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Wolf - tis what he is. He's not blackhearted like some men. 'Tis no heart he has at all. -- Jack London
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How do you express a skinny blonde werewolf and a former toad in a cake? -- Elizabeth A. Reeves
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I had a werewolf morning. Awoke with a rum hangover, imagined blood on the walls, and prayed to god it was mine. -- Randy Wayne
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Wolves are the witches of the animal world. -- Katherine Rundell
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I don't care for werewolves. They're all right, I guess, if you go for the shedding, savaging the country-side thing. But they're not very scary nor very sexy and so what's the point? -- Maggie Stiefvater
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Half-man, half-beast, all nightmare. The shapeshifter warrior form. -- Ilona Andrews
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If Clay snarled and raged, he was a proper werewolf. If I did, I was a hysterical woman. -- Kelley Armstrong
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Bloodlust?" "Yes, Father. I have the overpowering desire to devour human beings when the moon is full. God is totally responsible for my condition. He made me a werewolf. It wasn't my choice. -- Billy Wells
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A werewolf who fights with sword and dagger," he said, "is as unnatural as a dog who eats with a fork and a knife. -- Cassandra Clare
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Where does a werewolf sleep? Anywhere he wants to. -- Patricia Briggs
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Vampires, fairies, and werewolves. Oh my! -- Sara Trimble
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I will howl for you, human boy ( ... ). I will hunt you in my girl skin but I'll
celebrate as wolf. -- Annette Curtis Klause
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Is the werewolf community so afraid of one little half human? -- Chudney Thomas
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Werewolves and Arabians. It's like chocolate and peanut butter - a delicious combination. -- Anne Bishop
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I saw a Werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand -- Warren Zevon
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With all due respect to Taylor Lautner and his 18-pack abs, my werewolf is going to be 100 times cooler! -- Michael Trevino
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Bloodthirsty, thy name is Momma Wolf. -- Carrie Ann Ryan
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If it wasn't for werewolf cousins, there'd be far fewer fashion interns, It boys, graphic novelists, bespoke shoe boutiques, and sushi-haggis fusion restaurants in the world. -- Alexis Hall
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Vampire, come to me... -- Rose Wynters
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Well, you are a werewolf, Scottish, naked, and covered in blood, and I am still holding your hand." He -- Gail Carriger
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There are two ways to write a werewolf novel - you can examine the genre conventions, or you can say, 'What would it be like if I were a werewolf?' -- Glen Duncan
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I'm no werewolf, and I'm tired of hearing the word. I'm a Changeling, okay? And either you trust me or we call it quits right here. It was Travis's turn to fold his arms, as if he was daring her to convince him. -- Dani Harper
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Wolf! Right here and now! -- Peter Straub
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Silly cop, I don't need your help; I have a werewolf on retainer. -- Kevin Hearne
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Werewolf is a simple game for a large group of people (seven or more.) It requires no equipment besides some bits of paper; you can play it just sitting in a circle. I'd call it a party game, except that it's a game of accusations, lying, bluffing, second-guessing, assassination, and mob hysteria. -- Andrew Plotkin
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Well, you can go ahead and hang your head out the car window if you feel like it."
Luke laughed. "I'm a werewolf, not a golden retriever."
-Clary & Luke, pg.415- -- Cassandra Clare
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Oh, good grief. The Mickey Mouse Club of werewolves wanted to throw in on my side. -- Jim Butcher
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I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's. His hair was perfect. -- Martha Stout
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Footfalls edged closer, putting her tiger on full alert. She ran faster. Several yards ahead, a man stepped into her path. She skidded to a halt and realized he wasn't a man, but a mutant - half-wolf, half-man - and abomination. -- Lia Davis
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Either a beast or a god. -- Aristotle.
