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White to be bold. White to not blend into the night. White to give warning.
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Leave nothing white behind you.
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The color white is the absence of memory.
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Colour is a matter of personal opinion.
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I want the white one
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white, Emily. I've wanted you for a very long time. First, I wasn't brave enough. Then we weren't in the same place. But now we are. You're here. I'm here. And I want to be your man.
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One of the wise and awful truths which this brown-paper art reveals, is that, white is a colour. It is not a mere absence of colour; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definite as black.
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Nothing is black or white.
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You're as white as a nun's buttock. Are you all right?
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White can be attained by blending all the colors of the spectrum together, or through the substraction of ink and all other pigments. In short, it is "all colors" and "no color" at the same time.
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We live surrounded by white images, and white in this world is synonymous with the good, light, beauty, success, so that, despite ourselves sometimes, we run after that whiteness and deny our darkness, which has been made into the symbol of all that is evil and inferior.
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Our family is white as far back on the family tree as I've ever looked, and I guess I picture people white white white unless someone tells me otherwise
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I am for the whites because I am white; I have no other reason, and that one is good.
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I've had sex, so I'm not wearing white.
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White is for Starks. I'll drink red like a good Lannister.
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White is for witching, a colour to be worn so that all other colours can enter you, so that you may use them. At a pinch, cream will do.
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I am black or white, I'll never be grey in my life.
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Black is too morbid;
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White is poison to a picture: use it only in highlights.
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We are now the proud owners of a white boy. Now we have to shop in the caucasian isle and get sunscreen, mayonaise and mild salsa because the other ones really hawt!
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Black is the color of night. White is the true color of death
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A white girl disappears from a white prep school in a white suburb. Nobody knows what happened to her. The overall whiteness of the world is threatened. This must be resolved by whatever means possible.
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The way I was brought up by my parents and guided through my football life by the influences of various managers means that in some ways I am black and white.
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White pussy is nothin but trouble.
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What a moth might see from birth to death if black were white and white were black,
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Any colour - so long as it's black.
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Black is the color
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Colored or not, we all pick the white man's cotton.
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I'm really white trash.
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What color is it today?
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Gray! No, anything but gray. Gray is nothing but a white that can't make up its mind.
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The truth is, no man is white and no man is black. We are all freckled.
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Black and white has more emotion.
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Black and white are nothing more than lofty ideals in our minds, the standards by which we try to judge things, and map out our place in the world relevance to them.
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I hated myself totally white. So now I cheat. It's my white hair, and I put color there. My grandson says I'm punk.
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Her skin was white as leprosy.
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Your hair is so white now it can talk back to the police.
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My hands are of your color, but I shame to wear a heart so white.
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All black, of course. Just like his rotting soul.
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What color are your panties?
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White folks still in the lead.
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The discovery of personal whiteness among the world's peoples is a very modern thing - a nineteenth and twentieth century matter, indeed. The ancient world would have laughed at such a distinction.
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Nearly all black and brown skins are beautiful, but a beautiful white skin is rare.
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Who wears white to a knife fight?
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There was white in the flesh of his mouth and his cheeks and his hair was white and his eyes had faded, with white in the vague blueness there.
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Sometimes I get a little nervous about wearing white.
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Black, like white, is the best color!
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Colored or not, we all work for the white man's cotton ...
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The whiter my hair becomes, the more ready people are to believe what I say.
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Stupid f***ing white man.
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Whiteness, Fanon asserts, has become a symbol of purity, of Justice, Truth, Virginity. It defi nes what it means to be civilized, modern and human
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If there is one thing in this wonderful world of ours that is worth preserving, defending, and promoting, it is the White Race.
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Sure, I look like a white man. But my heart is as black as anyone's here.
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black is beautiful
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If I were white, I could capture the world.
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Here's a helpful life tip. Stand by things that are white cuz it makes you look less white.
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I'd always avoided wearing white ... my least favorite absence of color.
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When it comes to cooking now, my motto is "out with the whites!
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I'm definitely not gonna make a joke about separating the whites and colours, so don't try to make me. So instead, I'll just say something like "BOOGABOOGABOOGADOBLUH I'M A PERSON BLUHBLUHBLGUHGHGGHGH". That appeals to everybody.
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White exists on the periphery of life. Bleached bones connect us to death, but the white of milk and eggs, for example, speaks to us of life.
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I don't tell people I'm white anymore - I'm albino-Cambodian.
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Black and white are absolute ... expressing the most delicate vibration, the most profound tranquility, and unlimited profundity.
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She knew then that white was more than a color: It was a cold, pale shade of understanding that seems to take all of your hope away.
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White is not always light and black is not always dark.
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Every person has their own colour.
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By law, all buildings should be white.
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A lie has many colours,
while white is the only faithful colour of truth.
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For the black man there is only one destiny. And it is white.
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This case is as simple as black and white
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The oversized chairs are white; the walls, covered with occasional landscape paintings, are white; and the plush carpet is the whitest of all. I'm insanely glad I didn't bring a cup of grape juice with me.
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I am Charles Mingus. Half-black man. Yellow man. Half-yellow. Not even yellow, nor white enough to pass for nothing but black and not too light enough to be called white.
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A white skin is the greatest blessing that has been enjoyed on American soil.
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When white and black meet today, sometimes there is a ready understanding that there has been an encounter between two human beings. But often there is only, or chiefly, an awareness that Two Colors are in the room.
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Colour is everything, black and white is more.
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[My grandmother] is a typical white person.
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I love chocolate. I like milk and dark chocolate, but definitely not white.
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I'm the white Mohammad Ali.
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I am black: I am the incarnation of a complete fusion with the world, an intuitive understanding of the earth, an abandonment of my ego in the heart of the cosmos, and no white man, no matter how intelligent he may be, can ever understand Louis Armstrong and the music of the Congo.
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My mother bore me in the southern wild, And I am black, but O! my soul is white; White as an angel is the English child, But I am black as if bereaved of light.
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I wondered if whiteness were contagious. If it were, then surely I had caught it. I imagined this "condition" affected the way I walked, talked, dressed, danced, and at its most advanced stage, the way I looked at the world and at other people.
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I never knew that the lower classes had such white skins.
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It is wonderful how much depends upon the relations of black and white A black and white, if properly balanced, suggests colour.
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How ill white hairs become a fool and jester!
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In my white room, against my white walls, on my glistening white bookshelves, book spines provide the only color. The books are all brand-new hardcovers - no germy secondhand softcovers for me. They come to me from Outside, decontaminated and vacuum-sealed in plastic wrap. I
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Give me a black man, a white woman, a giraffe, a zebra anything but another white man! That last one f***ed up my roof!
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Everyone's colored, or you wouldn't be able to see them.
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Never to have to think of yourself as white is a luxory that makes you deeply stupid.
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The purest white seems stained.
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Often people would mistake me for white when I was younger, and I didn't correct them; there would be a period of time that they just thought I was.
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There are white n*ggers. I've seen a lot of white n*ggers in my time.
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White in the moon the long road lies.
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Scatman, fat man, black and white and brown man, tell me 'bout the color of your soul.
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I was white. Chalk had more color than I did. And quite possibly more personality.
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Not surprisingly, thinkers from groups for whom whiteness was and is a problem have taken the lead in studying whiteness in this way. Such study began with slave folktales and American Indian stories of contact with whites.
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Several were sheer and white.
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I'm not looking to wear the white man out with my ability to suffer.
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What the hell have you been doing and who dipped your outfit in whiteout?
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White shouldn't be the default any more than straight should be the default. There shouldn't even be a default.
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My hands are of your colour; but I shame
To wear a heart so white.