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Virtue is her own reward. -- John Dryden
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The word "virtue" was once found in so many ancient quotes, yet now seems lost in our modern lives. -- Robert Colton
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Virtue holds eternity in its hands. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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The whole of virtue consists in its practice. -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Virtue only is the true beauty. -- Samuel Richardson
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Virtue does not consist in the absence of the passions, but in the control of them. -- Josh Billings
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Virtue isn't not wronging others but not wishing to wrong others. -- Democritus
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On Virtue - Goodness is its own reward. It has to be; nothing else rewards it. -- Marsha Hinds
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Your virtue is the health of your soul. -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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Virtue is not vouchsafed to a soul unless that soul has been trained and taught, and by unremitting practice brought to perfection. -- Seneca.
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Virtue is not always amiable. -- John Adams
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Virtue is shut out from no one; she is open to all, accepts all, invites all, gentlemen, freedmen, slaves, kings, and exiles; she selects neither house nor fortune; she is satisfied with a human being without adjuncts. -- Seneca The Younger
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Virtue can have naught to do with ease ... It craves a steep and thorny path. -- Michel De Montaigne
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Virtue with some is nothing but successful temerity. -- Seneca The Younger
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Virtue is simply happiness, and happiness is a by-product of function. You are happy when you are functioning. -- William S. Burroughs
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Virtue which shuns, the day. -- Joseph Addison
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What constitutes virtue, Mrs Graham? Is it the circumstance of being able and willing to resist temptation; or that of having no temptations to resist? -- Anne Bronte
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Virtue is voluntary, vice involuntary. -- Plato
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Virtue is to herself the best reward. -- Henry More
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Is virtue a thing remote? I wish to be virtuous, and lo! Virtue is at hand. -- Confucius
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Virtue is in the mind, not in the appearance. -- Saadi
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Virtue alone is true nobility. -- William Gifford
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Virtue is everywhere that which is thought praiseworthy; and nothing else but that which has the allowance of public esteem is called virtue. -- John Locke
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Virtue may be cheerful without forgetting its dignity. -- Statius
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Virtue is not a mushroom, that springeth up of itself in one night when we are asleep, or regard it not; but a delicate plant, that groweth slowly and tenderly, needing much pains to cultivate it, much care to guard it, much time to mature it, in our untoward soil, in this world's unkindly weather. -- Isaac Barrow
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Virtue is not left to stand alone. He who practices it will have neighbors. -- Confucius
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Hast thou virtue? acquire also the graces and beauties of virtue. -- Benjamin Franklin
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Deliberate virtue is never worth much: The virtue of feeling or habit is the thing. -- Georg C. Lichtenberg
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Virtue is like precious odours, most fragrant when it is crushed. -- Emmuska Orczy
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Virtue is the fount whence honor springs. -- Christopher Marlowe
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In the approach to virtue there are many steps. -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Virtue begins with understanding and is fulfilled by courage. -- Demosthenes
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The actions from which [virtue] was produced are also those in which it is exercised. -- Aristotle.
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I say that virtue is really all about enjoying yourself, living fully; but of course it is far from obvious what living fully actually means. -- Terry Eagleton
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Nothing so likely to make a man's fortune as virtue. -- Benjamin Franklin
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We have been fortunate enough to live at a time when virtue, though it does not triumph, is nonetheless not always tormented by attack dogs. Beaten down, sickly, virtue has now been allowed to enter in all its tatters and sit in the corner, as long as it doesn't raise its voice. -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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Virtue, perhaps, is nothing more than politeness of soul. -- Honore De Balzac
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Virtue is that perfect good, which is the complement of a happy life; the only immortal thing that belongs to mortality. -- Seneca The Younger
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Virtue is not solitary; it is bound to have neighbors -- Confucius
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Virtue alone has majesty in death. -- Edward Young
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Without Virtue there can be no liberty -- Benjamin Rush
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Virtue is the golden mean between two vices, the one of excess and the other of deficiency. -- Aristotle.
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Virtue in its grandest aspect is neither more nor less than following reason. -- Laozi
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Is virtue something that can be taught? -- Plato
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Virtue debases itself in justifying itself. -- Voltaire
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For 'activity in conformity with virtue' involves virtue. -- Aristotle.
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Virtue is never left to stand alone. He who has it will have neighbors. -- Confucius
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Virtue lies in moderation -- Aristotle.
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Virtue hath no virtue if it be not impugned; then appeareth how great it is, of what value and power it is, when by patience it approveth what it works. -- Seneca The Younger
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Virtue springs from love.