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That werewolf fantasy would be a hard one to pull off. She'd have to troll through the forest in high heels, just praying one of the scruffy campers was actually a raving beast. -- Victoria Dahl
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I'm a coyote shapeshifter playing in a world of werewolves and vampires
outmatched is an understatement. -- Patricia Briggs
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Never talk to them when they're human, or they'll trick you. You'll get confused and sympathetic. That was what his mom always said. She was probably right. Last time he talked to a werewolf, he ended up dating her. -- S.m. Reine
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I do flip between being chatty and argumentative - and being a psycho-loner werewolf. -- Peter Hammill
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I have often thought that with any luck at all I could have been born a werewolf, because the two middle fingers on both my hands are the same length, but I have had to be content with what I had. -- Shirley Jackson
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I wouldn't tell anyone to study werewolves - I studied wolves, how they moved, their tendencies and sensibilities. -- Joe Manganiello
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So there I was being strangled by a ranting, half-naked madman in the middle of the woods, with a she-werewolf dangling from a rope snare somewhere nearby. -- Jim Butcher
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Before he can become a wolf, the lycanthrope strips naked. If you spy a naked man among the pines, you must run as if the Devil were after you. -- Angela Carter
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We're not supposed to do werewolves yet, we're due to start hinkypunks -- J.k. Rowling
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The werewolf Senate hadn't been happy with the idea of a human alpha, and there wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think about the fact that I had something most male Weres wanted very, very badly ... Maddy. Lake. Lily, Katie, Sloane, Avie, Sophie ... -- Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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Bitten? You mean you're a-"
"A werewolf," said the girl. "Like everyone else here. Except you, and the asshole. And the asshole's sister. -- Cassandra Clare
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No? Part girl, part wolf? Do they lick their butter knives? -- Libba Bray
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She's a sort of human vampire-bat -- P.g. Wodehouse
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Male werewolves treat their mates like beloved slaves. the thought set my back up. It was just a good thing I wasn't a werewolf or there would be a slave rebellion. -- Patricia Briggs
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The werewolf by the moon. The wererat by money. (Loup garou par la lune. - Rat garou par les thunes.) -- Charles De Leusse
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We have all seen werewolf transformations hundreds of times on screen. -- Glen Duncan
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He came over last night. He'd been out chasing foxes with his friends, and you know what he and the boys are like when they do the werewolf thing. The women, the drinking, and the farm animals." "Feeding on raw steak before he went out didn't curb the need to eat sheep? -- Stephanie Rowe
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Does getting nailed by a werewolf count as bestiality? -- Nicki Elson
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It's chaotic. I have heard blood-curdling screams, and every time I hear it I think someone's being brutally murdered, but I realize it's a werewolf ... -- Sarah Hyland
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Good girls don't talk to werewolves -- Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
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Alexia had spent long hours wondering over that mustache. Werewolves did not grow hair, as they did not age. Where had it come from? Had he always had it? For how many centuries had his poor abused upper lip labored under the burden of such vegetation? -- Gail Carriger
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Actually, you're way off."
"Oh?" the guard asked.
"Yup. She's not a werewolf, she's a chupacabra. Have you noticed a lot of missing goats lately? -- Kiersten White
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...But I know as well as the next werewolf who's fallen that you don't get to choose who trips you. Once your soul recognises its other half, what follows is no longer within your control..."

~ Connor Larsen -- J.a. Belfield
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What was the step down from vampire chauffeur? Werewolf walker?
Pedicurist for Bigfoot? I would have to Google that in the morning, I told myself. -- Molly Harper
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Fish gotta swim, bird gotta fly, werewolf gotta have a pack?" I said wryly. -- Carrie Vaughn
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Werewolves did not consider wolves one of their own; in fact, wolves were inferior. They were hunters, strong and ravenous like them, but they weren't as big or as intelligent. -- Janiera Eldridge
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Man is to man either a god or a wolf. -- Desiderius Erasmus
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I think American Werewolf in London is the greatest werewolf movie of all time. -- David Hayter
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The Werewolf crossed the rutted path just as Bill pedaled into the middle of Neibolt Street. Blood splattered its faded jeans, and looking back over his shoulder, filled with a kind of dreadful, unbreakable fascination that was akin to hypnosis, Richie saw that the seams -- Stephen King
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Hi, the werewolf said. He was dark-haired and broad, with gold eyes, big hands, and a feral scruffiness that Cole felt and instantly responded to. He had the weird urge to kill a cow and present it to the stranger. Two cows. -- Maryjanice Davidson
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I am a Wolf.
Quietly, I will endure.
Silently, I will suffer.
Patiently, I will wait.
For I am a Warrior.
And I will Survive. -- Unknown
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You, my dear, are a creature of the night, you are a vampire. -- Lauren Hammond
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Hunting humans for sport? Eating them?" the bitterness in his voice cut through me. "Yeah, I caught that part."
"That doesn't have anything to do with you?
He lifted his eyes, gaze shuttered. "No?"
"Not unless being a werewolf transforms you into a wolf AND a redneck moron. -- Kelley Armstrong
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Have you been smoking something? Seriously, I think you're a werewolf. This new snarky attitude is a dead giveaway."
"And vampires aren't snarky?" Kylie rolled her eyes.
