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Worrying is like paying on a debt that may never come due. -- Will Rogers
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Today's worries are yesterday's fears and tomorrow's stories. -- Alyson Noel
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Worry only wears the body, soul and spirit. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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concerns. That is enough. That is more -- Vannetta Chapman
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I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened. -- Mark Twain
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Worrying is wasted time. Use the same energy for doing something about whatever worries you. -- Oprah Winfrey
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I try never to worry in general. Worry is interest paid in advance on a debt that never comes due. -- Kevin Smith
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Worrying meant you were trying to control something you had no business trying to control -- Martha Woodroof
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Worry is down payment on a problem that hasn't happened. Trust Jesus! -- Jarrid Wilson
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Better paranoid then sorry. -- James Patterson
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Worrying is betting against yourself. -- Terence Mckenna
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Worry is most often a prideful way of thinking that you have more control over life and its circumstances than you actually do. -- June Hunt
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Worry never climbed a hill, worry never paid a bill, Worry never dried a tear, worry never calmed a fear, Worry never darned a heel, worry never cooked a meal, It never led a horse to water, nor ever did a thing it "oughter -- Anonymous
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Worry is a down payment on a problem you may never have -- Joyce Meyer
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Worry lives a long way from rational thought.
Self -- Mary Roach
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Worry is irrelevant. It alters nothing. When was the last time you solved a problem by worrying about it? -- Max Lucado
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Worrying means you suffer twice -- J.k. Rowling
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Worry is negative goal setting. -- Brian Tracy
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Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don't want. -- Esther Hicks
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Don't worry. Worry is useless. -- John Green
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Worry is the only insupportable misfortune of life. -- Henry St John, 1St Viscount Bolingbroke
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Worry is like racing the engine of an automobile without letting in the clutch. -- Corrie Ten Boom
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Worry comes from the belief you are powerless. -- Robert Anthony
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Worry leads to worry. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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All of us have worries. We worry because we are intelligent beings. Intelligence predicts, that is its essence; the same intelligence that allows us to plan, hope, imagine, and hypothesize also allows us to worry and anticipate negative outcomes. (164) -- Norman Doidge
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Worrying makes you cross the bridge before you come to it. -- Harvey Mackay
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Worry is a waste of energy. It cant change the past. It cant control the future. It only makes today miserable -- Rick Warren
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I don't believe in worrying. It's a waste of energy. -- Malinda Lo
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Don't worry about me. I'll be getting on with it. -- Morgan Callan Rogers
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I don't worry about things that aren't important. -- Benjamin Carson
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Worry will never solve tomorrow's problems. It will only take energy away from today. -- James Altucher
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When you worry, you go over the same ground endlessly and come out the same place you started. Thinking makes progress from one place to another; worry remains static. -- Harold Bridgwood Walker
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Worry is a waste of emotional reserve". -- Ayn Rand
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Worry is fear in disguise. And fear will eat you from the inside out if you let it. -- Jim Butcher
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Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose -- Eckhart Tolle
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Worry is not thought; complaining is not action. -- Mason Cooley
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It is no good worrying about things that are out of your hands -- Matt Thomas
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most things I worry 'bout never happen anyway -- Tom Petty
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Worry is worthless. It can't change the past or control the future. It only spoils the moment. -- Darrin Patrick
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Worry is a prayer for something you don't want. -- Sharon Gannon
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Worry is a morbid anticipation of events which never happen. -- Russell Green
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Worry is a funky luxury when a lot has to be done. -- Melvin Van Peebles
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Worrying is the most natural and spontaneous of all human functions. It is time to acknowledge this, perhaps even to learn to do it better. -- Lewis Thomas
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Tomorrow is another day. I've got plenty of things to worry about right now. -- Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
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Worry is a habit. It got into your mind because you practiced it, and anything you practice in, you can practice out. -- Norman Vincent Peale
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Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy. -- Leo Buscaglia
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Worry is like a roller coaster ride that you think will take you somewhere, but it never does. -- Shannon L. Alder
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Well, hey, you don't have anything to worry about then, do you? -- Donna Tartt
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Worry is simply thinking the same thing over and over again and not doing anything about it. -- Branch Rickey
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Fuck now, worry later. -- M. Pierce
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Worry comes from a lack of purpose. It comes from not having a big "why" for your life. -- Bruce Van Horn
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Worrying is like a man's beard, if you don't do something about it ... it will keep growing. -- Samer Chidiac
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Worry is fear in disguise. -- Jim Butcher
