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I sometimes think that unions don't understand that we live in a free society, and people have the right to not select union representation if they don't want it.
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Well, I'm not trying to get rid of the unions, but I am saying that they appear to be an antiquated concept in today's economy.
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I love that we are one of the least unionized states in the country ... We don't have unions in South Carolina because we don't need unions in South Carolina ... And we'll make the unions understand full well that they are not needed, not wanted, and not welcome.
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The union of our arms in
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I believe in trade unionism, and I believe in democracy, in democratic trade unionism.
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Only union with you gives joy.
The rest if tearing down one building to put up another.
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I've said consistently that no employer ever really accepts a union. They tolerate the unions. The very minute they can get a pool of unemployment they'll challenge the unions and try to get back what they call managements prerogatives, meaning hire, fire, pay what you want.
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There is no more usual basis of union than a mutual misunderstanding
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There is nothing fairer than workmen having unions of their mutual benefit.
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To attain union is so impossibly difficult because it is impossible to become what you already are! Union is nothing other than knowledge of oneself as the Only One.
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There's no more usual basis of union than mutual misunderstanding.
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The unions might be good for the people who are in the unions but it doesn't do a thing for the people who are unemployed. Because the union keeps down the number of jobs, it doesn't do a thing for them.
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Unionization, as opposed to communism, presupposes the relation of employment; it is based upon the wage system and it recognizes fully and unreservedly the institution of private property and the right to investment profit.
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If we're all together, we have money, and we start to organize, you're going to see the Teamsters Union start to bloom.
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Speaking as a human being, not as a businessman - the unions are great. The unions are great for the working people because they protect you, but I didn't see them that way as a young man. First of all, the papers would connect them with thee communists - labor unions were communists.
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Union of the Hideously and Improbably Deformed,
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Unions are susceptible to the same ills that befall all human societies.
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I think business, government and unions have to work together, and the common enemies to the global economy. We're being beaten by the global economy, and we've got to unite together to win.
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Unions have been the best anti-poverty program that actually worked and did not cost the government a dime. But as unions grow smaller- not stronger- our ability to act as an economic mechanism to distribute the gains of our work and raise all workers' wages and benefits up is disappearing.
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We must have more union members in this country to fight the political and business forces that are undermining workers in this country. The AFL-CIO has chosen the opposite approach by planning to throw even more money at politicians.
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Trade unions are a force for good - a force for a more equal society.
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If there is anyone present here today who objects to this union, please take it up with the two armed federal agents who are getting hitched.
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Today, for many people, being a union member simply means paying dues, but in the early days there were so few of us that if a majority of the members were not active, the union ceased to exist.
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There may be here and there a worker who for certain reasons unexplainable to us does not join a union of labor. That is his right. It is his legal right, no matter how morally wrong he may be. It is his legal right, and no one can or dare question his exercise of that legal right.
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Unionism, seldom if ever, uses such powers as it has to ensure better work; almost always it devotes a large part of that power to safeguard bad work.
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I think unionization is good public policy. I think when families secure their economic future, that's good for everyone.
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The overall effect of the rise of the industrial system is greatly to reduce the union as a social force. But it will not disappear or become entirely unimportant.
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The essence of trade unionism is social uplift. The labor movement has been the haven for the dispossessed, the despised, the neglected, the downtrodden, the poor.
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I've never bashed a union in my life.
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The only sweeter than union is reunion.
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Trade unions are islands of anarchy in a sea of chaos.
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In the no-nonsense school of adversity, which we did not choose for ourselves, we are learning how to operate a labor union.
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Center Japantown Union
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My preference is that employees pay their union dues, but what I also get is that I'd rather someone be in the union than not in the union.
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I am a proud trade unionist.
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This union has been divided in like a civil war - brother against brother - sister against sister. And I'm pulling it together. We've already seen evidence of that in New York, in Pennsylvania, in California. The first thing is we have to get on the same page. We have to be united in one cause.
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The Union next to our liberties the most dear. May we all remember that it can only be preserved by respecting the rights of the States, and distributing equally the benefits and burdens of the Union.
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Our cause is just. Our union is perfect.
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Labor unions are the worst thing that ever struck the earth because they take away a man's independence.
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I'm happy to see the union come together. We really need to clear up the public perception of what's going on.
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The only thing sweeter than union is reunion.
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In all the history of organized labor, from the earliest times to the present day, no body of union workingmen ever served in a more humiliating and debasing role than that in which the railway unions appear at this very hour before the American people and the world.
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Private unions, such as the UAW, is a choice between employees and employers. If that is what they want, then who am I to say you can't have it?
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Unions did in fact build the middle class. And here's what that did. That built the United States of America as we know it.
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I represent the concept that pluralism is essential, union pluralism. I made an oath about this.
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The biggest myth about labor unions is that unions are for the workers. Unions are for unions, just as corporations are for corporations and politicians are for politicians.
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I am in the Chicago Carpenters Union. They are huge supporters of mine and of MMA.
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In 1972, I signed a union card for SEIU. And for the last 38 years, 14 as president, it's been my life. I've seen the most miraculous, spectacular things. But there's a time to learn, a time to lead and a time to leave.
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May Heaven to this Union continue its beneficence
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Union is as if in a room there were two large windows through which the light streamed in it enters in diffrent places but it all becomes one.
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The reality is that no one can be forced to join a union against their will, and a union cannot take action against those who decide not to join their union.
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It is the spirit of trade unionism that is most important, the service of fellowship, the feeling that the hurt of one is the concern of all and that the work of the individual benefits all.
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You may see the emergence of a new political party from the body of the trade union movement which represents a very clear-cut socialist alternative policy and which gives expression to the views of the trade union movement in parliament.
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What I've done as a union leader and what literally thousands of other union representatives do, is make sure that we have co-operation in the workplace. What I get is that where employees are well treated, employers do well.
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It's an American worker's right to unionize for sure, but that being said, don't expect me not to point out when or if union leadership takes advantage of union members.
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The unions still have a job to do, representing their members' interests to governments and parliaments. And I think collective agreements still have a role, alongside markets and laws.
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There is nothing that says unions have a God-given right to be there. We have to work at it and make ourselves relevant to every section of the workforce.
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I've been reading a lot about Silicon Valley history recently and was struck by just how core the lack of unions has been to the American tech industry's evolution. It's enabled the constant creative destruction that keeps Silicon Valley relevant and thriving in a rapidly changing world.
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Today we are united, strong and on the move. Today we have a strong strike fund. Today we have the resources to run large-scale organizing campaigns against global employers. Today we have $100 million in the bank.
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A united front announcing a split.
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Working people are under the worst attack in 80 years. Never has there been a stronger need for a stronger union movement.
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Unions go hand-in-hand with a strong middle class.
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In the U.S. the powerful critics of austerity such as Paul Krugman and Robert Reich rightly identify the decline of 'labor' as a problem, and renewing trade unionism part of the solution. Our opportunity is to make the same case in the UK.
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We don't have unions in South Carolina because we don't need unions in South Carolina.
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Among the numerous advantages promised by a well-constructed Union, none deserves to be more accurately developed than its tendency to break and control the violence of faction.
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Models need to be unionized.
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It should be the right of the individual to decide whether he wants to belong to a union.
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The ultimate arbiter is the people of the Union.
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All the evidence shows very clearly that if you are a member of a trade union you are likely to get better pay, more equal pay, better health and safety, more chance to get training, more chance to have conditions of work that help if you have caring responsibilities ... the list goes on!
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Where trade unions are most firmly organized, there are the rights of the people most respected.
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Centers of unionism are also the centers of unemployment.
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Organizing is an educational process. The best educational process in the union is the picket line and the boycott. You learn about life.
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In this decisive hour of our national history, union means life and division means death.
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Great American union rules with a fist, a smile, and a gun. Great American napalm lights up the sky like the sun.
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Unions should not be lapdogs to a political party, they should be watchdogs for their members' interests.
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We make our own labor unions. We organize our labor into units of 300, and then the representatives of these 300 meet together every week. Then every fortnight they meet with the head men.
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Trade unions infringe upon the property rights of company owners.
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Thousands of Americans are forced to join unions as a condition of employment, with little to no chance of ever having their voices heard.
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Union is only possible to those who are units. To be fit for relations in time, souls, whether of man or woman, must be able to do without them in the spirit.
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Today I send this message to every emerging global corporation: "justice; family, community, and union" are the same in every language and, wherever you go and whatever you do, a new global labor movement is coming to find you.
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I'm a passionate trade unionist.
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The labor unions shall have a square deal, and the corporations shall have a square deal, and in addition, all private citizens shall have a square deal.
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The trade union movement represents the organized economic power of the workers ... It is in reality the most potent and the most direct social insurance the workers can establish.
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A Union that can only be maintained by swords and bayonets has no charm for me. If the Union is dissolved and government disrupted, I shall return to my native state and share the miseries of my people, and save in defense will draw my sword on none.
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I have lived in Toledo, Ohio, off and on throughout my entire life, and I have plenty of friends who are union members. Sometimes we agree politically and sometimes not, but it has never kept us from being friends.
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The labor movement is people. Our unions have brought millions of men and women together, made them members one of another, and given them common tools for common goals. Their goals are goals for all America - and their enemies are the enemies for progress. The two cannot be separated.
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And I'm convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you can work with the unions because the unions want to survive. If they are confronted simply with the question: "Do you want this company to survive or do you want it to be broken up?" they will listen. It's their livelihood.
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My muse must come to me on union time.
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There needs to be nationalist and republican confidence in unionism.
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With the Union my best and dearest earthly hopes are entwined.
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Today's unions are less Mobbed-up than those of yesteryear to be sure, but they're hardly above tactics that would be considered intimidating and coercive.
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Labor # Unions are the leading force for # democratization and # progress .
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When I saw Arnold say that he didn't need a union, because people in his position don't need it, I thought, this is a very naive way to present yourself. It's also kinda dumb about making movies. It doesn't realize how the union movement even helps the star.
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To the union of all honest men.
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Foreign companies in the United States have a significantly higher unionization rate than other companies overall.
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A third way of attaining union lies in creative activity, be it that of the artist, or of the artisan. In any kind of creative work the creating person unites himself with his material, which represents the world outside
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Trade unions have been an essential force for social change, without which a semblance of a decent and humane society is impossible under capitalism.
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I was on my own union council for twenty-odd years.
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The structure that is currently in place, inside government, forcing government employees to pay union dues, even if they don't want to be in a union
that is fundamentally unconstitutional and it is against the American system of freedom of choice.
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Let's have the Union restored as it was, if we can; but if we can't, I'm in favor of the Union as it wasn't.