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It's the mind that sees, not eyes. -- Toba Beta
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Eyes sense what mind sees. -- Toba Beta
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A vision has to be within reach not in the air. It has to be achievable. -- Dhirubhai Ambani
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Vision comes alive when everyone sees where his or her contribution makes a difference. -- Ken Blanchard
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Vision with action makes a powerful reality. -- Ron Kaufman
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Vision is a strong tool for increase -- Sunday Adelaja
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Your vision is like a seed, which a sower sows in the ground -- Sunday Adelaja
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Perception starts with the eye. -- Aristotle.
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Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion. -- Bill Hybels
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Real vision dies only when life dies. Once we live, we hope, we yearn for and we aspire to have something! -- Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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Vision looks inward and becomes duty. -- Stephen Samuel Wise
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Vision is more than looking. -- David Eagleman
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Vision is the foresight or forecast or insight into the future. Vision is the picture of one's destiny or accomplishment, or simply what a person is meant to do or become. -- Israelmore Ayivor
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Vision lifts you up. It makes you smile a secret smile because you know that you have something very special to share. What is your vision? -- Debbie Ford
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True vision is the ability to see in another more than they are showing you. -- Neale Donald Walsch
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A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more. -- Rosabeth Moss Kanter
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A vision is something supernatural, which develops in the heart of a man -- Sunday Adelaja
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True vision is always twofold. It involves emotional comprehension as well as physical perception. Yet how rarely we have either. We generally only glance at an object long enough to tag it with a name. -- Ross Parmenter
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Vision looks inwards and becomes duty. Vision looks outwards and becomes aspiration. Vision looks upwards and becomes faith. -- Stephen Samuel Wise
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Creation begins with vision. -- Henri Matisse
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It is not enough to have a vision. In order to have its power, you must enact your vision on earth for all to see. Only then do you have the power. -- Black Elk
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He who has a mind has thoughts and he who has thoughts has vision! Think vision. Produce vision! -- Darnaya Darice
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Without a vision human beings are nasty creatures. -- Starhawk
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My years with failing vision have prompted me to learn about the nature of the eye and the incredible gift of sight, which I had always taken for granted until it began to slip away. -- Henry Grunwald
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A visual sense is something you either have or you don't. -- Elliott Erwitt
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Vision is not enough, it must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs. -- Vaclav Havel
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Without vision a people perishes. -- Solomon
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Vision stands on the shoulders of what is actual to get a better view of what is possible. -- Mary Anne Radmacher
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Vision differentiates between a follower and a leader. -- Debasish Mridha
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important and vision is critical, but -- Zig Ziglar
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The ability to see the good in others and the bad in ourselves is perfect vision. -- John Wooden
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The vision is true north for the soul. It is a permanent, intuitive compass direction for a human being. Every person inevitably strays from the path. Life is an endless experiment and course correction. The vision brings one back to the true path. -- Thomas G. Bandy
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My vision is my best attribute. I can see everything. -- Marshall Faulk
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Vision is the most powerful weapon in the leader's arsenal. -- Bill Hybels
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The eye is a menace to clear sight. -- Ad Reinhardt
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A vision is distant voyage. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Sight is what you see with your eyes, vision is what you see with your mind. -- Robert Kiyosaki
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To say someone is a vision is to pay them a great compliment. If you say that they look a sight it is a grave insult. -- Teresa Monachino
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Vision is the true creative rhythm. -- Robert Delaunay
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Vision looks upward and becomes faith. -- Stephen Samuel Wise
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Do not allow the vision to die in your heart -- Sunday Adelaja
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Vision gets the dreams started. -- Emmitt Smith
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If you don't have a vision you're going to be stuck in what you know. And the only thing you know is what you've already seen. -- Iyanla Vanzant
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Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful. -- Helen Keller
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Vision is the end of religion. -- William Blake
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Our vision will become clear only when you can look into your heart. who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakens -- Robin S. Sharma
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We are immensed in beauty, but our eyes have no clear vision. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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The eye observes only what the mind, the heart, and the imagination are gifted to see; and sight must be reinforced by insight before souls can be discerned as well as manners, ideas as well as objects, realities and relations as well as appearances and accidental connections. -- Edwin Percy Whipple
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We do not see with our eyes, but through them. -- Ken Danby
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For visions come not to polluted eyes. -- Mary Howitt
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Vision are future happens. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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In order to get somewhere in life, you need to have a vision. The vision brings you to the table. Without a vision, you just do what everybody else does and you are just there. -- Michael Schenker
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If you have a vision, do something with it. -- Anthony J. D'angelo
