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I'm a whisper in water. -- Bjork
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Learn to Be Silent -- Robin S. Sharma
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Silent people are those who have too much to say -- Nicholas C. Rossis
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He was probably being so quiet because he was trying not to say it out loud. -- Rainbow Rowell
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Silence is sometimes the only way to share the unsharable. -- Ron Mclarty
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History is decided with a whisper -- D.j. Meyers
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Last night
I begged the Wise One to tell me
the secret of the world.
Gently, gently, he whispered,
"Be quiet,
the secret cannot be spoken,
It is wrapped in silence." -- Rumi
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To hear, one must be silent. -- Ursula K. Le Guin
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You don't have to speak. Words fade," she whispered. "I know that better than anyone. Words are forgotten; they are regretted.Unnecessary. I know. -- Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
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The things that go unsaid are often the things that eat at you--whether because you didn't get to have your say, or because the other person never got to hear you and really wanted to. -- Celeste Ng
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Speech is but broken light upon the depth of the unspoken. -- George Eliot
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Silence is deep as Eternity, speech is shallow as Time. -- Thomas Carlyle
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There were things they said out loud to each other, things they whispered with a twitch of the face, and things that were stoically hidden. -- Nadia Hashimi
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I like that, he said quietly, his voice back to silk. What? I whispered. You sayin' my name, he told me. I'll like it better when you moan it, tonight, when I'm inside you. -- Kristen Ashley
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. . .our whispered words, faintly in the darkness, dissolving
within the trees - then, fleeting words of consolation
would not suffice if feigned, and flippant words
confessed reluctance - our words
were meaningless uttered on the wind. . . -- John Daniel Thieme
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Find a voice in a whisper. -- Martin Luther King Jr.
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People hear whispers as loud as guns. -- Elizabeth Spencer
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What is it?' I whispered. 'What's wrong?'
'Everything but you,' he said hoarsely. -- Alyxandra Harvey
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Listen to your own heart's whisperings - and they are whisperings. The heart speaks in a very still, small voice; it does not shout. -- Osho
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When we realize that words can destroy something good, wonderful, and dear, and that by keeping silent we can avoid causing the least damage or harm, it's easy to stay silent. -- Robert Walser
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I am hearing all the secret whisperings of the world! -- Roald Dahl
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Falling silent should be cultivated, the way the woods fall silent in the snow. Messages you can't send any other way can be heard. -- Phyllis Theroux
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I'm a master of speaking silently - all my life I've spoken silently and I've lived through entire tragedies in silence. -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Lie to me. she whispered. I love you. he said. -- Stephenie Meyer
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Your silence holds the mysterious and beautiful secrets of your life. Feel it, love it, adore it, live it, and enjoy it. -- Debasish Mridha
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I have packed myself into silence so deeply and for so long that I can never unpack myself using words. When I speak, I only pack myself a little differently. -- Herta Muller
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People always whispered when they were hiding. Wrapped in a space suit and surrounded by vacuum, Gomez could have been lighting fireworks inside his armor and no one would have heard it, but he whispered. -- James S.a. Corey
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Silence never yet betrayed any one! -- Antoine Rivarol
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Sometimes we do not hear the Whisperer even at her loudest because she speaks in our own voice, the one we most often discount. -- Diane Duane
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Silence may be as variously shaded as speech. -- Edith Wharton
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Silence is an easy habit. But it doesn't come naturally. Silence has to be cultivated, enforced by implication and innuendo, looks and glances, hints of dark consequence. Silence is greedy. It insists upon its own necessity. It transcends generations. -- Kristen Iversen
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Silence is as deep as eternity, speech a shallow as time. -- Thomas Carlyle
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So this was how you died, in whispers that you did not hear. -- Ernest Hemingway,
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There are some things which a man never speaks of, which are much finer kept silent about. To the highest communications we only lend a silent ear. -- Henry David Thoreau
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be whispered more now, only spoken of in hushed terms, because Lucas Grantham might -- Gilly Macmillan
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At times on quiet waters one does not speak aloud but only in whispers, for then all noise is sacrilege. -- Sigurd F. Olson
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To be silent is sometimes an art, yet not so great a one as certain people would have us believe, who are wisest they are most silent. -- Christoph Martin Wieland
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Silence has sometimes a remarkable power of showing itself as the disembodied sould of feeling wandering without its carcase, and it is then more impressive than speech. In the same way to say a little is often to tell more than to say. -- Thomas Hardy
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Novalee watched his lips shape the words ... the sounds, like whispered secrets, hanging in the air. -- Billie Letts
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With every word unspoken each moment comes undone. -- Tarkan
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Some people talk in a telephone
And some people talk in a hall;
Some people talk in a whisper,
And some people talk in a drawl;
And some people talk-and-talk-and-talk-and-talk-and-talk
And Never say anything at all. -- Walter R. Brooks
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Silence fueled anxieties, gave them their true power. Expressing them aloud was a way of releasing that tension, of letting go, if only for a brief time. -- James Rollins
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Life is the finest secret. So long as that remains, we must all whisper. -- Emily Dickinson
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Why are you so petrified of silence, here can you handle this? Did you think about your bills, your ex, your deadlines or when you think you're gonna die? Or did you long for the next distraction ... -- Alanis Morissette
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Keep your shit together, I whispered to my lungs. -- John Green
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Let us sculpt in hopeless silence all our dreams of speaking. -- Fernando Pessoa
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A secret spoken finds wings. -- Robert Jordan
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Consider in silence whatever any one says: speech both conceals and reveals the inner soul of man. -- Cato The Younger
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Eureka' Colin said, and only in saying it did he realize he had just successfully whispered. -- John Green
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Quiet talk is the language of love. It is the language of peace. It is the language of God. -- Gordon B. Hinckley
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Peter, remember", she whispered, not knowing if he even heard. -- Peter Pellegrino
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No fair. You know what it does to me when you whisper in my ear. -- Lorelei James
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Did you learn to whisper in a sawmill? -- Cormac Mccarthy
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What I hide by my language, my body utters. -- Roland Barthes
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Nowadays silence is looked on as odd and most of my race has forgotten the beauty of meaning much by saying little. Now tongues work all day by themselves with no help from the mind. -- Toni Morrison
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Silence is often underestimated -- Timur Vermes
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Silence sweeter is than speech. -- Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
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Okay, everyone please be completely quiet, because I can literally hear a whisper, and it'll throw off my stream of consciousness, and when I get my stream of consciousness going that's when I give the best, illest quotes. Literally, a whisper can throw it off. -- Kanye West
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We had told people. We had to untell them. You did it so I wouldn't have to speak. -- Jenny Offill
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How was I to know? ... You didn't say anything."
