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Vampires aren't the only ones who can hunt.
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I am a big fan of vampires. I've always been obsessed with the genre, and the beautiful romanticism and erotic kind of nature of the immortal being, the undead who lives on human blood.
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I've loved vampires for a very long time. In eighth grade, I guess, my research paper was on vampires.
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Like many of you, I've always been slightly obsessed with vampires, dating back to the prime-time series 'Dark Shadows,' which I followed avidly as a kid.
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A vampire who's afraid of the dark, for Crowley's sake.
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Vampire sea horse monkeys? Are you serious?
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Vampires are like gourmet chocolate - oh, so tempting, but overindulgence is a killer.
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Crawl 'til dawn on my hands and knees Goddamn these vampires for what they've done to me. ~Mountain Goats "Damn These Vampires
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Vampires and humans; we are all monsters in our own way at the end of a dream, or a nightmare.
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The difference between vampires and angels? Angels are real.
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When you think hotness appeal, vampires automatically fall into that category.
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Not all vampires are created equal, you know.
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Look, Mr. uh, Wulf I appreciate your trying to warn me about this, Ireally do. But there's no such thing as vampires. They're made-up. We writers made them up. I'm sorry we did such a good job that we made the whole world paranoid, but it's true. They're fictional. Blame Bram Stoker. He started it.
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I am a vampire, and that is the truth.
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psycho monsters.
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Woo woo, secret vampire stuff!
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Vampires have bright eyes glistening white teeth unnaturally smooth skin and a certain animal magnetism. If they aren't pretty they starve. It's sort of like life in Los Angeles.
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You know those vampire myths? Bollocks to them.
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A vampire is like a Rose. They are beautiful, yet harmful.
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Right. Vampires. But how do they get inside?"
"They fly" ...
"We dont fly," Clary felt impelled to point out.
"No," Jace agreed. "We dont fly. We break and enter." ...
"Flying sounds like more fun."
-Clary & Jace, pg.258-
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What are you say it out loud tell me the basic thing vampires eat
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Into every generation comes a vampire.
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Those were not vampires.
If sunlight makes you sparkle,
you're a unicorn.
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Vampires are slicker than goose shit on a glass window.
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The thing I love about vampires that I find so fascinating is that, unlike other sci-fi creations, they aren't monsters from the get-go, they're human beings first ... and so what kind of human you are would dictate what kind of vampire you would be.
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Vampires were hardly the monsters we were made out to be in fairy tales and television shows. We were hardly different from humans, but for the genetic mutation, fangs, silvering eyes, and periodic penchant for blood.
What? I said hardly different.
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What's next? If there are vampires in there, they probably drink artificial blood plasma substitute.
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I'm a five-hundred-year-old born vampire with an ever-expanding wardrobe, a serious cosmetics addiction, and enough outstanding Visa charges to fund a small third-world country.
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Vampires were fairy tales and magic. They were the wolf in the forest that ran ahead to grandmother's house, the video game big boss who could be hunted without guilt, the monster that tempted you into its bed, the powerful eternal beast one might become. The beautiful dead, la belle mort.
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Vampires pretending to be humans pretending to be vampires ... How avant-garde!
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Vampires in darkness
Hide the bloodstains of the feed
Others in the dark
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Vampires probably don't have great breath.
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A vampire's thirst can only be quenched by the blood of their loved ones.
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The only vampires I've ever seen are the Goths trying to get a glimpse of Anne Rice's house, who drink strawberry sodas and tell each other it's blood.
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Vampires aren't made - they're just born that way, and no one knows why. They're sort of a race unto themselves.
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Humanity is a vampire's greatest weakness.
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You can't trust a vampire, trust me
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I am a sort of vampire, taking the blood of other people.
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A vampire?" He laughed. Upon seeing my face he abruptly stopped. "Oh, you were serious?" he said questioningly.
-Michael Lyons
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When one creates phantoms for oneself, one puts vampires into the world, and one must nourish these children of a voluntary nightmare with one's blood, one's life, one's intellegence, and one's reason, without ever satisfying them.
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There were certain elements of the human world that where out of their control: war, inflation, American Idol ... all things which could cause major irritation to a vampire's daily life.
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Everything you have ever read about vampires - most of it is inaccurate or downright false. We are not beautiful, we don't turn into bats, we don't shrivel up in the sunlight and we are most definitely not afraid of something as fickle as garlic.
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My kind [vampires] does not surprise easily," he said. "You surprised me, this morning. I have thus used up my full quota of shock and consternation for some interval."
I stared at him. "You made a *joke*."
"I have heard this kind of thing may happen ...
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When you put it that way, yuck. I guess when I think of vampire, I picture Brad Pitt or Robert Pattinson. More sexy, lets stinky
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Now, I bought us a movie to watch, the one that has sparkly vampires in it.
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Vampires bore a grudge longer than any technically living creatures, and whenever they were in a bad temper, they expressed themselves through murder.
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Vampires are people too. They've got their own problems, they just drink blood.
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Real life ... Witches: Wiccan practitioners. Werewolves: rare strain of rabies. Zombies: Prions/Plague. Vampires: Hemophilia/Porphyria
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There are vampires and vampires, and not all of them suck blood.
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Between the journeymen, vampires crouched like monstrous gargoyles: hairless, corded with a tight network of steel-hard muscle, and smeared in lime-green and purple sunblock. Bubble-gum-tinted nightmares.
