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My dad was a bartender that worked banquets. -- Marco Rubio
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There are people with otherwise chaotic and disorganized lives, a certain type of person that's always found a home in the restaurant business in much the same way that a lot of people find a home in the military. -- Anthony Bourdain
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Sterling Maids clean up with some sexy fun.
-- Sahalie Blue
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They also serve who only stand and wait. -- John Milton
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Also usually employed one or more resident physicians, barbers, priests, painters, musicians, minstrels, secretaries and copyists, an astrologer, a jester, and a dwarf, besides pages and squires. -- Barbara W. Tuchman
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I've got a very nice staff here. People with patience, you know, and good temper, and not too brainy, because if you have people who are brainy, they are bound to be very impatient. -- Agatha Christie
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I've never been a waitress, hostess, bartender or any of the typical side jobs you'd expect an actor to have. This is partly because I've always been afraid of dropping plates on customer's heads. -- Candace Kita
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a flesh-and-blood waiter and therefore as rare in San Francisco as a flying horse, -- Christie Golden
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I tried to hostess ... but they fired me after four days because I couldn't figure out how seating plans worked. -- Taylor Schilling
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Quiet customers get served first. -- Jeremy Robert Johnson
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Friend, the cleaning lady, the bank clerk. But be careful: -- Joel Dicker
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By the boats in the harbor. What else would you like to know?" "You plan to keep him tomorrow night?" "I get thirty-six hours, once a month. That's 9:00 a.m. tomorrow until 9:00 p.m. Sunday. Do the math. It's not that complicated." The waiter pops in to -- John Grisham
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Those bellhops in Miami are tip-happy. I ordered a deck of playing cards and the bellboy made fifty-two trips to my room. -- Henny Youngman
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Waiter: "Tea or coffee, gentlemen?" First customer: "I'll have tea." Second customer: "Me too - and be sure the glass is clean!" (WAITER EXITS, RETURNS) Waiter: "Two teas. Which one asked for the clean glass? -- Leo Rosten
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Editors may think of themselves as dignified headwaiters in a well-run restaurant but more often [they] operate a snack bar ... and expect you to be grateful that at least they got the food to the table warm. -- Thomas B. Griffith
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I was working in restaurants as a captain and as a waiter. -- Sally Schneider
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Not only serve the meal, they offer to cut the meat. -- Isabel Allende
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Who needs one more chef in one more building with four walls and a kitchen? -- Jose Andres
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I don't think you should be allowed to eat in a restaurant if you haven't waited tables at least once. It's so irritating when I see people being rude to waiters, like, it makes me want to slit their throats! Like, really? You're really this inconsiderate? -- Lizzy Caplan
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People never bothered to pay attention to those who served them. Waiters and drivers were the most invisible people in the world. -- Ayelet Waldman
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All that changing of plates and flapping of napkins while you wait 40 minutes for your food. -- Hugh Casson
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business of the house with guests. -- Lola Grace Stevens
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There are a lot of people who wait tables. And especially because you can do it at night and you can do your work in the day, she and I had a very similar experience. -- Piper Perabo
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It is a good thing that life is not as serious as it seems to a waiter. -- Don Herold
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First you use machines, then you wear machines, and then ... ? Then you serve machines. -- John Brunner
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I've been in the service industry. I've bar-tended. I've waited tables, and I've worked at pizza places; I've made pizza. I've had a lot of jobs, and many of them were in the food service industry. -- Jon Favreau
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Customer service. That is what it means. -- Jon Jones
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Clerks get into the damnedest wrangles
which is the way they help me. -- William J. Brennan
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How someone treats a waiter or doorman can tell you so much about a person. -- Austin Butler
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Well, I got people that help me with the restaurant. I don't have to be at the restaurant 24 hours a day. -- Mickey Gilley
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Waitress!" Hedge called. "Six double espressos, and whatever these guys want. Put it on the girl's tab. -- Rick Riordan
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I worked in restaurants the first half of my life. -- Bradley Cooper
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I definitely had fun being a waiter. I can't say for sure that I was a good waiter. I think that I made people have a good time. -- John Krasinski
