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Whuppins were like kid taxes we paid with our behinds.
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WYTIWYG" (pronounced "witty-wig"): What You Test Is What You Get.
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FYI, when I type WTF, you are supposed to read What the Fuck? Same with OMG, and OMFG, which are Oh My God and Oh My Fucking God. Only a completely lame Disney Channel nimnode pronounces the letters.
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Is it a world in the making
that turns as it whistles to the depths of my being
It is burning
Suppose it were to appear
A bleeding rosary at the window
a sun setting on the marshlands
("Silver Clasp")
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I put the "ic" in "Magic
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Work is a four-letter word that ends with "K.
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Hey big mouth, how do you spell triple?
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The best way to spell victory? K-I-L-L.
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[W]ords are fine, but it has to be what a generation reads into those words.
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This world is the will to power and nothing besides!
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What thoughts I have of you tonight, Walt Whit-
man, for I walked down the sidestreets under the trees
with a headache self-conscious looking at the full moon.
In my hungry fatigue, and shopping for images,
I went into the neon fruit supermarket, dreaming of
your enumerations!
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Love is spelt T.I.M.E.
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The winner of NXT, the winner of my heart.
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the best 4 letter word in the world is Hope
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The invisible world!
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THTL - too hot to live
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You would put your tongue here - " Xcor
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Wagamama. Text messaging aficionados might like to note that this is one of the most satisfying words you can possibly type.
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The world has raised its whip; where will it descend
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How to spell Aedes aegypti,the world's one-stop, viral-disease-transmitting mosquito: T-R-O-U-B-L-E.
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Chef cookin for me They say my shoe game crazy The mental asylum lookin for me
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WOKING (vb.) To enter the kitchen with the precise determination to perform something only to forget what it is just before you do it.
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this word needs to be reworded ==========
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We have s<>ong>oong> many v<>ong>oong>ices in us, h<>ong>oong>w d<>ong>oong> we kn<>ong>oong>w which <>ong>oong>nes t<>ong>oong> <>ong>oong>bey?
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Five of the most dangerous words I know: 'What's in it for me?
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the sound i must hear
and listen
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T-H-U-G L-I-F-E. Meaning what society give us as youth, it bites them in the ass when we wild out. Get it?" "Damn.
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Raise a glass, 'cause I'm not done saying it.
They all wanna get rough, get away with it.
Let 'em talk 'cause we're dancing in this world alone, world alone, we're all alone.
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The war-sick men,
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Without even thinking about it, she reached out for warmth, reached out for acceptance. She was hurt and as much as she tried to build up the wall of protection and never let anyone in again, Wharick had changed her building capabilities. Wharick had changed her heart.
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ball so hard, weezy tryn to find me
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Frighteningly Beautiful, Dangerously Strong, Breathtakingly Fast.
Face it Tally-wa you're special ...
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Don't repeat this word again
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Rest, v. and n.
Rest with me for the rest of this.
That's it. Come closer.
We're here.
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Llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllldkfawawetwlcw Werrejq32rjklwfe Fuck. This.
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You are the world, Letha..
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weareheretogetagoodfoundation sowecangotocollegeliveuptoourpotentialgetagoodjoblivehap pilyeverafterandgotoDisneyWorld,
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Whiffle [whine and wheeze and snuff and sniffle]: The annoying scratchy sound made by weepy feminists as they lament the sufferings of women and, houndlike, sniff out evidence of male oppression.
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Robin Einstein Sacrificial Lamb Varghese.
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Excuse my charisma, vodka with a spritzer. Swagger down pat, call my shit Patricia. Young Money militia and I am the commissioner. You don't want start Weezy 'cause the F is for finisher
So misunderstood but what's a world without enigma?
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By wit we search divine aspect above,
By wit we learn what secrets science yields,
By wit we speak, by wit the mind is rul'd,
By wit we govern all our actions;
Wit is the loadstar of each human thought,
Wit is the tool by which all things are wrought.
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I' a word that's let you Die
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I would like a cappuccino," says Linus politely. "Thank you."
"Your name?"
"I'll spell it for you," he says. "Z-W-P-A-E-N
"What?" She stares at him, Sharpie in hand.
"Wait, I haven't finished. Double F-hyphen-T-J-U-S. It's an unusual name, Linus adds gravely. "It's Dutch.
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Do You want to end everything with only six alphabets?
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Mawwage. Mawwage is what bwings us together today.
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Tell me about Gang Starr,' said Nishant, in an effort to start a conversation I'd be interested in.
'One MC, one DJ ... '
'Classic combo,' Anand affirmed.
'No hype man?'
'What do we need Anand for?' Nishant shrugged, ever the pragmatist, never the catcher of feelings.
