Sayings for Hounds : pic 000048678

At about this time the Asiatic wolf, a fierce predator that despite its small size would eat a human if it had the opportunity, came under human control because its friendly young cubs could be fed and trained. A dangerous adversary was turned into a dedicated helper - the dog.

Quotes on Hounding : pic 000897785

This howling mouth, this head which rolls back and tries to escape.

Quotes about House : pic 001473426

The house is a fine house, when good folks are within.

Hound sayings : pic 000446500

Who hath a Wolfe for his mate, needes a Dog for his man.

Hould sayings : pic 001819365

If a man had to wear heeks they'd be outlawed across the land. Festive in death: chapter 15

Quotes for Houk : pic 001145185

Hyt is not al golde that glareth.

Sayings for Chapel : pic 001510096

A Franciscan Benediction

Sayings for Houghton : pic 001723843

Baxter and Sam Hall. 'I'll have a large Scotch, I'm

Quotes about Hough : pic 000550797

Quidditch match, taking

Quotes on Houellebecq : pic 000353326

Hodor, said Hodor. Maester

Houdini quotes : pic 000780414

Who has a hedge maze in a residential neighborhood? ... serial killers presumably, people who enjoy Steven King novels a bit too much, and people that are hoping one night they will wake up to find David Bowie standing at their window.

Quotes on Hotter : pic 001274363

Thanks, you don't look so hot yourself.

Irish sayings : pic 001584633

Above all else, deep in my soul, I'm a tough Irishwoman.

Sayings about Hott : pic 001054361

She touched my hand what a chill I got, her lips are like a volcano that's hot.

Hotspur quotes : pic 000896656

Sometimes we're the big game in town. Other times, we're kind of a side show.
(on Manchester City)

Sayings for Hotshots : pic 001268961

Hot lovin' every night.

Quotes about Hotshot : pic 001412607

I'm not hot. I'm great.

Sayings about Hotness : pic 001415302

I'm attracted to a lot of hot guys. If Chris Hemsworth were here, I'd light him up like a firecracker with how fast I'd jump on him.

Quotes for Hotmail : pic 001098844

Of course you have an e-mail, you idiot, just read it!

Quotes on Sir : pic 000061513

It is important to say "sir" at these moments. And if they ever call you by your first-middle-last name, you better watch out. I'm telling you.

Quotes for Hotly : pic 000846016

When he's hot, he's hot; when he's not, he's not. But at least there is always food

Quotes about Hotline : pic 000335076

It was 911 calling me. If you can believe it. Them calling me.

Sayings for Hothouse : pic 001835831

What kind of a house doesn't have salt? Low sodium freaks!

Sayings for Hothead : pic 001813736

The head-master made a

Quotes for Hotezzlement : pic 001310631

Drinks, fans and snow - heaven

Quotes for Hotels : pic 000574776

I do not relish leaving home, leaving my children, leaving the familiarity of my bed, my coffee maker, my slippers, but I do love hotels.

Sayings about Hotdogs : pic 001037625

the best choice we have on the menu tonight.

Hotdog sayings : pic 001263759

I'm not too into fast food, but you know if I was, it would be chicken.

Quotes about Hotdish : pic 001555459

All the heat should come my way

Quotes on F.r.i.e.n.d.s : pic 001759903

Death's long anabasis.