"I said lots of things," he corrected gently. "You just didn't hear them. -- Melissa Marr
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A single whisper can be quite a disturbance when the rest of the audience is silent. -- Anthony Marra
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In the silence, our stage whisper might carry. -- Ray Bradbury
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When in trouble, mumble. -- Leo Rosten
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We were going to talk," she whispered.
"We are talkin', darlin'. We'll use words when necessary," he said softly. -- Carolyn Brown
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When you've made up your mind to shout out who you are to the world, it's a relief to know that you can do it in a whisper. -- Terry Pratchett
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Foul whisperings are abroad -- William Shakespeare
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All that was left was the voice inside, and I could hear it clearly. It didn't have to yell- it whispered, and said to me briefly, plainly, and kindly- what it had to say. -- Gerard Way
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Silence is full of speech. -- Penelope Wilcock
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Whispering like it's a secret, only to condemn the one who hears it, with a heavy heart. -- Florence Welch
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I don't think you have the ability to be completely quiet. Ever. -- Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Before you speak, ask yourself: Is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, does it improve the silence? -- Sathya Sai Baba
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Silence is a language not all people understand. -- Abdel Halim Boudekhana
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She knows that whispers can be useful. Sometimes they contain real information. But usually they're fairy tales and lies. This is the worst kind of whisper, the kind that draws you in, gives you hope. -- Julianna Baggott
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Let us be silent, that we may hear the whisper of God. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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It is most difficult to speak when we are ashamed of being silent. -- Francois De La Rochefoucauld
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silence was his. This -- Patrick Rothfuss
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when whispered
what an exquisite
song, it makes-
your name. -- Sanober Khan
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Silence may be golden but when you whisper with desire in my ear.....the world goes mute~ -- Ladyaslan
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One down, forever to go," I whispered back. -- Jamie Mcguire
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Their voices were just murmurs, the distant music that a conversation makes when it's too dim for words. -- Patrick Rothfuss
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In this dark, when we all talk at once, some of us must learn to whistle. -- Walt Kelly
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Silence is better than unmeaning words. -- Pythagoras
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A silent tongue does not betray its owner -- Sheik Ahmed Hassoun
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I marshalled the words and opened my mouth, thinking I would hear them. But all I heard was a kind of rattle, unintelligible even to me who knew what was intended. -- Samuel Beckett
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Sometimes silence speaks much louder than words possibly could. -- Elizabeth Eulberg
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Sometimes the words that are left unspoken are the ones that most needed to be said. -- Vi Keeland
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Secret thinker sometimes listening aloud. -- David Bowie
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God speaks for the silent man. -- Barbara Kingsolver
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I learnt silence from the talkative -- Khalil Gibran
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Silence, when correctly timed, can speak multitudes of words to a person, without any extra effort on your part. -- Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
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Promise me, Ned, she had whispered. -- George R R Martin
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Silence is an ocean. Speech is a river. When the ocean is searching for you, don't walk into the river. Listen to the ocean. -- Rumi
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Silence is more eloquent than words. -- Thomas Carlyle
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I am working out the vocabulary of my silence. -- Muriel Rukeyser
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Silent people hold a magic and a knowledge that less contained people lack; that their not saying something means that more important thoughts are going on inside their head. Perhaps their seeming simplicity belies a hidden mosaic of fanciful thoughts. -- Cecelia Ahern
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These things he said in words. But much in his heart remained unsaid.
For he himself could not speak his deeper secret. -- Kahlil Gibran
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True silence is the speech of lovers. -- Catherine Doherty
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Silence is the voice of the mystery. Silence let us dream again. -- John O'donohue
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If you must make a noise, make it quietly. -- Oliver Hardy
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The silence sucked his speech away. -- Terry Pratchett