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I love myself.'
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Mayoimashita. Can you help me find my cat? - Watashi
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Let it Be,
Let it Be,
Let it Be,
Let it Be,
Whisper words of wisdom,
Let it Be.
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24 v Before they call I will answer; w while they are yet speaking I will hear.
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Inside these letters, the eye will see
Nearby are your friends, and VFD.
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I'm not whacked!" I stated (loudly).
"Ally, you been fuckin' me for a goddamned year, in love with me since the night we met, and pushing me away that whole time. That's whacked.
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We're rhyming; we're carrying the banner representing hardcore hip-hop to the death.
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Half delirious, I slipped my hands around Whit's thick neck. The second Idid he got confident.His mouth moved over mine in a rough, unpracticed, awkward back-and-forth motion, so fast it was as if he was trying to create fire with our lips.
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Wamblecropt is the most exquisite word in the English language. Say it. Each syllable is intolerably beautiful.
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If you don't know by now, you own me, heart, mind, body, and soul
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Blood of the world, time staunchless flows; The wound is mortal and is mine.
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WWBD? What would Buffy do?
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This is the end of our sentence
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Just heard who made who by ac/dc and asked a ry what movie? He had no idea. Disappointed. He will be doing my laundry today.
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...lookin' like a high I wanna be on
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Thee onnlly wway ttoo ccope withh ssometthingg ddeadly sseriouss iss ttoo ttry ttoo trreatt itt a llittlle lligghtly.
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You can't say the secret word!
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Nat, how do you spell orgasm?"
"You don't spell it, you feel it
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Little world, full of little people
shouting for recognition, screaming for love,
Rolling world, teeming with millions,
carousel of the hungry,
Is there food enough? Wheat and corn will not do.
The fat are the hungriest of all, the skinny the most silent.
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Love that I bear
within my breast
how is my armour melted
how my heart
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Never fear because Triple H is here.
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Save the World-ers
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F-A-I-T-H: Forsaking all, I trust him.
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Flickering lights
anonymous doors
my heart escaping in drips
i'm still waking up
but she's still sleeping
this ICU is
hotel for the dead
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I'm a huge Wu-Tang fan.
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You missed World Hist." "Did you get notes for me?" "No. I thought you were dead in a ditch.
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Weezy F. Baby/ And the 'F' ain't for fear
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RHCP Digital, an
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What exactly does the I in FBI stand for?" ~Maggie Mae Castro
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Ohh! Wow!! Ohh!! Wow!! Those the only two words you know? Sounds like a dirty movie.
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What would you call the highest happiness? Wratislaw was asked. The sense of competence, was the answer, given without hesitation.
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My hope has a small h.
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What sweetness lies in wait each time I bring your lips to mine, a confection so perfect that its syrup infuses my daydreams and beomes real when I close my eyes.
Razi (From The Mercy of Thin Air)
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Web of time
Veil of space
Carry us to our chosen place
Borne of water
Trialed by Fire
My Sinclair blood claims this power
For the good of all
With harm to none
So as it is spoken
So let it be done.
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The problem with having the name Wyeth is that immediately, when people hear the name, they all of a sudden see weathered barns in a field or something.
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Your Wheezy, sir, your Wheezy - Wheezy who is giving Dobby his sweater!
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We are a small, interconnected world; that we are all safe or none of us are; that we are all well cared for or all at risk.
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Righteous willin, the only thing supreme swimmin'.
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Tea - that perfume that one drinks, that connecting hyphen ...
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She was sitting on the counter, holding a can of Coke. "Looking for this?" she asked.
"My savior." I walked toward her, making grabbing motions. "Gimme. Gimme sweet, sweet caffeine."
"The word is 'please,' Mason.
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mawage 'mah-'wahge. 1; a bwessed awangement 2; a dweam wifin a dweam - T-SHIRT
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I'm looking for a miracle, I expect the impossible, I feel the intangible,I see the invisible!
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The world is alive with words
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I'm an appalling c<>ong>oong><>ong>oong>k. I can just ab<>ong>oong>ut create a glass <>ong>oong>f <>ong>oong>range juice and a ham-and-cheese sandwich.
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Don't you mean, witch?
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What soilders whey-face? The English for so please you. Take thy face hence.
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K-k-keep your helmet on. T-t-toothless doing his BEST.
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Go tae your hands again ... let me give it tae you. Lachlain MacRieve
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I want you to let go. i want you to submit. I want to make you lose your mind. I want you to be so far gone that the only word left in your vocabulary is my name.
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The world is come upon me, I used to keep it a long way off, But now I have been run over and I am in the hands of the hospital staff.