"No, we're pissy. Snarky and pissy are two totally different things. -- C.c. Hunter
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You've seen one dark, rugged werewolf, you've seen them all. That's what I told myself the first time I laid eyes on Zack Armstrong. I was wrong. Dead wrong. And now that presumption has come back to bite me in the ass. -- S.j. Harper
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Taking out werewolves, I gather and surmise, is akin to taking out a SEAL team. -- Patricia Briggs
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Wolf, not dog. You were bitten by a Lycan, not Lassie. -- Shannan Albright
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You're perfect,aren't you?"
"I am a werewolf," he says between bites. He bends his head.
"That just gives you a totally good excuse for your pathetic temper."
He wiggles his eyebrows. "True. -- Carrie Jones
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He must be a vampire. -- Alexandre Dumas
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A vampire who's afraid of the dark, for Crowley's sake. -- Rainbow Rowell
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I want to be a vampire. They're the coolest monsters. -- Gerard Way
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I need me some wolf loving. -- Terry Spear
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No electricity, fridge, TV or game console. I guess changing from human was enough fun and games for werewolves. -- Jazz Feylynn
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I'm Chase." he said.
"Kind of an ironic name for a werewolf." The observation slipped easily off my tongue. The boy didn't blink. In fact, I was beginning to doubt that he'd blink once since I'd come into the room. "Werewolves do a lot of chasing." I explained.
"And your name is Chase. Hee. -- Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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Highland werewolves had a reputation for doing atrocious and highly unwarranted *things*, like wearing smoking jackets to the dinner table. -- Gail Carriger
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I am a wolf that my sister kept in a cage, until her hand was removed. -- Mindy Mcginnis
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If a human female was going to defeat a male alpha werewolf, there was only so many thing she could do to accomplish that feat. All of them were batshit. -- Heather Killough-Walden
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Come baaaaaaack. They're questioning me about every little thing. I'm breaking Anna. I'm gonna snap and tell them I'm a werewolf and you're my mate and we have kinky werewolf sex. -- Mairead Falcon
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Werewolves have been susceptible to the gentler sex for as long as I can remember, and that is a very long time, indeed. -- Gail Carriger
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I'd rather be a wolf than a girl any day. -- Kristen Simmons
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I'm not into werewolves, but holy crap is he a hottie. Totally gorgeous and built like a tank. I bet he's got one down to his
-- Sara Humphreys
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But by blood, no wolf am I -- Maggie Stiefvater
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I'm some sort of guinea pig in a home economics crash course for werewolves. -- Kat Kruger
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Wolf-Spiders Ruleth the Land -- David Foster Wallace
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I have heard now and again of such a thing, but never in our Pack or in my time," said Father Wolf. "He is altogether without hair, and I could kill him with a touch of my foot. But see, he looks up and is not afraid. -- Rudyard Kipling
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A little wolf is present in every one of us. -- Peter Stamm
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Somehow, having a deer preside over the ceremony of a werewolf and a girl seems oddly appropriate. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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Werewolves are the guardians of humanity, and their form should be purer while exorcised. They'll be assets in the last battle. -- S.m. Reine
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A werewolf is courting me with a dead rabbit. There's nothing subtle here." "Couldn't -- T.j. Klune
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It's Big Brother with werewolves. Live coverage for a month, leading up to a group kill on full moon. -- Glen Duncan
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Kyle is a werewolf?"asked Simon
"Of course he's a werewolf,you moron"said Jace -- Cassandra Clare
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You were supposed to be a Werewolf, Brendan, so that you would be in her world. To be the strength she needs when she no longer has strength of her own, to show her the reasons to survive and to live. -- Elizabeth Morgan
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howling alternately -- Lewis Carroll
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Their adventure would be exciting and memorable lie being chased by a werewolf through a field of thorny bushes at midnight with nobody around to help you. -- Lemony Snicket
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You climbed into my window in the middle of the night. So, either you're some kind of Vampire or some kind of Perv. Which is it? -- Kami Garcia
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Now, though, I must rent a movie."
"You're going to do that?"
"Of course. I'm a werewolf, not a cretin. We have Blockbuster cards."
It blew my mind. Werewolfs rented DVDs. At my local Blockbuster. -- Shannon Delany
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I was a wolf, and they dressed me
in sheepskin -- Ashe Vernon
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Looking deeper, I see not subjugation, but a tool of power to control my fate in the world of man that symbolizes my ownership over both my nature spirit and wolf-self. -- Jazz Feylynn
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Vampires. Honestly, they're like children sometimes. -- Richelle Mead
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Woof," said Billy the Werewolf. -- Jim Butcher