Love springs from God. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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Virtue is not hereditary. -- Thomas Paine
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There is a kind of virtue that lies not in extraordinary actions, not in saving poor orphans from burning buildings, but in steadfastly working for a world where orphans are not poor and buildings comply with decent fire codes. -- Randy Cohen
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Virtue is chok'd with foul ambition -- William Shakespeare
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Virtue is a beautiful thing in woman when they don't go about with it like a child with a drum making all sorts of noise with it. -- Douglas William Jerrold
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Virtue is like precious odours, more fragrant when they are incensed or crushed; for prosperity doth best discover vice, but adversity doth best discover virtue. -- Francis Bacon
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Virtue is nothing but an act of loving that which is to be beloved, and that act is prudence, from whence not to be removed by constraint is fortitude; not to be allured by enticements is temperance; not to be diverted by pride is justice. -- Francis Quarles
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Virtue herself is her own fairest reward. -- Silius Italicus
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Successful villany is called virtue. -- Seneca The Younger
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Virtue is the fragrance of the flowers which the tree of life puts forth. Educated people must be identified in society by their strict adherence to virtue, not by more skilled methods of escaping the consequences of vice. -- Sathya Sai Baba
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Virtue consists, not in abstaining from vice, but in not desiring it. -- George Bernard Shaw
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For virtue only finds eternal Fame. -- Petrarch
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Knowledge is one thing, virtue is another. -- John Henry Newman
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We have next to consider the formal definition of virtue. -- Aristotle.
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The sentiment of virtue is a reverence and delight in the presence of certain divine laws. It perceives that this homely game of life we play, covers, under what seem foolish details, principles that astonish. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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That which men call virtue is usually no more than a phantom formed by our passions, to which one gives an honest name in order to do with impunity whatever one wishes. -- La Rochefoucauld
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Successful and fortunate crime is called virtue. -- Lucius Annaeus Seneca
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What the world calls virtue is a name and a dream without Christ. The foundation of all human excellence must be laid deep in the blood of the Redeemer's cross, and in the power of His resurrection. -- Frederick William Robertson
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Kindness is virtue itself. -- Alphonse De Lamartine
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Virtue, once bragged about, once you pride yourself upon it, ceases to be such. -- Ameen Rihani
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Virtue consists in doing our duty in the several relations we sustain, in respect to ourselves, to our fellowmen, and to God, as known from reason, conscience, and revelation. -- Archibald Alexander
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The great theatre for virtue is conscience. -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Virtue is always too much of a piece and too ignorant of those shades of feeling and of temperament that enable us to squint when we are placed in a false position. -- Honore De Balzac
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There is no virtue if there is no immortality. -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Virtue is not an end in itself. Virtue is not its own reward or sacrificial fodder for the reward of evil. Life is the reward of virtue-and happiness is the goal and the reward of life. -- Ayn Rand
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Virtue is an excellent thing and we should all strive after it, but it can sometimes be a little depressing. -- Barbara Pym
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Crime when it succeeds is called virtue. -- Lucius Annaeus Seneca
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The infinite, absolute character of Virtue has passed into a finite, conditional one; it is no longer a worship of the Beautiful and Good; but a calculation of the Profitable. -- Thomas Carlyle
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I've come to believe that virtue isn't a condition of character. It's an elected action. It's a choice we keep making, over and over, hoping that someday we'll create a habit so strong it will carry us through our bouts of pettiness and meanness. -- Rhoda Janzen
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Virtue consisteth of three parts,
temperance, fortitude, and justice. -- Epicurus
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Virtue is the truest liberty. -- Owen Feltham
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Virtue is not merely a state in conformity with the right principle, but one that implies the right principle; and the right principle in moral conduct is prudence. -- Aristotle.
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The only reward of virtue is virtue. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Virtue has many preachers, but few martyrs. -- Claude Adrien Helvetius
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To practice virtue is to selflessly offer assistance to others, giving without limitation one's time, abilities, and possessions in service, whenever and wherever needed, without prejudice concerning the identity of those in need. -- Laozi
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A virtue that only causes havoc and unhappiness is worth nothing. You can call it virtue if you like. I call it cowardice. -- W. Somerset Maugham
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I don't think virtue has a downside. I think human nature does ... -- Catherine Brady
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Most virtue lies between two vices. -- Horace
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The height and value of true virtue consists in the facility, utility, and pleasure of its exercise; so far from difficulty, that boys, as well as men, and the innocent as well as the subtle, may make it their own; and it is by order and good conduct, and not by force, that it is to be acquired. -- Michel De Montaigne
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If being alive is not a virtue, then there is little virtue in virtue. -- Tom Robbins
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Virtue lies in the middle ground. -- Jose Rizal
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Virtue makes for a cold bed. -- Ava Zavora
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Virtue knows to a farthing what it has lost by not having been vice. -- Horace Walpole
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Too much virtue can be criminal. -- Jean Racine
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Virtue by premeditation isn't worth much. -- Georg C. Lichtenberg
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Virtue is only a conflict by which we get the mastery of our failings; that, by which every man proves his peculiar power of understanding the will and spirit of God, is only a silent working of the inner man. -- Friedrich Schleiermacher
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I am a citizen of the world, and I have met, in my time, with so many different sorts of virtue, that I am puzzled, in my old age, to say which is the right sort and which is the wrong. -- Wilkie Collins
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Virtue lies half way between two opposite vices. -- Horace
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Virtue and decency are so nearly related that it is difficult to separate them from each other but in our imagination. -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Whilst weakness and timidity keep us to our duty, virtue has often all the honor. -- Francois De La Rochefoucauld
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Virtue alone is sweet society,
It keeps the key to all heroic hearts,
And opens you a welcome in them all. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson