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If wishes were held on the skin and swiped by raindrops, then emotions were freeloading off the cells that made up their space. The only offering these cells ever entertained was truth, painful and raw.
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Ideas come from curiosity.
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How wild it is, to let it be.
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Wishes are born in the will of men and women, and it is the true and pure source of power all humans hold.
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Express your creativity. Delight in the mystery of your inner muse.
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the pupil of the soul's clear eye.
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Oft in dreams invention we bestow to change a flounce or add a furbelow.
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A need, a need, a need have I
A wish, a wish, a wish, I sigh
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smoking some exotic fairy weed.
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The world is not a wish garanting factory
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At times her whimsical fancy would intensify natural processes around her till they seemed a part of her own story. Rather they became a part of it; for the world is only a psychological phenomenon, and what they seemed they were.
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Some of my favorite poets had a tremendous sense of whimsy, so it's a writing style I guess I admire.
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I listened to the whine in my voice with a detached fascination. It was a false question. No answer would have pacified me. I had simply given in to a perverse need to ask, to expose and torment myself, and as soon as I heard the words, I experienced both relief and humiliation.
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Let us not fear our wild thoughts for they can give rise to wondrous contemplation, creative endeavour, life changing ideas, momentous bliss.
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I wanted to write.
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The cream of enjoyment in this life is always impromptu. The chance walk; the unexpected visit; the unpremeditated journey; the unsought conversation or acquaintance.
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Make thought a whirlwind.
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Inspiration was a temperamental guest. It dropped in unannounced, then left without so much as a goodbye, slipping out a window in the dead of night or sauntering out the front door, leaving the house empty, drafty, and cold.
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Inspiration in desperation.
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We drift, often on a whim, searching for something to search for.
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One wandering thought pollutes the day;
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We figure to ourselves The thing we like; and then we build it up, As chance will have it, on the rock or sand,- For thought is tired of wandering o'er the world, And homebound Fancy runs her bark ashore.
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There's not enough WTF in the world.
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I shall desire and I shall find
The best of my desires;
The autumn road, the mellow wind
That soothes the darkening shires.
And laughter, and inn-fires.
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It is when I am, as it were, completely myself, entirely alone, and of good cheer ... that ideas flow best and most abundantly. Whence and how they come, I know not, nor can I force them.
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I think my friends would say I'm pretty goal-focused but whimsical.
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I have a single wish, and my whole being and faculties are yearning to attain it. They have yearned towards it so long, and so unwaveringly, that I'm convinced it will be reached - and soon - because it has devoured my existence: I am swallowed up in the anticipation of its fulfillment.
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If you don't have imagination you're lost. But it's a virtue that's becoming increasingly rare, especially in its higher form: spontaneity. Mad, happy spontaneity.
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Will, pure will, without the troubles and complexities of intellect - how happy! how free!
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Whelks are strange and comforting.
They have no notion of community life and they breed very quietly.
But they have a strong sense of personal dignity.
Even lying face down in a tray of vinegar there is something noble about a whelk.
Which cannot be said for everybody.
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Creativity comes from spontaneous meetings, from random discussions.
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Imagination and the journey-quest is at the heart of every life well-lived
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Wit is the unexpected copulation of ideas.
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Lost in a daydream.
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Nothing is more idle than to inquire after happiness, which nature has kindly placed within our reach.
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All of your desires, wants, or preferences emanate from you naturally and constantly, for you stand at the Leading Edge of a Universe that makes that so.
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A desire of desires: the melancholy.
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Impromptu thoughts are mental wild-flowers.
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Pursuit of passion,
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Random Acts of Kindness [10w]
Performing random acts of kindness invites random acts of imitation.
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A thought falls like a ripe fruit from the tree of idleness.
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A Waft of Cheese
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[W]ith the sense of self gone, ... actions naturally become uncalculated and free.
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Life is improvisation.
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Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh & exciting - over & over announcing your place in the family of things.
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It is my wish to fill every moment of my time with some action of the mind which may contribute to the pleasure or the improvement of my fellow creatures.
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What might once have been called whining is now exalted as a process of asserting selfhood; self-absorption is regarded as a form of self-expression ...