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All vampires are brothers in the brotherhood of night!
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I happen to like vampires more than zombies.
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It is when you see sparkling vampires on television, that you realize just how much the world has changed.
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Myth: Vampires don't exist
Truth: Dead wrong.
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I'm not a vampire but I feel like one
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As everybody knows, chicks dig the vampires.
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I think vampires are a timeless powerful archetype that can tap into people's psyches.
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There's a whole vampire community online - those are some crazy people.
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I was obsessed with vampires when I was 13 or 14.
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Why vampires? You write centuries-long family sagas - why not write historical epics without any hint of the supernatural?"

"Well, that would be boring, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah, God only knows what Tolstoy was thinking.
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Real vampires don't get pain, we give it." Florence da Vinci, Real Vampires Live Large
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The vampires have always been metaphors for me. They've always been vehicles through which I can express things I have felt very, very deeply.
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I read 'Dracula' in high school. I've been around vampires forever.
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Damn it! This chick runs with vampires!
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We're the goddamned hottest vampire hunters ever
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People who say that vampires don't care about anyone except themselves are mostly right - but sometimes they are very and lethally wrong.
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Nora said, "I thought vampires drank virgin blood. They hypnotize ... they turn into bats ... " Setrakian said, "They are much romanticized. But the truth is more ... how should I say?" "Perverse," said Eph. "Disgusting," said Nora.
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Vampires should be pretty much like mean girls, all the time, only amazing at it. Flawless. They've had time.
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Vampires are total sexual metaphors; there's just no way around that.
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Zombies are the new vampire.
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Vampire in real life aren't like the ones in the movies. They weren't going to be playing baseball in a thunderstorm.
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What's your name?"
"What do you want it to be?"
"Are you a vampire?"
"Not the last time I checked.
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Then you ask: what, within this cosmos, is the opposite of a vampire? The answer is obvious. The opposite of a vampire is a werewolf.
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Vampires can live a very long time, theoretically forever, which means their idea of getting down to business can be damn leisurely.
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How do you kill a vampire?
"Silver bullets?"
"That's werewolves."
"Cloves of garlic?"
"That's French bread.
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You shouldn't be afraid of me because I'm a vampire. You ought to be scared because you just trash-talked my girlfriend to her face.
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Vampires are immortal, you can do whatever you want, and get away with it. And there's the seduction part of course, sex is a big part of the vampire thing.
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Ha," I said. "Oh, ha-ha. Yeah, 'cause they love me. You see how many vampires are up here? Zero, right?"
One," said Eric, stepping out of the stairwell.
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Vampires often turn on those who trust them. We don't have human values, you know." "A lot of humans turn on those who trust them," I pointed out. I can be practical. "I'm not a total fool.
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Vampires can do whatever they want whenever they want, like fly around all the time. Plus, girls love vampires. Maybe they don't want to admit it, but they do, which is a plus.
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I think vampires would want to find a way to stay attached to the living, the way human beings do, and that is through love, interrelations and meaning.
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What is it with girls and vampires?" charlie asked, trying to smile.
"They're pretty and they sparkle in the sun, just like unicorns."
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You treat me as if I was a feeble Human who couldn't survive without your help, but I am a MASTER bloody VAMPIRE. (Bones to Cat - Ch 16, pg. 174)
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We watched Vamps hunting Vamps, Vamp hunters and Witches torching Vamps, teenage girls kissing Vamps. And we giggled and swooned through it all.
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Vampire fans read the vampire not as death but as possibility
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Vampires love to gossip. They live for drama...
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Stephenie Meyer: Her vampires are sparkly, which I think we can all agree is wrong.
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Vampires don't live at all," she points out, "neither do we."
She has me there. "Fine, I'll go. But when Kurt leads his minions in a march around the cemetary with our heads on sticks, don't say I didn't warn you.
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So turn off the television - in fact, why don't you turn off all the lights except for the one over your favorite chair? - and we'll talk about vampires here in the dim. I think I can make you believe in them, because while I was working on this book, I believed in them myself.
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Before vampires were aesthetically appealing, they were physical anomalies and ostracized outsiders whom we banished to the dark, and they didn't have the appeal that they do now.
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There are humans, and there are ghosts. Vampires are just in a different state of transition. Not part of the human world and not part of the spirit world. We are just caught somewhere in between life and the real death." - Quinn Forrester-Song of the Vampire
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Holy shit! That's a vampire. He's writing a vampire novel. And I thought, this is the most tired cliche that anybody could dredge up out of the genre, and he just made it jump.
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Vampires always order hot drinks. They aren't going to drink them; but they can feel the warmth and smell them if they're hot, and that is so good.
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Awkwardness, thy name is vampire.
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Blood-sucking vampires don't need the blood. They need the emotions, the sensations carried in the blood.
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Vampires have risen from the dead, the grave, and the crypt, but have never managed it from the cat.
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So, been attacked by any vampires yet?"
"Not one."
"Zombies? Giant spiders? Water monsters?"
It's been really quiet on the supernatural front"
"Too bad, 'cause I got attacked by a devil dog. It was not awesome.
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We love a lot of vampire fiction - both fiction in which the vampires are enemies to be battled or stone cold foxes to be dated.
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These vampires don't sparkle
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You, my dear, are a creature of the night, you are a vampire.