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If you don't have a vision, you can never be focused in a direction. -- T. B. Joshua
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Pictures, propagated by motion along the fibers of the optic nerves in the brain, are the cause of vision. -- Isaac Newton
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WE DO NOT SEE with our eyes. We see with our brains. -- John Medina
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Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, wishes. Who looks inside, finds infinite wisdom. -- Sereda Aleta Dailey
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Increase in vision comes with wisdom to reap the harvest -- Sunday Adelaja
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Your sight must become an insight; it must be turned within and used to purify and clarify your mind. -- Sathya Sai Baba
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Your sight takes you where there is light ... But your visions can take you through the dark places! Maintain your sight, but add your visions! -- Israelmore Ayivor
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Vision is seeing a future state with the mind's eye. Vision is applied imagination. -- Stephen Covey
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Without a vision, we are easy destructed by the storm's of life. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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It's one thing to see a vision; it's another thing to be seized by a vision. -- Bill Hybels
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I want to expose and evaluate the fact that the seeing and sensing process is a system that should not be taken for granted as natural - it's a cultivated means of reality production that, as a system, can be negotiated and changed. -- Olafur Eliasson
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The eye is the most refined of our senses, the one which communicates most directly with our mind, our consciousness. -- Robert Delaunay
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Vision motivates, sustains and dispels doubt. -- Thomas Young
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Find your vision, and let it guide you in all that you do. If you lack vision, look inside yourself. Draw on your natural gifts and desires. -- John C. Maxwell
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If your vision is great, you become great. -- Debasish Mridha
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As soon as you see what you're looking at you have a name for it. You don't see it. The whole process of your thinking is not to see. You overcome sight by thinking ... -- Milton Resnick
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Vision is success in the future -- Sunday Adelaja
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I see through my eyes, not with them. -- William Blake
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The faculty of vision can vary from person to person. On the other hand, we can rely on what our reason tells us because that is the same for everyone -- Jostein Gaarder
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Seeing comes from the inside, from the heart, from life's experiences. -- Ruth Bernhard
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If you don't have a vision, nothing happens. -- Christopher Reeve
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Eyesight can be so blinding. We need to look beyond the face of things. -- Fennel Hudson
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The eye sees all, but the mind shows us what we want to see. -- William Shakespeare
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I have had my vision. -- Virginia Woolf
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Perception is a powerful tool. -- Shannon Lee Alexander
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Your eyes, brilliant as shop windows Or as blazing lamp-stands at public festivals, Insolently use a borrowed power Without ever knowing the law of their beauty. Blind, -- Charles Baudelaire
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The vision helps you overcome the fear which is from the devil -- Sunday Adelaja
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Sight is a slick and overbearing autocrat, trumpeting its prodigal knowledge and perceptions so forcefully that it drowns out the other, subtler senses. -- Rosemary Mahoney
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Most of us who have healthy eyesight are extremely attached to our vision, often without being conscious that we are. We depend heavily on our eyes, and yet we rarely give them a second thought. I, at least, am this way. The physical world is almost hyper-vivid to me. -- Rosemary Mahoney
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The eye encompasses the beauty of the whole world. -- Leonardo Da Vinci
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You, a person with a vision, are like a pebble in a stream, moving ever outward to infinity, impacting on all who come into contact with the ripple. -- Wayne Dyer
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Vision creates faith and faith creates willpower. With faith there is no anxiety and no doubt - just absolute confidence in yourself. -- Arnold Schwarzenegger
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My vision is a world of accessible intuition. -- Viola Spolin
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The consciousness of the seer, is a greater power for knowledge than the consciousness of the thinker. The perceptual power of the inner sight is greater and more direct than the perceptual power of thought: ... -- Sri Aurobindo
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Our sight is the most perfect and most delightful of all our senses. It fills the mind with the largest variety of ideas, converses with its objects at the greatest distance, and continues the longest in action without being tired or satiated with its proper enjoyments. -- Joseph Addison
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Your vision will be clearer only when you manage to see within your heart. -- Carl Jung
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Train your eyes: they were made to see more than you think. -- Paulo Coelho
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You can have the finest pen, typewriter, or computer, but without a set of eyes that truly see the world, you might as well have none of it. -- Thurman P. Banks Jr.
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"When we do not know what harbor we are making for," the Roman philosopher Seneca wrote, "no wind is the right wind." Persons have vision only when they have a dream that drives them on. -- Joan D. Chittister
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Only a vision - that is what one must have. -- Ernst Haas
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A clear vision makes the soul merry -- Sunday Adelaja
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Vision looks outward and becomes aspiration. -- Stephen Samuel Wise
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Eyesight should learn from reason. -- Johannes Kepler
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Replacing human vision is more than just a tool: we need to understand how that affects the brain. -- Brendan Iribe
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If one were blind, one can simply focus on a feeling. -- Frederick Lenz
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Your vision is not only in your heart but also in the heart of God -- Sunday Adelaja
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It is only with the eye that one can see rightly -- Sarah J. Maas