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So soon as I talk I express the universal, and if I do not do so, no one can understand me. -- Soren Kierkegaard
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The only things that can ever be universal, in a sense, are scaling things. -- James Gleick
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The only truths which are universal are those gross enough to be thought so. -- Paul Valery
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The universality of salvation means that it is granted not only to those who explicitly believe in Christ and have entered the Church. Since salvation is offered to all, it must be made concretely available to all. -- Pope John Paul Ii
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There is a universal language, understood by everybody, but already forgotten. I am in search of that universal language, among other things. -- Paulo Coelho
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The principle of universality is not a 'theory'. Just moral truism. -- Noam Chomsky
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When something is universal enough in our everyday lives, we take it for granted to the point of forgetting it exists. -- Eliezer Yudkowsky
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Only thought is capable of inventing the fiction of a State that is universal by right, of elevation the State to the level of de jure universality -- Gilles Deleuze
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A perception that exists in the mind is often interpreted as a universal truth. -- Al Ries
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The universal does not attract us until housed in an individual. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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A universal beauty clothes the world, And one heart seems to beat for all mankind! -- Robert Montgomery
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When you have become one with the Great Universal, you will have no partiality, and when you are part of the process of transformation, you will have no rigidity. -- Confucius
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Illusory universality is the universality of the art of the culture industry, it is the universality of the homogeneous same, an art which no longer even promises happiness but only provides easy amusement as relief from labour. -- J.m. Bernstein
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The deepest subjective experiences are also the most universal, because through them one reaches the universal source of life. -- Emil Cioran
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At a certain point talk about 'essence' and 'oneness' and the universal becomes more tautological than inquisitive. -- Christopher Hitchens
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This is one of those instances in which the individual genius is found to consent, as indeed it always does, at last, with the universal. -- Henry David Thoreau
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The other salient characteristic of the Declaration is its universality: it applies to all human beings without any discrimination whatever; it also applies to all territories, whatever their economic or political regime. -- Rene Cassin
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Our relationship with our world is the overriding template for our relationship with everything. -- David Ault
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The most useful truths are always universal, and unconnected with accidents and customs. -- Samuel Johnson
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Tis much to gain universal admiration; more, universal love. -- Baltasar Gracian
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Uniform ideas originating among entire peoples unknown to each other must have a common ground of truth. -- Giambattista Vico
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We believe that an individual must endeavor to assume the universalism inherent in the human condition. -- Frantz Fanon
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Shit is universal no matter which language. -- Don Delillo
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Nothing is pure and entire of a piece. All advantages are attended with disadvantages. A universal compensation prevails in all conditions of being and existence. -- David Hume
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True universalists are not those who preach global tolerance of differences and all-encompassing unity, but those who engage in a passionate struggle for the assertion of the Truth which compels them. -- Slavoj Zizek
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The Universal Consciousness's feeling is unqualified love for all of its creatures,no matter how foolish and desperate they act. -- David V. Gaggin
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The blessing which we associate with a life of refinement and cultivation can be made universal and must be made universal if they are to be permanent. -- Jane Addams
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The universal elements are integrity, vision, discipline, passion, governed by conscience. Conscience has been educated through studying and pondering the universal, timeless principles of all six major world religions. -- Stephen Covey
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What are the sciences but maps of universal laws, and universal laws but the channels of universal power; and universal power but the outgoings of a universal mind? -- Edward Thomson
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How will it end? ... a vision of a universal religion, which will embrace all creeds; a universal government which will embrace all humanity; a universal knowledge which will make all mankind kin ... -- Carl H. Claudy
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Uniformity and Evolution are one. -- Charles Lapworth
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The more specific you are, the more universal you are. -- Nancy Hale
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Universal design systems can no longer be dismissed as the irrelevant musings of a small, localized design community. A second modernism has emerged, reinvigorating the utopian search for universal forms that marked the birth of design as a discourse and a discipline nearly a century earlier. -- Ellen Lupton
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The universal nature out of the universal substance, as if it were wax, now molds a horse, and when it has broken this up, it uses the material for a tree, then for a man, then for something else ... -- Marcus Aurelius
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People are universal. -- L.a. Jones
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The universality of Islam is not uniformity, it is unity with diversity. -- Tariq Ramadan
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A universal love is not only psychologically possible; it is the only complete and final way in which we are able to love. -- Pierre Teilhard De Chardin
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I always try to be a universalist, not a specialist. -- Willy Bogner Jr.