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Aside from hospitality and delicious food, our [restaurateurs'] job is to entertain people. Restaurants should make people feel special, excited and fulfilled. -- Joe Bastianich
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The restaurant industry is brutal. -- Rene Redzepi
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I've worked in a call centre and as a nightclub waitress. I served champagne to Rihanna. -- Fleur East
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My mother was a waitress in a Lyons Corner House, but she married up. She was keen on bettering herself. She taught me how to use the right knives and forks and behave properly. -- Charles Dance
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As a former gas station attendant, parking lot attendant, medical resident and current Goldman Sachs screwee, I am offended. -- Michael Lewis
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In Manhattan, every flat surface is a potential stage and every inattentive waiter an unemployed, possibly unemployable, actor. -- Quentin Crisp
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I had a job at this French restaurant, and I hated it. I don't like serving; I don't like getting people ketchup. -- Chris Pine
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All the beautiful waitresses existed like eternal responsibilities. -- Spalding Gray
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My first waitress job was at Johnny Rockets in New Jersey, and then I waited tables at a sports bar. -- Melissa Rauch
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Restaurants are like kids. You hope you understand their innate gifts, and then you let them realize their aspirations. -- Danny Meyer
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with a cluster of other servants. -- Mary Balogh
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What do hookers do on their nights off, type? -- Elayne Boosler
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There are a lot of people who touch the customer. -- Roger Staubach
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A diner having a row with a waiter in a swanky restaurant chills the blood in a way that a quarrel over a pizza order elsewhere would never do. Compassion is rarely the custom of the privileged. -- Derren Brown
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What are you doing to serve your customers a little more every day? -- John Di Lemme
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In the rather informal survey I have taken over the years on intensity of interest in food by profession, lawyers rank only a few trades below concert pianists ... -- Calvin Trillin
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I am not a fan of people who abuse service staff. In fact, I find it intolerable. It's an unpardonable sin as far as I'm concerned, taking out personal business or some other kind of dissatisfaction on a waiter or busboy. -- Anthony Bourdain
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Librarian is a service occupation. Gas station attendant of the mind. -- Richard Powers
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chefs, the Guatemalans, sometimes -- Jonathan Kellerman
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I was a lousy waiter, dealing with people and having people in your face like that. -- Judge Reinhold
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I was a waitress years ago when I was first trying to become an actress, waiting tables in New York City. -- Kim Dickens
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When I was a waiter, I wanted to be the best waiter I could be and worked to be better at it every day. -- Robert Herjavec
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TIPS! How people want tips! They crave not only to get them but to give them. -- Edwin Lefevre
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Then the butcher, the baker and the owner of a gift shop. -- Anonymous
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It's ironic that retailers and restaurants live or die on customer service, yet their employees have some of the lowest pay and worst benefits of any industry. That's one reason so many retail experiences are mediocre for the public. -- Howard Schultz
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what are you?" he asked. "I'm a waitress. -- Charlaine Harris
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I don't go to restaurants, I go to tables. -- Langdon Winner
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Fancy Restaurant: one that serves cold soup on purpose. -- Doug Larson
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The vast majority (over 80 percent) of fast-food and similar low wage service jobs (<$9.24 r)="" are="" held="" by="" adults.="" a="" quarter="" are="" adults="" over="" 40.="" another="" quarter="" are="" moms="" raising="" kids.="" -=""> -- David Rolf
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I really believe waiting tables, and service industry jobs in general, make you a better person. -- Judy Greer
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Never keep long and be waiting. Waiters and quitters have just a slight difference but a common end. -- Israelmore Ayivor
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Restaurants are minefields for the socially inept -- Graeme Simsion
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paying the McDonalds' delivery boy. As -- Gary Daly
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Chefs work with food, artists with oil paint, programmers with code. -- Steve Lohr
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The New York waiter ... knows more than you do about everything. He disapproves of your taste in food and clothing, your gauche manners, your miserliness, and sometimes, it seems, of your very existence, which he tries to ignore. -- Kate Simon
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Like the theater, offering food and hospitality to people is a matter of showmanship, and no matter how simple the performance, unless you do it well, with love and originality, you have a flop on your hands. -- James Beard
