conscious intention of founding an ad hoc university in my sitting room. It happened, as it were, by accident.
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The role of the United Nations is to set the mental clocks of the world leaders from past problems to the present opportunities and from local power mindset to global welfare mindset.
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Luceo Non Uro. 'I shine, not burn,
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Ideally, what you would like to have eventually is such a unique and identifiable brand that when someone says 'Indiana State University,' they know exactly what that means. And that takes a long time coming.
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The main thing that endears the United Nations to member governments, and so enables it to survive, is its proven capacity to fail, and to be seen to fail.
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A University should be a place of light, of liberty, and of learning.
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U2 was involved in Live Aid, and I ended up going to Ethiopia and working there for some time with my wife, Ali.
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Agapi mou, you are my everything.
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The United Nations offers international legitimacy in what we might do.
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The university is our culture's assertion that what is made by the mind has value and can convey values.
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The University of Google is where I got my degree from.