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There is a feeling of deep universalism, in the wake of the splendid words of Democritus: "To a wise man, the whole earth is open, because the true country of a virtuous soul is the entire universe. -- Carlo Rovelli
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In order to speak about all and to all, one has to speak of what all know and of the reality common to us all. The sea, rains, necessity, desire, the struggle against death ... these are things that unite us all. -- Albert Camus
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Universalism as an ideal is as old as nay, is probably much more ancient than the Christian ideal. -- Arthur Keith
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A writer is justly called 'universal' when he is understood within the limits of his civilization, though that be bounded by a country or an age. -- George Edward Woodberry
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A Universalist, your heart cannot but dilate, and your affections widen, until the divine expansion, like the ambient atmosphere, embraces every form, which is acted upon by an immortal spirit. -- Judith Sargent Murray
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Today the universal common good poses problems of world-wide dimensions, which cannot be adequately tackled or solved except by the efforts of public authorities endowed with a wideness of powers, structure and means of the same proportions; that is ... on a world-wide basis. -- Pope John Xxiii
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Nowhere is Universalism welcomed and encouraged by a people; everywhere governments have forced and are forcing Universalism upon unwilling and resistant subjects. -- Arthur Keith
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The strength of Olympism comes to it from that which is simply human, hence worldwide is its essence. -- Pierre De Coubertin
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The beauty of the universe consists not only of unity in variety, but also of variety in unity. -- Umberto Eco
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Universal or quantum consciousness emphasizes that we are all interrelated, interconnected and interdependent. -- Gian Kumar
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Universe to each must be
All that is, including me.
Environment in turn must be
All that is, excepting me. -- R. Buckminster Fuller
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Unity, not uniformity, must be our aim. We attain unity only through variety. Differences must be integrated, not annihilated, not absorbed. -- Mary Parker Follett
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You are nothing but your consciousness. That consciousness is universal. -- Debasish Mridha
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Our every action has a universal dimension, a potential impact on others' happiness. -- Dalai Lama
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The sphere of consciousness shrinks in action; no one who acts can lay claim to the universal, for to act is to cling to the properties of being at the expense of being itself, to a form of reality to reality's detriment. -- Emil M. Cioran
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Whatever the universal perspective one adopts, it is important to recognise that some form of universalism is politically and ethically necessary. -- Alison Assiter
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Our national, criminal cases bear witness precisely to something universal, to some general malaise that has taken root among us, and with which, as with universal evil, it is already very difficult to contend. -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Unity in variety is the plan of the universe. -- Swami Vivekananda
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When individuals are established in universal consciousness, they live the scientific reality of the unity of life spontaneously in accord with all the laws of nature. This experience alone will transform our collective reality - our human civilization to one of unity, peace, and harmony. -- John Hagelin
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Work can only be universal if it is rooted in a part of its creator which is most privately and particularly himself. -- Tyrone Guthrie
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The universal Mind contains all knowledge. It is the potential ultimate of all things. To it, all things are possible. -- Ernest Holmes
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A universal style is one that knows how to embrace lovingly those not quite developed. -- Witold Gombrowicz
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The more personal you are willing to be and the more intimate you are willing to be about the details of your own life, the more universal you are. -- Krista Tippett
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I never give too much thought to the idea of universality. -- Rirkrit Tiravanija
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variety is life; uniformity is death -- Pyotr Kropotkin
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You need to be locally relevant, globally consistent. -- Keith Hernandez
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We declare that the world is not a mosaic, where a plurality of worlds which are essentially strangers to one another are fitted together, but that it is an organism - all of whose parts are governed by the same principle, revealing it and allowing reduction to it. -- Anonymous
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The task of universal pragmatics is to identify and reconstruct universal conditions of possible mutual understanding. -- Jurgen Habermas
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It is because the human experience is universal that human rights are universal. -- Hillary Clinton
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The term "universal" Freemason marks only an arrogant wish and surrenders the efforts of every Freemason away from the beauty of self-determination -- Vasilios Karpos
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In order to understand the universal perspective,
first you have to know more than a version of truth. -- Toba Beta
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It is we who are the measure of what is strange and miraculous: if we sought a universal measure the strange and miraculous would not occur and all things would be equal. -- Georg C. Lichtenberg
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when a consensus forms around the universal applicability of a conclusion from a specific model, the critical assumptions of which are likely to be violated in many settings - as with perfect competition, say, or full consumer information - we have a problem. -- Dani Rodrik
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I call that law universal, which is conformable merely to dictates of nature; for there does exist naturally an universal sense of right and wrong, which, in a certain degree, all intuitively divine, even should no intercourse with each other, nor any compact have existed. -- Aristotle.
