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Wit is a form of force that leaves the limbs at rest.
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Wit sometimes enables us to act rudely with impunity.
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Wit in conversation is only a readiness of thought and a facility of expression, or a quick conception and an easy delivery.
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Wit is absolutely sociable spirit or aphoristic genius.
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the pupil of the soul's clear eye.
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Wit implies hatred or contempt of folly and crime, produces its effects by brisk shocks of surprise, uses the whip of scorpions and the branding-iron, stabs, stings, pinches, tortures, goads, teases, corrodes, undermines.
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Wit must be without effort. Wit is play, not work; a nimbleness of the fancy, not a laborious effort of the will; a license, a holiday, a carnival of thought and feeling, not a trifling with speech, a constraint upon language, a duress upon words.
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Wit must be foiled by wit: cut a diamond with a diamond.
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In cheerful souls there is no wit. Wit shows a disturbance of the equipoise.
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Wit loses its point when dipped in malice.
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Borrowed wit is the poorest wit.
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Those who object to wit are envious of it.
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That which we call wit consists much in quickness and tricks, and is so full of lightness that it seldom goes with judgment and solidity; but when they do meet, it is commonly in an honest man.
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Wit beyond measure is mans greatest treasure
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Of all wit's uses, the main one is to live well with who has none.
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You have a ready wit. Tell me when it's ready.
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Wit and wisdom differ; wit is upon the sudden turn, wisdom is bringing about ends.
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Wit goes for the jugular, not the jocular, and it's the opposite of football; instead of building character, it tears it down.
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A good wit will make use of anything.
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Wit is so shining a quality that everybody admires it; most people aim at it, all people fear it, and few love it unless in themselves. A man must have a good share of wit himself to endure a great share of it in another.
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The life of a wit is a warfare upon earth.
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Don't put too fine a point to your wit for fear it should get blunted.
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Wit invents; inspiration reveals. The inventions of wit are conceits - metaphors and paradoxes - that discover the secret correspondences that unite beings and things among and with themselves; inspiration is condemned to dissipate its revelations - unless a form can be found to contain them.
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One can have a wit, but not a witless
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It is having in some measure a sort of wit to know how to use the wit of others.
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Wit is the epitaph of an emotion.
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Wit - the salt with which the American humorist spoils his intellectual cookery by leaving it out.
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Wit is an intermittent fountain; kindness is a perennial spring.
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One should have wit, but not wish to have it; otherwise there will be witticism, the Alexandrian style of wit.
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Whatever has "wit enough to keep it sweet" defies corruption and outlasts all time; but the wit must be of that outward and visible order which needs no introduction or demonstration at our hands.
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As in smooth oil the razor best is whet, So wit is by politeness sharpest set; Their want of edge from their offence is seen, Both pain us least when exquisitely keen.
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When we seek after wit, we discover only foolishness.
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The time for witticisms is over and the time for wits beginning. If
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Wit gives an edge to sense, and recommends it extremely.
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Wit is, in fact, the eloquence of indifference.
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Wit is often a mask. If you tear it you will find either genius irritated or cleverness juggling.
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Too much wit makes the world rotten.
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The witless destroy what they don't understand.
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That wit is truly amiable, which gladdens and enlivens every thing, which shines with a lustre gentle, but not faint, and powerful, but not glaring.
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My wit is only as stupid as the audience.
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Impropriety is the soul of wit.
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Nothing is so fatiguing as the life of a wit ...
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Wit is the appearance, the external flash of imagination. Thus its divinity, and the witty character of mysticism.
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It's better to be a halfwit then no wit at all.
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Reply to wit with gravity, and to gravity with wit.
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Wit, like hunger, will be with great difficulty restrained from falling on vice and ignorance, where there is great plenty and variety of food.
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Humor wades across a brook, wit jumps over it.
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Well, I can throw a mean comeback, so there's that. I will crush them on wit.
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Insanity destroys reason, but not wit.
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A small degree of wit, accompanied by good sense, is less tiresome in the long run than a great amount of wit without it.
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Wit lives in the present, but genius survives the future.
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If you have wit, use it to please and not to hurt: you may shine like the sun in the temperate zones without scorching.
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Wit is the genius to perceive and the metaphor to express.' Or
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Wit and humor belong to genius alone.
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Wit as an instrument of revenge is as infamous as art is as a means of sensual titillation.
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Your wit makes others witty.
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Wit, without wisdom, is salt without meat; and that is but a comfortless dish to set a hungry man down to.
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Don't set your wit against a child.
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True Wit is Nature to advantage dress'd
What oft was thought, but ne'er so well express'd;
Something whose truth convinced at sight we find,
That gives us back the image of our mind.
As shades more sweetly recommend the light,
So modest plainness sets off sprightly wit.
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I shall endeavor to enliven morality with wit, and to temper wit with morality.
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An ounce of wit that is bought, Is worth a pound that is taught.
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Death has no wit
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Wit is the lowest form of humor.
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Wit in women is apt to have bad consequences; like a sword without a scabbard, it wounds the wearer and provokes assailants.
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I shall endeavour to enliven Morality with Wit, and to temper Wit with Morality, that my Readers may, if possible, both Ways findtheir Account in the Speculation of the Day.
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When one wishes to play the wit, he sometimes wander a little from the truth.
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Malice blunts the point of wit.
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The more wit you have, the more good nature you must show, to induce people to pardon your superiority, for that is no easy matter.
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The well of true wit is truth itself.
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And wit's the noblest frailty of the mind.
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Who can prove Wit to be witty when with deeper ground Dulness intuitive declares wit dull?
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Wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure.
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Wit is as infinite as love, and a deal more lasting in its qualities.
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Wit is a dangerous talent in friendship.
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A witer's mind is NEVER silent. It is always conducting the next symphony of words.
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It is often a sign of wit not to show it, and not to see that others want it.
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True wit is everlasting, like the sun; describing all men, but described by none.
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Wit seduces by signaling intelligence without nerdiness.
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Brevity is the soul of wit.
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The banalities of a great man pass for wit.
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The mere wit is only a human bauble. He is to life what bells are to horses-not expected to draw the load, but only to jingle while the horses draw.
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Wit is artificial; humor is natural. Wit is accidental; humor is inevitable. Wit is born of conscious effort; humor, of the allotted ironies of fate. Wit can be expressed only in language; humor can be developed sufficiently in situation.
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Perpetual aiming at wit is a very bad part of conversation. It is done to support a character: it generally fails; it is a sort of insult on the company, and a restraint upon the speaker.
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Wit penetrates; humor envelops. Wit is a function of verbal intelligence; humor is imagination operating on good nature.
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True wit, to every man, is that which falls on another.
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Wit generally succeeds more from being happily addressed than from its native poignancy. A jest, calculated to spread at a gaming-table, may be received with, perfect indifference should it happen to drop in a mackerel-boat.
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A wit should be no more sincere than a woman constant.
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I enjoy my pettiness with a dose of wit.
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As wit is too hard for power in council, so power is too hard for wit in action.
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I have more zeal than wit.
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Idiots and lunatics see only their own wit.
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Wit has as few true judges as painting.
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Thy wit is a very bitter sweeting; it is a most sharp sauce.
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The distrust of wit is the beginning of tyranny.
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Avoid witticisms at the expense of others.
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Wit resembles a coquette; those who the most eagerly run after it are the least favored.
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True wit has a grave intention.
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I am a great eater of beef, and I believe that does harm to my wit
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To the many, witticisms not only require to be explained, like riddles, but are also like new shoes, which people require to wear many times before they get accustomed to them.
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There are no fools so troublesome as those that have wit.