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Foreign visitors ... how impressed you all are with foreign visitors! But they come in many different varieties. -- Mikhail Bulgakov
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Lord, help me to wait upon my Master. Let me leave all idea of honour to the hour when thou thyself shalt honour me. May thy Holy Spirit make me a lowly and patient worker and waiter! -- Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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You go to New York or L.A., and every waiter wants to be a writer, director or actor. But there's a common thread: everybody wants to do it because they love it. -- Gillian Alexy
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Waiter! raw beef-steak for the gentleman's eye,-nothing like raw beef-steak for a bruise, sir; cold lamp-post very good, but lamp-post inconvenient-damned odd standing in the open street half-an-hour, with your eye against a lamp. -- Charles Dickens
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I bartended for a catering company for two or three years. -- Hank Azaria
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So much depends on the constant cooperation of well-trained servants. Without it, the best bred of hostesses is placed at a disadvantage. -- Lucy Lethbridge
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People use restaurants to do business, to do politics, to socialize. -- Danny Meyer
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In any other job, they're truck drivers. In show-biz, they're Transportation Captains. -- Drew Carey
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You always get that one customer that decides that your name is boy. Or something. It certainly reinforces a respect I already had for people that are in the hospitality industry. -- Ryan Reynolds
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...Hardly. A ragged apron does not a waiter make. -- Eoin Colfer
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In 2008, Milton Sheppard opened the Waiter Training School in the Bronx, N.Y., charging $175 for courses, but the business soon ran out of money. He now operates a clown college in the same space. -- David Sax
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A man who goes into a restaurant and blatantly disrespects the servers shows a strong discontent with his own being. Deep down he knows that restaurant service is the closest thing he will ever experience to being served like a king. -- Criss Jami
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I was dating a guy once who spoke rudely to a taxi driver. I got out of the cab and walked home. Treat people with respect. I've waited tables, and that's why I just exceedingly overtip. It's exhausting work. -- Kesha
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If you're a waiter, the worst thing you can do is go to work resenting your job. This will sound trite - but it's the reality, and part of my personality - yet when I was a waiter, I tried to be the best waiter, and when I was a bingo-caller I tried to be the best bingo-caller. -- Russell Crowe
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French zombie chauffeur. -- Rick Riordan
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Chef: Any cook who swears in French. -- Henry Beard
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Screwdrivers, women who screw drivers. -- Paige Toon
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Servers make very little in regular wages and largely rely on tips to pay the bills and budget for weeks ahead. -- Kevin Mccarthy
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A dinery server behaving like a pureblood attracts trouble; trouble attracts blame; blame demands a scrapegoat. -- David Mitchell
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Men who only live to eat. -- Juvenal
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People complain that chefs aren't at their restaurants anymore, but I don't think that's the case at all. You see them on TV and you assume they're not working but they are. -- Michael Symon
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I feel so fortunate and lucky I don't have to be a waitress or a bartender or a personal trainer. -- Abbie Cobb
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Cooks are an undervalued, awesome profession. -- Tom Douglas
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I don't know any group of professionals that mobilize as fast and as often as chefs do when there are people who are in need. -- Jose Andres
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I won't hire someone or date a girl who has not worked in a restaurant, and that's the honest truth. I don't think you know how it is until you've worked in a restaurant. -- Casey Neistat
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A simple job for simple people. -- Curly Howard
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You have to think of a restaurant as a series of impressions. But what makes my job so great is there's no one answer that's right for every restaurant. -- David Rockwell
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'Concierge' comes from the Latin for 'slave.' -- Ben Elliot
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I feel like being a door person was like college in a sense. I could watch comedy on a professional level seven nights a week without paying, and they would pay me a nominal amount of money to be there. -- Mike Birbiglia
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The most indispensable qualification of a cook is punctuality. The same must be said of guests. -- Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
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I'll do shoes for the lady who lunches, but it would be, like, a really nasty lunch, talking about men. But where I draw the line, what I absolutely won't do, is the lady who plays bridge in the afternoon! -- Christian Louboutin