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Don't go looking for worry. It finds you on its own. -- Autumn Jordon
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I worry because I care. Gods help me, I know I shouldn't, but I do. So I will always tell you to be careful, because I will always care what happens. -- Sarah J. Maas
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To worry is to become accessible, unwittingly accessible. And once you worry you cling to anything out of desperation; and once you cling you are bound to get exhausted or to exhaust whoever or whatever you are clinging to. -- Carlos Castaneda
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There are some things you worry about. And then there are some things you don't worry about. You don't worry about them because they're too awful to contemplate worrying about. -- Melissa Kantor
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Today's worry does not prevent tomorrow's woes. -- Jaymin Eve
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Worry is as useless as closing the bathroom door when you live alone. -- Ed Rambeau
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Worrying is like a dominoes effect, that rolls from one day into the next, into a week, a month, a year;
never accomplishing anything but stress, until it hits that last tile, which drops unfulfilled to an empty ground. -- Anthony Liccione
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Worry is a cycle of inefficient thoughts whirling around a center of fear. -- Corrie Ten Boom
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Don't want to think about it? No problem. Don't think about it. -- Bee Ridgway
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There are two kinds of worries - those you can do something about and those you can't. Don't spend any time on the latter. -- Duke Ellington
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Worry isn't productive. -- Kate Kae Myers
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Worry is to joy what a Hoover vacuum cleaner is to dirt: might as well attach your heart to a happiness-sucker and flip the switch. -- Max Lucado
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Worrying was painful ... but compared to the alternative, a privilege -- Laura Moriarty
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When we worry, we have our hearts in the wrong place. -- Henri J.m. Nouwen
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Worry is today's mouse eating tomorrow's cheese. -- Larry Eisenberg
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Worrying is a waste of time. It doesn't change anything. It messes with your mind and steals your happiness. -- Ziad K. Abdelnour
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Worry is an intrusion into God's providence. -- John Haggai
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Worrying is like a toothless dog gnawing on a bone. -- Kathleen Fields
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If worries begin, then realize that the task at hand is going to be disturbed and if worries do not occur, then know that the task will not be disturbed. Worries are obstacles to the work. -- Dada Bhagwan
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Worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. -- Mary Schmich
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Worry is a progressive disease that ruins one's life -- Sunday Adelaja
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Worry is just about the worst form of mental activity there is. -- Neale Donald Walsch
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Worry is a form of fear. -- Bertrand Russell
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My philosophy is worrying means you suffer twice. -- J.k. Rowling
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Worry doesn't empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength. We know worry is destructive, and yet we continue to be choked by anxiety over what might happen. -- Linda Dillow
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Worry is absence of faith. -- Paul Palnik
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Worrying is just a prayer for the worst possible scenario. -- Daphne Oz
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Not worrying is a skill. It's a skill not breaking down every single moment. -- John Mayer
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I'm not worried about it. -- Joel Osteen
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Worry is throwing good shillings at trouble that hasn't happened yet. -- Mary Jo Putney
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RVM's Thought for the Day - I used to worry about my Fears , but I realized that most of the time nothing bad happened. So , I have stopped worrying. -- R.v.m.
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Little minds have little worries, big minds have no time for worries. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Worry is essentially a misuse of imagination. -- Alex Faickney Osborn
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Worry - a God, invisible but omnipotent. It steals the bloom from the cheek and lightness from the pulse; it takes away the appetite, and turns the hair gray. -- Benjamin Disraeli
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Worries are the most stubborn habits in the world. Even after a poor man has won a huge lottery prize, he will still for months wake up in the night with a start, worrying about food and rent. -- Vicki Baum
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Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength. -- Corrie Ten Boom
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Another problem with worry is that it makes you forget your worth. Worry makes you feel worthless, forgotten, and unimportant. -- Charles R. Swindoll
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I don't worry about things I can't control. -- Ladainian Tomlinson
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Worry is a cloud which rains destruction. -- Idries Shah
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Worry does no good and can impact your life in negative ways. I'm sure you have noticed how absolutely powerless you feel when you worry or you're anxious and troubled, because worry is indeed completely useless. It is a waste of time and energy because it never changes your circumstances. -- Joyce Meyer
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Worrying is one of my few forms of prayer. -- Joanne Greenberg
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Worry denies the power of God and produces no good results. Worry adds no value to your life. Eliminate it with God's help. -- Elizabeth George
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Worry doesn't change a single thing. Just live. -- Lynn Austin
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Worry is common, it's not good for us, it accomplishes little, and it dishonors the God who cares for us. Worry may be our most enduring form of unbelief. -- George Foster
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Worry erases the promises of God from your mind. -- Charles R. Swindoll
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Worry is spiritual short sight. Its cure is intelligent faith. -- Paul Brunton
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YOU DO NOT need to be a victim of worry. Reduced to its simplest form, what is worry? It is simply an unhealthy and destructive mental habit. -- Norman Vincent Peale