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Whiffle [whine and wheeze and snuff and sniffle]: The annoying scratchy sound made by weepy feminists as they lament the sufferings of women and, houndlike, sniff out evidence of male oppression.
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The windy satisfaction of the tongue.
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For I am the kind of dangerous dreamer who executes all his reveries, wishes, words, promises, plans. The wildest and the lightest. A wish for me is not a game: it's a creation.
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[W]hen the mind is really absent, in that silence, in that unlimited space, your potential starts glowing, radiating, flowering. Suddenly you are full of cherry blossoms, a new presence, a new fragrance.
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Any thought can pop into your head at any moment. Where do these thoughts come from?
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Where's your sense of misadventure?
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A wish is a desire without energy
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I get up every morning with a desire to do some creative work. This desire is made of the same stuff as the sexual desire, the desire to make money, or any other desire.
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The problem with having the name Wyeth is that immediately, when people hear the name, they all of a sudden see weathered barns in a field or something.
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Pursuit of passion, dream of dreamers!
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I was allowed to wander where I could. Here is a case in which you search for your independence and allow something creative to come out of that.
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But our wishes are like tinder: the flint and steel of circumstances are continually striking out sparks, which vanish immediately, unless they chance to fall upon the tinder of our wishes; then, they instantly ignite, and the flame of hope is kindled in a moment.
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Wit may do very well for a mistress, but [I] should prefer reason for a wife.
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Purpose is the antidote for any malaise that may befall a man.
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I crave fit disposition for my wife;
Due reference of place, and exhibition;
With such accommodation, and besort,
As levels with her breeding.
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My curiosity sister of larks.
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The undercurrent of my every thought:
To seek you, find you, have you for my own.
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When wishes are few, the heart is happy. When craving ends, there is peace.
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Sincere wishes come true.
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Who are you? Who do you wish to be?Why do you live? Why do you want to live? The answers to these questions are all yours to make.
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Bid imagination run / Much on the Great Questioner; / What He can question, what if questioned I / Can with a fitting confidence reply.
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Curious creatures we mortals are-how we do not know what we want, or how to get it if we do.
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Improvisation is the expression of the accumulated yearnings, dreams, and wisdom of the soul.
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It's no accident that new ideas pop into our heads when we least expect it. In our enthusiasm to be productive, we forget to give our mind/body moments to be "receptive" - that is, open to daydreaming, open to letting our minds wander.
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If our impulses were confined to hunger, thirst, and desire, we might be nearly free; but now we are moved by every wind that blows and a chance word or scene that that word may convey to us.
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Creativity is the defeat of habit by originality.
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What is your quest in life?
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Boredom: the desire for desires.
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If the idea comes to you that
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to get some brandy for my
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The best is that which is most spontaneous or seemingly so.
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The life of this world is wind
Windblown we come, and windblown we go away.
All that we look on is windfall.
All we remember is wind.
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What, to many, passes for thought, is usually a compound of prejudice, desire, and whim.
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Good manners warred with curiosity, and lost.
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What is a secret wish?" "It is what you want but cannot ask.
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Things come to you without you necessarily knowing what they mean.
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If wishes were teardrops the world would flood.
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All human creativity issues from the urgency of longing.
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What would you call the highest happiness? Wratislaw was asked. The sense of competence, was the answer, given without hesitation.
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I felt my own self-sufficiency, my own Walden Pond, seeping out of me as if I'd sprung a leak. Self soaked into everything around me - the floor, the walls, the one window, the grass. The words on the page.
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Interesting things happen when the creative impulse is cultivated with curiosity, freedom and intensity.
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Well, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
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Sow a thought, reap an action;
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It was usually on about the fourth day that I put in that note of spontaneity for which I am known.
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Wit is the flower of the imagination.
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Creativity is in the heart of the dreamer.
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Pour forth thy fervors for a healthful mind,
Obedient passions, and a will resigned
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Reason, by a weariness that made everything around
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curiosity is the key to creativity
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Spontaneity is being present in the present.
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Every night there is something to ruminate on. The vagrant mind knows no boundaries. It leaps
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Creativity is the fun of putting together unexpected ideas
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But nothing is more insidious than the evolution of wishes from mere fancies, and of wants from mere wishes.