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Without the discovery of uniformities there can be no concepts, no classifications, no formulations, no principles, no laws; and without these no science can exist. -- Clyde Kluckhohn
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All beings want to live in peace and happiness, undisturbed. Therefore the concept of human rights is universal. -- Dalai Lama
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Numbers constitute the only universal language. -- Nathanael West
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Unity without uniformity, community without conformity. -- Mac Mackenzie
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Every atom in creation may be said to be acquainted with and married to every other, but with universal union there is a division sufficient in degree for the purposes of the most intense individuality. -- John Muir
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Each point in the universe must make up its own mind on the question of acknowledgement before acknowledgement can be considered universal. -- Vikram Seth
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Localisation stands, at best, at the limits of practical possibility, but it has the decisive argument in its favour that there will be no alternative. -- David Fleming
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The broader and higher aspects of life are international ... There is a goal towards which all nations gravitate, and there is a common ground upon which all nations meet. -- Ameen Rihani
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The World is for All -- Sun Yat-Sen
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The highest creed is Universal Acceptance. -- Abhijit Naskar
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Nothing, in fact, is as universal or as ancient as the iniquitous and absurd; truth and justice, on the contrary, are the least universal, the youngest features in the development of human society. -- Heraklion Press
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The Universal Declaration ... as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations ... it not only crystallizes the political thought of our times on these matters, but it has also influenced the thinking of legislators all over the world. -- Dag Hammarskjold
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God is universal; confined to no spot, defined by no dogma, appropriated by no sect. -- Mary Baker Eddy
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It is the mark of great art that its appeal is universal and eternal. -- Clive Bell
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What makes the Universal Declaration an epochal document is first of all its global impetus and secondly the breadth of its claims, a commitment to a new social contract, binding on all the Governments of the world. -- John Charles Polanyi
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We can most safely achieve truly universal tolerance when we respect that which is characteristic in the individual and in nations, clinging, though, to the conviction that the truly meritorious is unique by belonging to all of mankind. -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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The UN's unique legitimacy flows from a universal perception that it pursues a larger purpose than the interests of one country or a small group of countries. -- Atal Bihari Vajpayee
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Let us have a Universal Mind
that loves and protects all creation
and helps all things grow and develop
To unify mind and body
and become one with the Universe
is the ultimate purpose of our study. -- Koichi Tohei
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The beauty of the cosmos derives not only from unity in variety, but also from variety in unity. -- Umberto Eco
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We early arrive at the great discovery that there is one mind common to all individual men: that what is individual is less than what is universalthat error, vice and disease have their seat in the superficial or individual nature. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Custom reconciles us to every thing. -- Edmund Burke
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That which is good for all and any one,
For whomsoever- that is good for me ...
What I hold good for self, I should for all.
Only Law Universal is true law. -- Zoroaster
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The moment you realise and feel sad that the world does not hear and see you when you are in a small village, your marvellous journey starts towards the universal infinity! If you can be universal, everyone sees you, everyone hears you! Leave your local position! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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When you make the U-turn to the Universal Presence and apply the Universal practices and principles, your life is changed. -- Michael Beckwith
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There is a sea of consciousness that is universal, even though we each perceive it from our own shores, an awareness and a world that we all share, that can be experienced by every living being, yet is seldom seen by any. -- Alberto Villoldo
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The idea of a world commonweal has to be established as the criterion of political institutions, and also as the criterion of general conduct in hundreds of millions of brains. It has to dominate education everywhere in the world. When that end is achieved, then the world state will be achieved ... -- H.g.wells
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Archetypes are universal, and, in subtle or extravagant ways, interchangeable. -- Tanith Lee
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A universal feeling, whether well or ill-founded cannot be safely disregarded. -- Abraham Lincoln